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5 Essential Self-love Languages That You Need To Master In 2021

. 6 min read . Written by Shilpa Sri Karra
5 Essential Self-love Languages That You Need To Master In 2021

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I had many resolutions for 2020. From, “I will travel to at least 10 new places this year,” to “I will make sure I become the fittest version of myself this year,” there was a lot I had heaped onto my plate. 

This year, however, I was forced to drop my resolutions because of the pandemic. While I can easily blame my failure on an external force like a global phenomenon, some of them came true in the strangest ways possible.

Among the few good things that happened to me during 2020 is the fact that I got interested in learning languages. With different platforms, I could learn foreign as well as local languages. 

For me, LANGUAGE is a medium of communicating and expressing oneself in a better way. 

This made me think about the languages in which we speak with ourselves, and communicate with our surroundings! For the year ahead, I have resolved to master 5 essential self-love languages which I started learning in the year 2020.

1. Self-Awareness 

This is something that a lot of us have ventured into in 2020. With the crisis hanging over our heads, we became more self-aware about our inhibitions, fears, strengths, and abilities.

This is the language in which we experience our personalities. 

We should spend time with ourselves and dedicate ourselves to understanding our traits, behaviors, feelings, and concerns. I believe that learning this particular language of self-awareness will help all of us transform into better versions of ourselves. 

It is not about judging yourself on the different things you can or cannot do. It is about discovering who you really are, and working towards a more authentic self!

2. Self-Learning 

The worldwide pandemic might recede and disappear soon in the future, but it’s effects are surely going to last for a long time. The pandemic brought many bad things, but it also brought a lot of good things to us. One of the things that thrived in 2020 is the scope of learning

With digital platforms opening their doors (and online portals) to everyone across the globe, it became easier for people to learn at their own pace. 

Most of us who had the privilege of taking the time out to learn new things chalked out a schedule and a wish list of abilities and learnings we wished to achieve and imbibe in this year-gone-wrong. 

Take a minute out and focus on the language of self-learning before you start ticking down your checklist of things to learn. Under this language, you should ask yourself the important and often ignored questions of why, what, and how your learning plan will impact your life. 

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3. Self-Appreciation 

One thing that 2020 has taught us all is gratitude. This hard year has made us understand the importance of being grateful for what we have instead of worrying over what we lost. One of the biggest things I have learned to show gratitude for is myself! I have realized that for me to be grateful in general, I first need to value myself. 

Self-appreciation is a very difficult self-love language with grammar and vocabulary that don’t always make sense!

It is essential that we figure out things that we cherish about ourselves and show appreciation for the little wins. We might all know the feeling of receiving compliments from others, but when the appreciation comes from within, the feeling of achievement is doubled! You know about the things you most care about, and thus you can pay compliments to yourself which will make the most impact upon you. Mastering this language will help you look at life from a different perspective 

4. Self-Care 

There is no denying that 2020 has given a lot of us the time and freedom to care more for ourselves. From trying to get fitter and meditating and practicing mindfulness, to taking the time to indulge in ourselves and following a healthy routine, we have at least understood the importance of it. 

The language of self-care teaches us that it is alright to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We must all persevere to take our first steps towards self-care before it is too late. At any moment in time, all our responsibilities and worldly problems might come rushing back to us. It’s critical that we take time out for ourselves (mentally and physically) before we jump right back! Mastering this language will guarantee that even when there is no one around, you’ll still have someone who cares for you.

5. Self-Love

If there is one language that promises to help you get better and keep moving forwards, it is the language of self-love! Over time, I have learnt that this is one language that can make you a better version of yourself. 

If you don’t love yourself for what you do, then there is no way you will accept validation from people around you. 

Life works in a way that ensures that most of the time, people will not understand or agree with what you think or do. However, if you can stand up for yourself during those times, no one can have power over your emotions! Love and appreciate yourself for everything that you do. It could be anything; from remembering to water your plants to running an organization successfully!

A lot of us began the journey to learn either one or more of these self-love languages in 2020. The world had stopped for a year, and with the regular responsibilities around us, many of us chose to grow. 

However, if the world resumes its pace in 2021, would you abandon these languages?

No! This is the time to work harder to master them. Do not feel guilty about being as self-indulgent as possible. Stand by yourself and keep working on the masterpiece that is you! 

May you all have a great year ahead!

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