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15 things you can do instead of controlling women's bodies

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
15 things you can do instead of controlling women's bodies

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've most likely seen a bunch of pro-choice, pro-abortion content on your feed lately. A leak from the US Supreme Court has caused a great stir worldwide. What’s the leak about?

The hon’ble court is considering overturning the famous judgment of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Case that decriminalises abortion.

While there has been no final announcement on the same, the overturning of judgment on this case could allow states all over the US to completely take away abortion rights from women, causing serious hazard to women’s right to privacy everywhere.

Roe v. Wade: Everything to know about it

In 1973, a woman, identified as Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) contested the Texas Court’s District Attorney Henry Wade, claiming that the Texas Statute on criminalising abortion violated her right to privacy, and sought complete independence from it.

The District Court ruled that while the right to choose to have children should rest with the mother as per the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments, the court (or the State) can interfere in later stages or in cases pertaining to the safety of the life of the mother or of prenatal life.

This also meant that the Texas Statute on criminalising abortion was unconstitutional, and hence void.

As one of the first countries that legalised abortion through a people’s vote, US has seen great upheaval when it comes to abortion laws. Time and again, Conservative leaders have tried to tie down women’s rights.

With the news of the leak just ushering in, it is estimated that about 26 states in the US will ban abortion.

This will not be the first time that banner-wielding women have come down to protest, this is not the first time women have been denied agency of their own bodies, of their own experiences, of their motherhood.

With the recent news of an internal committee trying to overturn this decision, there has been a massive uproar worldwide. And with this, we’re again brought back to the question:  

Why are women’s bodies not their own? Why do we need to be controlled incessantly?

Things to do instead of controlling women’s bodies

Everyone’s favourite hobby is controlling women’s voices, habits, actions, thoughts, feelings, and bodies. Naturally, what could be more entertaining than making another human (okay women are humans) dance to your tunes?

Not that anyone would ever get bored of it, but here are fifteen fun things to do when you want to take a break from your neurotic need to run the show for women:

  1. Order bubble wrap and pop it in bed

2. Wonder why the sex talk is called ‘birds and bees’

If you ask me, it should be called “shadi ke baad pata chalega.

3. On that effect, read about why bees are suddenly dying

4. Read up on why expecting mothers are dying

And no, they’re not dying because they’re worried their sons will grow up to become misogynistic diplomats.

5. Read the song on the back of  a packet of Uncle Chipps

6. Yell at the neighbourhood kids playing in the evening

Because if you have an existential crisis, the whole street should be having one with you.

7. Look up why fewer women are stepping out at night

Maybe they’re just bored of how safe it is for them outside.

8. Lift a spoon (literally, go help around the house)

It’s not a man’s job, we know! But do it for Instagram.

9. Read up a little about body positivity

Everyone knows a slim waist and big breasts rule the world, but this body positivity crap is too funny to avoid.

10. Get a colouring book (try to stay inside your lines for a while – accha lagta hai)

11. Stop drawing lines around women

12. Understand the difference between 'affect' and 'effect'

Not knowing what word to use where can affect your prospects in life, and the effects can linger on for God knows how long.

13. Understand that patriarchy is an effect of misogyny and it affects everyone

To make it simpler, ‘affect’ is a verb. Patriarchy affects everyone. Also, ‘effect’ is a noun. Misogynistic beliefs only strengthen the roots of the former.

14. Do anything that has something to do with your own life

Like mummy said, you can’t jump into a well because your friend did. You can’t become an unrelenting misogynist because your world leaders are the same.

15. Because, let's face it, obsessing over a woman's ability to create life isn’t going to get you that promotion at work

Maybe it will. If your manager is as obsessed. But, why take a chance?

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