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5 Career Blogs To Turn To For Fresh, Free And Relevant Career Advice

. 5 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
5 Career Blogs To Turn To For Fresh, Free And Relevant Career Advice

For the longest time the closest thing that came to a career-related website on the Internet was a job portal. Getting a job’s a big deal – something you could justifiably seek help for, be it from other people or the library of data that is the Internet. Once you landed the job, however, you were on your own.

Families, friends, the education system, and the Internet all worked tirelessly to help you find a job, but not build a career

Today, however, the Internet is less a library of data and more a collective consciousness. One can turn to the Internet for anything – including help in building a healthy and rewarding career out of your job.

More importantly, women are using the Internet to share their stories, personal and professional, and connect with each other for advice, opportunities, and support. After years of only male-oriented, male-given, and male-benefitting career advice to turn to, women have carved out a space for their voice in the online professional sphere.

There are several career sites dedicated to women, their career goals, and career development. We’re bringing to you our top 5 choices of career blogs to follow to help you not only survive your job, but thrive in your careers!

1.       Career Contessa

 Career Contessa not only has several webinars and programs for working women to grow professionally, they also have an extremely holistic, and trans-disciplinary pool of career advice articles.

Their blog is aimed at guiding the “workforce of the future” – where women have equal opportunities and excel in their work.

“We believe that job searches, career growth, and professional discovery are deeply personal but that every woman, no matter the stage of her career, benefits from a supportive community and straightforward guidance. That’s why we built a platform that engages our readers throughout their careers and evolves with them as they grow,” their website reads.

From informational videos, interviews with experts, and comprehensive skill-based resources, their site is a treasure trove of indispensable advice for any working woman. 

Our favourite Career Contessa article – 4 Rules to Follow to Gain Control of Your Money This Month

2.       WatchHerWork

WatchHerWork is a digital multimedia platform that was founded with the intention to leverage the expertise and experience of successful women to bridge the gap between men and women in the workforce.

“We are ready to close the achievement gap between men and women and that happens when women have access to the right information,” the website reads. 

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The website’s landing page allows you to first select who you are in your career journey – whether you are in your early career, mid career, are an entrepreneur, or are an authority figure in the organisation. You will then be directed to resources curated to you and the kind of content that you will find helpful.

Our favourite WatchHerWork article- Should You Ask for A Raise During A Pandemic?

3.       Freelancing Females

What started as simply a group of freelancers discussing their problems with securing payments, quickly grew into a large online community of freelancing women

In addition to connecting female freelancers to one another, the platform also provides hands-on tips and advice relevant to freelancers. From how to ensure you get paid as a freelancer to pitching your skills in an ever-evolving workforce – their blog covers it all. 

Our favourite Freelancing Females article – Following Up with a Lead that has Ghosted You

4.      Fairygodboss

From general articles that will help you in your day to day life as a working woman to in-depth guides for niche careers like an anthropologist, Fairygodboss has blogs for everyone.

Their mission is to help career-minded women reach their full potential by providing free, expert-backed resources. 

Our favourite Fairygodboss article – The 5 Critical Lessons We All Learned From 2020 — and How to Use Them to Succeed in 2021

5.       Kool Kanya

And in a shameless plug we truly stand by, the final career blog – and the only Indian-centric one on the list – you need to follow for inspirational and helpful career advice, is Kool Kanya’s. 

In addition to our career community for women where you can get career advice from experts as well as other working professionals like you, we also provide career guidance through our ‘Power Reads‘. 

Check out our blogs covering important news relevant to women, relatable articles on women’s everyday concerns, motivational career guidance, and resource guides specific to diverse professions and requirements.

Our top recommended reads for this week –

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We hope these blogs help you feel less alone in your career journey, and raise your power. Happy reading! 

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