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5 Careers That Will Allow You To Settle Abroad

. 7 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
5 Careers That Will Allow You To Settle Abroad

Settling abroad is a dream many Indians share; more so with the options of loans and scholarships and many career options to settle abroad, available today!

Growing up, my family believed that studying and working abroad was a measure of success. I always believed that my efforts should be towards fleeing the nest and living the life I was made to dream of! However, the thought of leaving my family behind — amidst personal issues that were cropping up — ate at me, and I decided to give up that dream. At least for the time being!

Once in a while, subtle suggestions about looking for jobs abroad came my way. The sheer quality of life (and freedom) in foreign countries made me wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to live the life that I secretly dreamed of. And so, ‘the list’ was born — a list of careers that would allow others like me to live abroad and make their dream come true

If you harbour the passion to settle abroad, these streams can help you get there!

1. Mastering A Language

If you’ve always been proficient at your ABCs, a language can be the boat that sails you across continents!

The world is your stage when you learn a language, and you can pick a job that catches your interest. This is the first of five popular career options to settle abroad.

A personal favourite, translation jobs not only help you settle abroad but also pay handsomely! Of course, it takes lots of time and effort but the results are worth it. To start with, pick a foreign language that’s currently in demand and sign up for a certificate course. These could be German, French, Russian, or Japanese, among others. Check out the minimum level required to be a translator.

If English is your strong suit, take up a teaching job to impart language skills and bridge cultures. English has become a global language, but there are many non-English-speaking countries like Thailand, Dubai, and Argentina that need the extra upliftment and have made it a mandate to learn English as a second language.

You can also master multiple languages for an edge! Plus points if you’re an interpreter since you can easily find opportunities to live and work abroad when you’re required on-site.

teaching abroad

Courses You Can Take:

  • Bachelors/ Masters in Education (Specialisation – English)
  • Masters in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelors/ Masters in English
  • Certificate/ Bachelors/ Masters in ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Bachelors/ Masters in (Foreign Language of Choice) 
  • Proficiency Certificate in a Foreign Language
  • IFS (Indian Foreign Services) course

2.    Entering The Finance Or Business World

There’s a reason why MBAs are suddenly a hot course abroad!

Business and finance graduates are in demand internationally and can cherry-pick some of the world’s largest multinationals to work at. What was previously a male-dominated industry now leans towards hiring more women in the workforce, so make the most of this opportunity to set a high bar!

You don’t necessarily need an MBA, but it gives you an edge. Plus, reputed universities abroad offer placements and hiring schemes from international brands like Walmart and Ogilvy, making it easier to stay on and work in the country.

Once you’ve graduated, know that jobs are available in abundance. You can bag jobs in human resources, accountancy, marketing, project management, and even sales, among others.

The finance and business worlds are closely related and only growing, so if you’re keen on hands-on international experience in the industry, that is the way to go!

business job abroad

Courses You Can Take:

  • MBA (Sales/ Marketing/ Management/ Operations/ International Business/ Accounting/ Finance/ Economics, etc.)
  • BSc/ MSc (Accountancy/  Marketing, etc.)
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Business Analytics
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Finance
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Marketing
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Supply Chain Management

3.    Taking The Tourism And Hospitality Route

The pandemic may have slowed down growth, but there’s no better sector to make your dreams come true in the future!

The employment potential offered by the tourism and hospitality industry is remarkable. All you need is the will to work hard and a strong network, and you’ll be off to start a life abroad!

Research conducted by the World Travel and Tourism Council states that tourism is responsible for every 1 in 10 jobs in the world. To put that into perspective, it’s more than 300 million jobs globally! It’s truly one of the best career options to consider while thinking about settling abroad

So, how can you be a part of this statistic? A degree in hotel management or an MBA in hospitality can prove to be fruitful; as will experience!

Look at international destinations that thrive on tourism, like Maldives, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore, among others. You can land a gig at a cruise ship, international resort, travel agency, airline, restaurant, or even a non-profit organisation based on travel and tourism. These offer a plethora of travel and tourism jobs abroad.

Above all, make sure to hone those networking skills, as they’ll come in handy!

tourism job abroad

Courses You Can Take:

  • Bachelors/ Masters in Hotel & Hospitality
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • MBA (Tourism/ Hospitality, etc.)
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Business (Tourism)
  • Bachelors/ Masters in International Tourism
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Hotel Management
  • Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management
  • BSc/ MSc in Culinary Arts

4.    Managing Healthcare

Recent times have shown that the world rests heavily on healthcare. Lend a hand at building a strong future while caring for the present!

When you think of the word ‘healthcare’, your mind probably goes to professions like doctor, pharmacist, nurse, dentist, or psychologist. Turn a few more pages, and there’s a whole other world in healthcare with jobs aplenty!

No doubt that clinical roles are a matter of prestige, but you’ll be surprised at everything else available too. Whether it’s humanitarian relief, virology, or medical advancements, you can play a part in changing the healthcare game entirely. This is one of the best jobs to settle abroad.

The resources available for medical research in places like Canada, Russia, and even Switzerland are abundant, so to make life-changing revelations, that’s where you should be. If this sounds too heavy, don’t worry!

The roads to healthcare begin at medical degrees, post which you can choose a specialisation that calls out to you. You can either take the clinical route, a humanitarian route, or a research route, so pick one that’s most appealing at the time.

For easy access to international roles, pick an in-demand course, abroad, and bag an internship. It sounds tough, but nobody said it wasn’t!

healthcare job abroad

Courses You Can Take:

  • MD 
  • MBBS
  • Master of Surgery
  • Doctor of Clinical Medicine
  • MSc (Health Administration, Clinical Laboratory Science, Clinical Research, Clinical Research Management, Product Development, etc.)
  • MBA (Healthcare Management)
  • Bachelors/ Masters of Engineering (Biomedical)

5.    Going The Tech, Engineering, Or Construction Way

If you’re taking the ‘beta, engineering karo’ route, this is the way to go!

The previous generation did have a point when they force-fed engineering to everyone in their path. Their resistance to being open-minded about alternate jobs isn’t one to applaud, but we can’t ignore how lucrative an engineering degree can be if you do it right — and want to!

Automation and robotics are taking the world by storm, and there’s never been a better time to work abroad. Tech jobs in data sciences or software development are known to pay well.

As a mechanical or civil engineer, you can choose to do your Masters abroad and get absorbed by international organisations through internships or placements. You can even get a job in alternative energy, petroleum, construction, or mining, among others!

Companies in emerging and developed economies alike rely on international recruits due to their strong work ethic and qualifications. So, flex your intelligence, and you’ll have several jobs that can help take you abroad!

engineering job abroad

Courses You Can Take:

  • Bachelors/ Masters of Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Software, Computer, Construction, Nuclear, Structural, etc.)
  • Bachelors/ Masters in Computer Science
  • BSc/ MSc (Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Construction Science and Management, Building Engineering and Management, etc.)
  • MBA (Technology Management, Management of Innovation, Business Analytics, Product Management, etc.)
  • Masters in Construction Management 

The dream of settling abroad is one shared by many, but the road ahead isn’t always smooth! Remember to chart out a plan, understand the skills required, and take that first step today. Starting a new life in a foreign country and figuring out how to settle abroad can be challenging, but keep at it and remember everything it took to get there.

Updated 5 August 2021

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