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15 women share the best career advice they got from their mothers

. 5 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
15 women share the best career advice they got from their mothers

As a little girl, one of my favourite things to do was getting up early and tailing my mother (she’d say ‘come in the way’) as she got ready to go to work. There were loads to do in between making sure we had our uniforms on right, ensuring we finished that glass of milk before we head to school, and dressing up and looking her part of the principal and co-founder of her own pre-school. Despite her 8:30 AM deadline, she had time to sit and chat with us, read the news, and even tune it to her favourite song on the computer and sing along.

Being able to perfectly balance her work and life was (and still is) her thing, and as a barely functional adult who is forever 10 minutes late for work, I cannot even stress on how utterly amazing that is. “Get up early,” was the thing she’d tell me – still does – when she saw me struggling. Being a morning person – she gets up at 5 AM every day – helped her balance her work and her career and is one advise I still try (and often fail) to follow.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought it’ll be interesting to ask other daughters what was the once advise they got from their mothers that stayed with them. Because if you think of it, our moms end up being one of our first role models and their way pretty much almost becomes our way too.

From career tips to financial hacks, here are some brilliant gems from mothers across the country. Feel free to add in your mother’s advise in the comments below.

“My mom has always been 100 per cent supportive about my career, so she told me to follow my dreams and do whatever I love but try to keep a secure income alongside it. That is why I always did more than one job. Whether I was dancing professionally while working in a or working at MTV India and doing my radio show on Go 92.5, writing my column in MidDay and writing my blog! Why do one job when you can do two (or more!).”

Malini Agarwal, digital influencer and entrepreneur,

“My mom gave me some excellent advice which actually works wonderfully. She always said keep five options- and always have extra channels for income. So while I am a senior marketing manager at a Tech company, I am also a travel and food blogger at Cream And Crackle and a brand consultant and strategist. I have also recently started trading in Bitcoins! This helps in breaking the monotony and of course, provides so much more security! “

Richa Jaggi, entrepreneur and marketing manager, Colombia – Times Internet Limited

“She always advised me never to leave my career and instead always aim higher.”

Jacintha Annie Jerry, physiotherapist

“Always earn your own money, I know that for some people it can be impossible – but my mom was a working mom, and that always led me to believe that I can do both – motherhood and having a career at the same time.”

Karen Alfonso Kotikalapudi, beauty editor,

“I was coping with my grief after losing my husband at a young age, raising my 10-year-old alone, and away from my whole family in India and I remember calling my mother. I cried a little saying, ‘I am so tired of being brave, and I don’t want to go to work’. Mom told me ‘Beta, that’s why there are day offs. Whenever you feel like you don’t want to work, take a day off, and next day you get back to work, cos you got to raise your son, and you got to be both parents to him.’ Till date, I still clearly remember that, and to me, that was the best career advice she gave to me. Moreover, yes, I still call in sick to work when I don’t feel like going but now those days are very few and far between, thanks to mom!

Sejal Donga-Patel

“My mother always told me to be courageous, be powerful, be independent, travel the world, connect with people, work smart and know that you can earn and contribute with equal ability to anyone.”

Priya Khajuria

“Love your work, give it your best every day, but if it consumes every living second of you, leave it. There’s so much more to see around you. Don’t lose your life over a career.”

Ashita Arora

“One teaching that I got from my mom is to have a never dying attitude. She made sure I was brave and took decisions that sometimes were not agreed upon by society. I am quite independent today, and I owe that to my mother.”

Atika Singhal Jain, PR and Marketing Manager, Hotel Marine Plaza

Do something you love and then work won’t seem like work to you.”

Aishwarya Konduskar

“One thing that I remember most vividly about her teachings is that ‘There is no difference between a boy and a girl, excepting he is (sometimes) physically stronger’. Today in my life that one teaching has helped me especially in my life and work. I run a small manufacturing unit, all alone with my male staff and I do it with perfection.”

Srabani Palit

“This is what my mom told me: follow your dreams, listen to your gut feeling and put every effort to achieve your goal. No matter what situation life throws at you, get up and face it.”

Sneha Mayekar, Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer

“My mother always told me to be courageous, be powerful, be independent, travel the world, connect with people, work smart and know that you can earn and contribute with equal ability to anyone.”

Priya Khajuria

“The one career advice my mum gave me was to face everything and never give up. It doesn’t matter how disadvantageous your situation is, you can always get something out of it.”

Sanskrita Joshi, Assistant Jail Superintendent, Madhya Paradesh

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Devika Das, Author

“I was born in a small town, and the biggest thing my mom has taught me was never to stop learning. She taught me to keep studying, and I did it too. A lot of people blamed my mom because she didn’t teach me cooking and other household skills; however, I know that only my education will be with me at all times. I am a working woman, and I know that ups and downs are common in life, but education and financial independence is important to be strong. Today everyone appreciates my mom for her vision, and I am proud of her.”

Malathi K