8 Bizarre Startups To Help You Find The Courage To Start Your Own

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8 Bizarre Startups To Help You Find The Courage To Start Your Own

Startups are all about finding freedom, balance, and happiness. However, it is not only about what you want as a creator/ provider. It also hugely depends on what your consumers are asking for. This is why many people believe that long and hard introspection is required before one can ideate a startup

However, the fear of striking out should never keep you from trying out new things. From quitting your job to becoming self-employed, many things in life are achieved only by taking some drastic (and courageous!) steps.

If you have been stressing about your business idea, you really don’t have to worry. You just need to find your consumer demographic and you are golden. If you are still worried, here are some bizarre, weird, and fun startups that will give you that shot of confidence you need! 


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If you thought your bakery business was a little out-of-the-box for you, you should hear about Narayana Peesapaty, the founder of Bakeys Foods Private Ltd. Based out of Hyderabad, this kooky startup creates cutlery that can be eaten. The edible cutlery is made with healthy ingredients like millet, wheat, and rice and this makes it a perfect alternative to disposable plastic and wood cutlery. Talk about saving the planet, one bizarre startup at a time!

Learn more about Bakeys here

Online Prasad

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This is a truly strange online venture which seems to cater to those who do not want to step out of the house! Online Prasad is a one-stop spiritual destination for devotees who want to go above and beyond. This startup offers to home-deliver prasad and spiritual items, book travel and lodgings for the avid traveller, and use technology to bring the modern Indian closer to spirituality

Learn more about Online Prasad here

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Started by a 19-year-old Engineering student from Cleveland, Ohio, Parihug is an adorable startup that offers you a teddy that hugs you back. Parihug creates digitally connected teddy bears that can give people hugs from any distance. Two paired Parihug bears have sensors embedded within them so that loved ones can virtually hug each other across any distance!

Learn more about Parihug here

Boriya Bistar

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If you are shifting to a new city and need everything from a mattress to a beanbag, this fun startup has you covered. Targeted towards younger folk shifting to a new city for the first time, Boriya Bistar offers a one-stop-online-shop where people can order the bare essentials to make a home. This ambitious Bengaluru startup promises to take care of all your needs without letting your deal with issues like new languages, unfamiliar streets, and bargaining. 

Learn more about Boriya Bistar here


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Want to book your own funeral? Now you have that option! This Ahmedabad-based funeral service website not only allows you to book your own funeral in accordance with your religion and beliefs, it also offers your loved ones to grieve by helping them plan the last rites. While the idea might seem a little morose, the startup actually has the potential to help a lot of bereaved families and loved ones. 

Learn more about Mokshshil here


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If you are ever worried about your business idea getting flak for not being up to par, remember that JoinMyWedding is a startup that has done decently well. This Indian startup allows foreigners (and anyone who has the ability to pay) to legally crash weddings, become a part of the big, fat, Indian wedding, and live their best life. The idea behind this venture was to share Indian cultures and traditions. 

Learn more about JoinMyWedding here

Potato Parcel

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Taking the trend of sending fun and funky gifts to your loved ones to a different extreme, Potato Parcel offers its consumers the option of sending a potato (with personalised inscriptions, if course) to their loved ones. This hilarious startup gained a lot of momentum in the US after being a hit on Shark Tank. This is truly one wacky startup for all those who need a shot of courage to start their own bizarre venture!

Learn more about Potato Parcel here


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If you thought making a business out of nice-smelling shoes is bizarre and unachievable, think again! This global venture laid down its roots in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and more. Scentra offers its consumers a chance to buy scented shoes with orthopaedic soles. Made with eco-friendly fabric the company claims that shoes retain their fragrance even after multiple washes.

Learn more about Scentra here

All business ventures start with a leap of faith and some solid ideas. Don’t worry about your company before you make it. 

When you do decide to start something new, make sure you go into the venture with a ton of moxie, some grit, and a stable strategy. Use your brain and don’t let the fear of failure stop you from looking for greatness!

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Good luck!

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