6 Jobs For People Who Love To Binge-Watch With A Passion

. 5 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
6 Jobs For People Who Love To Binge-Watch With A Passion

Do you spend your days fighting the urge to open Netflix, and the nights watching movies and TV shows to your heart’s content? Is your most honest response to that pesky ‘what’s your favourite hobby’ question something along the lines of ‘binge-watching anything and everything’?

While we’re sure you’ve heard various versions of the ‘this hobby is not something you can put on your resume’ remark, times are a-changin’ and so are the kind of job opportunities available.There are a few jobs today where ‘passion for consuming content’ would actually be a valuable skill!

So, if you’ve ever wished you could turn your passion for pressing play on a movie or episode into a living, this list is for you.

6 Jobs For People Who Love To Binge-Watch With A Passion

Film Critic

The first is the most obvious option – working as a film critic. Most newspapers today have a film review section with a dedicated reader base. There are also a few digital platforms that put out reviews of movies and TV series regularly (Film Companion, Firstpost, are a few popular ones).

So, if you have the eye to analyse, the skills to write, and the passion to watch content, consider becoming a film critic!

Entertainment Journalist/ Reporter

Entertainment journalists and reporters specialise in talking or writing about events in the field of entertainment. As an entertainment journalist you could report on television programs, webcasts, etc. on print or an online blog.

The work may include talking to the people involved in creating the movie or television show, and recapping or writing reviews on it. Watching movies and TV shows, then, will be a part of your regular duties.

If you have qualifications and experience in media and journalism, getting into this field will be easier.

Closed Captionist

A closed captionist writes the subtitles for movies and TV shows. From Netflix to Amazon Prime and Zee5, almost every streaming platform has an option to display subtitles now.

The work can be mundane, requires immense focus and an ability to type quickly. So brush up your typing skills and get ready to watch content with more focus than ever before!

Synopsis Writer

Most streaming platforms today also include a short synopsis in the preview section to give the viewer an accurate and compelling idea of what to expect from the movie or TV show.

So, apply to work at a streaming platform and get ready to prove that you can summarise a movie or episode like no one else.

Netflix Tagger And Juicer

This is one of the most sought-after jobs by everyone with a passion for binge-watching. Netflix taggers watch movies and TV shows, and enter a myriad of important data about it. They identify the best tags to categorise the content under (‘young adult movies with strong female leads’, ‘action thriller’, ‘sports drama’, etc.). From genre and subgenre suggestions to character traits and flagging caution and controversy, the taggers are required to determine and enter essential data about the movie or TV show.

Netflix has said that their taggers have been integral to helping Netflix’s algorithm make the best recommendations to its subscribers. “Our taggers have been an integral part of the team which focuses on making it easy for our members to always find something great to watch. The tags are a key component of how we personalise the Netflix experience,” Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, says.

Similarly, Netflix juicers watch the content and identify the best still images and short video clips to represent the title, and encourage viewers to watch it.

Needless to say, the roles are highly valued at the company, but are also open only from time to time. So, keep an eye out for the next time these roles are open at Netflix.

Start Your Own Blog, Podcast, Or YouTube Channel

This is the most accessible option for a lot of us, but also one that requires commitment, effort, and patience to reap rewards.

Start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel that is dedicated to exploring movies and TV shows. You could choose to approach the content you watch in any manner and with any angle you wish. Build your niche as a content creator who watches movies and TV shows and writes, talks, or makes videos on them.

If you start a podcast, there are several streaming platforms that will allow you to monetise your episodes. On YouTube, you’re eligible to become a YouTube Partner and earn money once you reach enough channel views. And if you’re writing your own movie blog, here’s a guide on how you can make a living through it.

Whatever medium you choose to talk about your passion for movies and TV shows, work on building your audience first. Only then will you be able to earn money by combining your passion with this work.

Due to the volume of interested individuals, a lot of these jobs aren’t open or publicised very often. So, keep an eye out for websites and companies that might hire for these roles, and build on skills you could complement with your love for watching movies and TV shows. We’ll see you on the other side of your next binge-watch marathon!  

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