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7 date night ideas for the broke millennial and Gen Z woman

. 5 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
7 date night ideas for the broke millennial and Gen Z woman

If you’re a young independent woman, you’re no stranger to going dutch on dates even if you’re close to going broke at the end of the month. Every time you get your salary, you promise yourself you’ll moderate your expenses, balance out the budget, and save something for rainy days. But none of us is immune to the 2 am shopping spree, the “I’m treating myself to a dessert” takeout, and the weekend getaways we need to calm our souls after busting our asses off at the office for days.

Does that mean we put a halt on our dating lives? Worse – do we let our dates pay for us? No!

If you’re a broke millennial woman who’s swiping on guys left and right, who wants to have a fun time with the ‘it’s complicated’ person, or who wants to have another romantic rendezvous with their long-time partner, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best date night ideas for broke millennial women that no restaurant in town wants you to know. Broke sisters, unite!

Where to go on a date when your budget is low

1. Take an unlikely stroll – monuments, heritage sites, gardens

Though this might sound like a dream date for nerds, it is so much more. Imagine the spring breeze fluttering through your hair while you and your partner wander through a dilapidated corridor that was built centuries ago. If you’re looking for some quiet time with the guy you’ve been talking to for months, avoid popular, touristy spots in the city with evening shows or boat rides.

City walks and heritage walks with a guide and a tour can be a great way to discover your city with your partner too. The best part about this date? You’ll get a whole lot of pictures for your Instagram.

2. Museum musing

There’s something aesthetically pleasing about museum dates, and we’re here for it. Put on your most chic ensemble and head to a nearby museum in your town. Avoid bustling places that are likely to attract kids and families.

Art galleries or exhibitions are other great places to spend time with your date. You spend a nominal fee, get to look at beautiful paintings (your partner might compare you to a Greek goddess if you’re lucky), and blissfully stroll around all day in a temperature-controlled building. It’s also a great way to filter out your dates– if they’re more interested in the nudes than the Victorian paintings, run!

3. On the street in style

Can’t splurge at your favourite restaurant but still want to show off that new satin dress you got online? Dress up as extra as you can, and step out for some street food. One of the best things about living in India is that you find food at every corner. From regional delicacies to desi versions of international dishes, the streets have so much to offer.

If you’re just looking for a fun night out with your friends, take a tour in an old rustic market and eat to your heart’s delight. Whether you’re wearing your favourite saree or donning your silk jumpsuit, don’t forget to ditch the heels for some comfy sneakers.

4. Put on your chef’s hat

If you’ve spent your day scrolling through those mesmerising pasta videos, now is the time to put it to use. Take off your cooking cap and put on the chef’s hat; your partner is about to give you a chef’s kiss.

Cooking at home is so much more affordable (and romantic) than going out and splurging on food. . Not to forget, there’s something insanely satisfying about tasting something you made. So this weekend, cook a little delight for your partner. Dress up, set a table on the balcony, bring in the candle-light magic, and woo them like never before. If you’re not sure of your culinary skills, rope in your partner and turn it into a cooking date.

5. Bring out your inner Jack and Rose

Remember when in Titanic Jack sketched Rose, which went down in history as one of the most romantic moments ever? It’s time to recreate that magic. Well, not exactly, but let that be your inspiration.

Organise a painting date with your partner. Just bring in some colours and draw whatever each of you  feels like. You can also draw something and have your partner colour it for you. Painting is one of the most soothing of hobbies and can help calm your brain down. It’s almost like a spa for your head, and a free one at that.

6. Pack a picnic

Miss the good old days when biryani in a casserole and aloo paratha wrapped in foil meant a picnic? Well, take a walk down memory lane and plan a picnic with your date.

Throw in a rug, put together some sandwiches, toss in a few juice packets, and you’re good to go. You can pick a quaint spot under a tree and watch the sunset from there, or just find a place on the beach if you live near one. If they're being a snob about the idea of eating in a park, maybe leave them there and look for a new guy.

7. Pregaming is the real game

Heading out to a fancy club with your date. Who has the money to go to a pricey bar and splurge on cocktails that are just cheap whiskey, ice, and VAT?

Pregaming is all about getting together with your friends before a party, and loading up on the booze before heading out so you don’t have to spend furious amounts of money outside. Order in a few bottles of your favourite brands, and try a little cocktail mixing to turn your pre-drinking party into a fun-filled fiesta.

Although month-end broke dates are everyone’s favourite, a little budgeting never harmed anyone. This week, get your lazy selves out of bed and do a little more than just bingeing Netflix.

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