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7 Ideal Jobs For Women Who Love The Outdoors

. 8 min read . Written by Oindrilla Gupta
7 Ideal Jobs For Women Who Love The Outdoors

We get it. Working out of a cubicle can be taxing. You may feel like you’re not cut out for a job that demands you to sit in one place with your laptop and work away all day. Well, hold on to that feeling and keep reading this piece. In this article, we’re here to introduce you to professions where you can make nature your workplace. These outdoor jobs are perfect for every woman who loves nature!

Your enthusiasm to explore the world out there says a lot about your personality. We’ve shortlisted 7 different kinds of outdoor jobs for you.

These outdoor jobs will allow you to stay curious, as well as close to nature when you earn your living

Move Beyond The Mundane With These 7 Outdoor Jobs

1. Wildlife Conservationist

Typically employed by governments and NGOs, wildlife conservationists protect and manage various environments. They take care of forests and grasslands to ensure that the habitat is safe for the species and plants that live and grow there. 

outdoor jobs for women

This outdoor job connects you to nature. Challenges are a part of it as well. Sometimes living in the wild and facing uncertainty, or preventing forest fires to protect the biodiversity in the area.

This outdoor job is ideal if one loves animals and greens wholeheartedly.

Skills Required: 

  • A good grasp of plant and animal biology & geography 
  • Analytical skills 
  • Quick decision-making abilities
  • Good communication 

Qualifications Needed: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation/Environmental Science
  • A Master’s degree/PhD in an equivalent field (to apply for higher positions

Where To Start:

  • Look for entry-level positions and internships after acquiring a degree
  • Create a database of national parks, forests and zoos nearby, and start contacting their management to get a job
  • Connect with NGOs and organisations around the world

2. Photographer 

‘An image is a window to the world!’ 

A photographer enables us to explore the universe through their work. If you choose travel or wildlife photography, you will constantly be on the go, and get to explore breathtaking landscapes and the rich flora and fauna of the world, as a part of your job.

outdoor jobs for women

If you opt for photojournalism, your work will take you places too, and your images will unfold an untold story.

Being a photographer will not just help you find yourself. It fuels the outdoorsy spirit as you click away too! 

Skills Required: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Patience to capture a great shot
  • Basic know-how of technical gadgets and aids like a camera, tripod, lens, and lights
  • Hands-on/practical experience with visual editing softwares  

Qualifications Needed: 

  • Class 12th board exam certificate 
  • A graduation/diploma certificate in photography courses is an added advantage 

P.S: Skills and work experience are given more preference over academic qualifications in this field .

Where To Start: 

  • Stay up-to-date with all the latest photography trends
  • Build connections and networks in photography events/exhibitions/walks/tours 
  • Build a diverse portfolio covering the various niches of photography 
  • Get the right gadgets and tools and study the mechanisms

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3. Tour Guide

If you want to club your interest for travel with a job that pays your bills, become a tour guide!

You’ll be responsible for taking groups of people on tours, planning accommodation, and making travel arrangements.

A tour guide ﹘ a.k.a, a storyteller ﹘ is someone who shares historic and offbeat information with their tourists. They take them on guided tours to commercial or hidden destinations. 

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Now this job looks like a lot of fun, it isn’t as dreamy as the Bollywood movie portrayals of it. Being a tour guide is a serious job and a lifestyle too.

You will have to be a human encyclopedia of information on places. The ability to solve queries is a must. You should be able to resort to on-the-spot critical thinking to manage situations.

Knowing how to handle the safety of guests is important too. And one must know how to handle payments as well. For what it’s worth though, one gets to live and breathe the outdoors. 

Skills Required: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge about the location or destination you are assigned
  • A passion for culture, history, nature, and travel 
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptive as per the situation 
  • Being a people’s person 
  • Good decision-making abilities 
  • Organisational and time-management skills 
  • Multitasking 

Qualifications Needed: 

  • Class 10th and 12th certificates 
  • Certificate courses like CTP (Certified Training Professional) and TTP (Tourism Training Professional) (optional) 
  • A diploma/master’s in tourism (optional) 

P.S: The will to live a travel life is an important qualification. For this, you need to master all the skills mentioned above. 

Where To Start! 

  • Create a list of all the potential companies you would want to work for
  • Travel and make connections with local homestays/hotels, and eateries
  • Take notes of everything to form itineraries
  • Research heavily online to have spot-on info.
  • Connect with companies that hire tour executives/trip leaders
  • Build your social media presence as a local tour guide to generate interest.
  • Finish a one-year guide training course, and you will receive a regional level tourist guide licence from the Regional India Tourism Office. The license is valid for up to 3 years. 

4. Landscape Architect 

Landscape architects get to make the world a better place. They plan out areas in cities to design parks, trails, streetscapes, or campuses that help in preserving the greenery and natural beauty of an area. 

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A landscape architect is responsible for taking what is natural and designing solutions that are creative and environmentally beneficial. Preserving history while construction is an art on its own.

Skills Required: 

  • An eye for detail 
  • Genuine interest in the environment and life sciences 
  • Good in verbal and written communication
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Lateral and spatial thinking 
  • Drawing and IT skills, including knowledge of computer-aided design 

Qualifications Needed: 

  • A 3-year undergraduate degree in bachelor of landscape architecture (BLA), or bachelor of science in landscape architecture (BSLA). Make sure the program is accredited and approved by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board.
  • A diploma in landscape architecture 

Where To Start: 

  • Join professional organisations like the Indian Society of Landscape Architects
  • Pursue an internship. The more you intern, the easier it is to obtain a license for practicing landscape architecture. 

5. Marine Biologist 

True-blue water babies can consider becoming a marine biologist. You will get to study everything from the largest whale down to tiny planktons, microbes, and even the seawater itself. 

Underwater life is facing severe challenges in coexisting with commercial shipping, recreational boating, plastics, chemicals, and other issues associated with human activities.

outdoor jobs for women

Marine biologists study how these activities affect marine life and suggest alternatives to minimize or prevent them. Serving a good cause plus getting to work on beaches, salt marshes and ships ﹘ a total win-win, we’d say! 

Skills Required: 

  • An ardent interest in aquatic life 
  • Numerical and statistical skills 
  • Patience and good observation skills 
  • Good physical ability plus fitness to work in remote locations 
  • Good communication skills 

Qualifications Needed: 

  • Class 10th & 12th board exam certificate (with high % of marks in physics, chemistry and biology)  
  • A bachelor’s degree in marine biology 
  • A master’s/doctoral degree in the related field (optional) 

Where To Start: 

  • Specialise in a particular subject within marine biology like reef ecology, or marine pollution
  • Shortlist organisations that offer marine biology jobs across the world
  • Try to bag internships 

6. Organic Farmer

Imagine serving pesticide-free veggies to people. Or having a huge and green piece of land to yourself. Living the slow life you had always dreamt of living, and fighting global warming.

outdoor jobs for women

As an organic farmer, you won’t just be living and working amidst the greens; you will be growing them too. 

This agricultural system uses fertilisers of organic origin. Things like compost manure, green manure, and bone meal is used. You will get to build healthy soil, conserve water, and grow fresh veggies and fruits for a living.

Away from the bustling city, this job allows you to live a peaceful and slow life outdoors. 

Skills Required: 

  • A healthy physique as farming requires manual labour and long working hours 
  • Organisational and management skills 
  • Being a people’s person 
  • Constant willingness to research and learn 
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills 
  • Negotiation skills
  • A good understanding of market demands

Qualifications Needed: 

  • 10th and 12th board exam certificate (optional) 
  • A bachelor’s degree in agriculture (optional) 

P.S: A hands-on experience in farming gets preference over certificates in this outdoor job.

Where To Start:

  • If you aren’t pursuing a degree, start by doing research on important topics like crop rotation
  • Try and live an organic lifestyle if your core job/business is organic farming
  • Consider doing internships and apprenticeships in established organic farming companies 

7. Documentary Filmmaker 

There are some stories that deserve recognition. And mainstream media does not cover them. As a documentary filmmaker, you can bring those to life.

outdoor jobs

Creating a film means traveling to chase stories! 

This outdoor job can get creatively taxing. However, it keeps you off a closed space. It provides ample exposure to the outdoors as well.

Skills Required: 

  • Written and visual storytelling 
  • Passionate about people, causes, and stories
  • Decision-making, critical thinking, and communication skills 
  • Being a problem-solver 
  • Being a listener
  • Basic know-how of all the technology required to shoot 

Qualifications Needed: 

  • Class 10th and 12th board exam certificates 
  • A Bachelor’s degree in films 
  • A master’s degree in filmmaking

Where To Start: 

  • Start networking and making as many connections in the industry as possible 
  • Shortlist production houses if you want funding 
  • Researching about untold stories
  • Practice scripting and storytelling
  • Take up real-time experiences and internships 
  • Go out and start shooting!

Adulthood is synonymous with paying bills. However, there are so many outdoor career opportunities to choose from. And it is a breeze to make an office out of the mountains, oceans, deserts, and forests.

Now that we’ve made it easy for you, which job would you take up from this list? And why? Ask your outdoorsy spirit and tell us in the comments below! 

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