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5 things you should start doing today to land that dream job

. 2 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
5 things you should start doing today to land that dream job

A dream job, in simple terms, can be defined as that perfect job that promises to make you so, so happy. But where do you find this dream job, that’s going to be not just satisfying but fun and flexible too? Well, you’ll surely have to work for it – both in terms of the body of work you build and the actual job hunt. While we can’t help in the experience department, we are sharing some trade secrets, i.e. the smartest ways to bag your dream job.

Online hunt

The world is riding the digital wave, so it is now time for you to go on an online job hunt. Get on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and update your resume, so that more people have access to your profile. Job portals can also be beneficial, depending on your field. I’ve noticed that many groups on Facebook too post job/work requirements and can connect you to potential employers. Get on these sites; keep an eye out for openings that meet the criteria of your dream job; sooner than later, you’ll have it.

Digital resume

Since you are going to spend a lot of time looking for jobs online, it is only sensible to make a digital resume that can be shared easily. Make sure you update it regularly with your achievements and qualifications so that you can send it to potential employers quickly once you’ve identified them.

Focus on companies rather than vacancies

When we think of dream jobs, we mostly focus on the work that comes with the role. But an excellent way to decide if you want a specific job is to shift focus from the position to the company. Do your research about the parent company and how it functions, to get a fair idea about your work life, if you do decide to take the job. Focusing on companies rather than vacancies can help you filter the suitable positions from the bad ones, and thus help you land a premium opportunity.

Check out career fairs

Career fairs can be eye-opening, especially if you want a job abroad. Many countries and tourism boards conduct regular career fairs for people looking for job opportunities abroad. This might be your ticket to move out and make it big. These fairs are often advertised in newspapers and social media, so when you come across one, don’t give it a miss.

Customise your resume

When applying for jobs, spend time on your resume and cover letter, and customise it for every employer. Talk about the company, how you’ve admired their work and add in keywords that point to your suitability for the position. This will help in making the potential employer take notice of your resume and subsequently help you land your dream job.

If you have done all of the above but are still having trouble finding your dream job, or rather any post, then maybe it’s time to expand your search. Create a list of tasks that match your skillset and start looking for alternate job options. They may not be perfect, but then nothing in life is. Plus, you never know what new avenues you may discover, just by moving out of your comfort zone.