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4 ways women can successfully follow through on New Year resolutions

. 4 min read . Written by Roopal Kewalya
4 ways women can successfully follow through on New Year resolutions

Every ending is a new beginning and nothing proves it more than the year-end celebrations and resolutions. The madness about a year ending and a new one beginning can only be explained in one word – hope.

The hope that this year will be better. The hope that I will be a better version of myself this year… that I will successfully leave behind what doesn’t serve me, and life will respond to each and every small step that I take.

Of course, this feeling lasts as long as January and then the New Year feels jaded, and as old as the t-shirt you wear to bed, at night.

So, this year, I have decided not to have resolutions because those break easily.  What I will do instead is set up a thought process for myself that would define every single choice I make This year.

Feel free to hop on the bandwagon of successful women who will power through the new year with this attitude.

Risk more, fail more

What is the joy in staying in a comfort zone year after year? Doing the same things would lead to the same outcomes. So this year, let’s decide to take bigger risks. In your personal life, resolve to put yourself out there more so people get to see the magic that lies within you. Of course, you’ll have to dust those cobwebs from the magical corners where fears as big as spiders live, but a little cleaning of the house would serve that purpose.

In your professional life, decide not to let your jobs define your identity. We can all pledge to pursue a passion project. One day in a week, weekends, or two hours in a week?

Let’s dedicate this time to pursue what our hearts sing for. A singing channel on YouTube or a lifestyle blog on Instagram or joining a creative writing class… let’s take a small risk with the cushion of a job below us.

Go big

Small baby steps are great. But if I were to ask you what is your biggest wish? What is it that you would want to do if you had no fear of failing or money running out or people leaving your lives? What is it that you would do if there were no limitations? Write the answer to that question. Fearlessly. And then work backwards. What is it that I can do, now in this moment to pursue this wild dream of mine? Something I think I can never achieve but deep down I want so badly.

Chances are, the moment you write it down and work backwards, you will discover ways of actually pursuing it. People you can connect with. People who are already doing it… who you can volunteer with. Or assist. Or begin by devoting 20 minutes a day to this or one hour? Repeat this every day. It’s possible. It’s possible. If I think it, it’s possible to do it.

Love vs. fear

Do you realise that every single choice in your life is based on two things? Either love or fear. Starting from the food you eat – do you look at food as calories or nourishment? Calories induce fear so you could be eating the healthiest of foods, but the energy of fear of calories would not let you lose weight. So look at it as “I love my body and that is why I will not eat that burger or pizza or deep fried stuff.” That right there, is the energy of love.

Similarly, the clothes that you wear every day. Do I wear black because it makes me look slimmer? Or do I wear black because I love that colour? Am I in this job because I am afraid I don’t know what to do if I don’t do this? Or I will have to let go of my salary? Or am I in this job because it makes me feel happy about myself every day? Am I with my partner because I am afraid of being alone or because I really love myself when I am with them?

Let’s decide to ask this question each time we make a choice – big or small. Am I doing this out of love or fear?

The energy shift will make all the difference in accomplishing the goals that you desire.

Because what will your heart respond to more? Something you love doing or something you are scared of? Duh! And it will make sticking to resolutions that much easier.

Do the opposite of what you have done so far

Let’s go out and shock our hearts.

If you are the kind of person who has always shied away from people, go mingle with one, two, or a hundred people. Talk to strangers on the street or say “Hello!” to an estranged neighbour.

If you have lost a job or a relationship, stop wallowing in self-pity and go out and do the opposite of what your heart expects you to.

If you have hated yourself this year for making the biggest mistake of your life then instead of punishing, reward yourself for having learnt a lesson. Shock your heart by being happy.

If you have always followed the rules in your life, then be a rule-breaker. If you have always followed the same route to work, change your path. If you have always had a set group of friends, reach out of your network to find more friends. Keep taking a small step out of all your comfort zone, and I bet you will be rewarded by the universe around you.

See? It isn’t all that hard. A slight shift in perspective, a little change in direction is all that you need in pursuit of that grand dream, and fulfil those New Year resolutions. Here’s to a fabulous new year! Write to us below… what dream you would like to achieve this year?