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15 comebacks for people who tell you that you’ve ‘phailod’

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
15 comebacks for people who tell you that you’ve ‘phailod’

Recently, a very famous actor jokingly called his pregnant costar (and wife) fat during a LIVE. He said that she had ‘phailod’, when the actress was talking about ‘phailaoing’ the word about their upcoming film, director Ayan Mukerji’s magnum opus, Brahmastra.

The actress who, arguably, is the more successful one between the two, seemed taken aback by the completely unnecessary and uncalled for remark. But she laughed it off and let it slide.

She may have forgiven her husband, but netizens did not.

Some netizens even dug up old interviews of the actor to point out a pattern of disrespect that audiences had let slide for years.

But some came to the actor’s defence, stating that ‘cute’ exchanges like these are common between couples.

The internet may be divided on whether this exchange makes the actor worthy of a ‘Husband of the Year’ award, but we believe there are different ways to respond to the remark.

As women, we are constantly scrutinised for our weight.

Every woman has heard a snide remark about her size at least once in her life, whether it’s from her rishtedaars, her ‘concerned’ friends, or her boyfriend who was only ‘kidding’.

But when laughing it off doesn’t work, comebacks can do the trick.

If you’re more of a comeback person than a laugh-it-off kind of person, here are some responses you can use if your loved ones tell you that you’ve ‘phailod’ or something to that effect.

Responses to ‘You’ve put on weight’ you need in your life

  1. ‘I know, and I look so damn good.’
  2. ‘Does it bother you that I look like that?’
  3. ‘That’s a crappy thing to say. Why would you say that?’
  4. ‘You’re observing me an awful lot. Are you planning to kidnap me?’
‘Oh, I have a mirror at home that tells me how I look. But thanks for the update.’

6.  ‘I know. My self-confidence must really bug you.’

7.  ‘Yes, and what is your point?’

8.  ‘If I obsessed over my weight as much as you do, I wouldn’t get anything done. How do you live like this?’

9.  ‘I know. You should keep your food away from me. In fact, you should stay away from me entirely.’

‘Oh, stating the obvious? You’re really smart, aren’t you. A regular Einstein in the making.’

11.  ‘If this is the best you can do to insult me, you’re not as bright as you think you are.’

12.  ‘Your observation skills are on point! CID kab join kar rahe ho?

13.  ‘What have you achieved by pointing that out to me?’

14.  ‘Was this supposed to be a joke or an observation? Because either way, it’s unintelligent.’

‘If commenting on my body comes to you that easily, I can only imagine the things you say about your own when you’re alone.’

Feel free to tweak these comebacks to make them as polite or rude as the situation demands. But don’t back down, because everyone needs to know that it’s never OK to comment on someone’s appearance. If only privileged actors understood this.

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