8 Furnishing Ideas To Create A Productive Work-From-Home Space

. 6 min read . Written by Oindrilla Gupta
8 Furnishing Ideas To Create A Productive Work-From-Home Space

With work-from-home being the new normal, it really is a task to create a space that catalyzes productivity. 

I live in a semi-joint family, and as a writer, it is almost impossible to pen my thoughts down when the pressure cooker decides to play its tune; the mothership is yelling at her students over online classes; my father is attending his client meetings, and my grandfather is blissfully snoring away on the bed beside which I happen to work. I won’t proceed without mentioning five of my adorable pets (who are also my biggest source of distraction). 

So the question still is: how does one work productively in a work-from-home setup?

As for me, I have gradually started believing in the power of the right kind of furnishings. Because when I realized that I cannot dim the noise at home, I sought solace in the right chair, a comfy rug that I can lay on and type away, or a bright bedsheet that instantly fuels my creativity.

The right piece of furnishing comes wrapped with productivity, and it truly enables me to focus better while also making my WFH ordeal more comfortable. 

Here are a few furnishing hacks for a work-from-home setup, that will boost your productivity too!

1. Get An Ergonomic Chair

Several studies have concluded that the right chair can do wonders in increasing work productivity. Though a tad heavy on the wallet, an ergonomic chair is a really good investment. And the reason why every office space invests in these chairs is to ensure good health and productivity while working.

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Now since WFH is what our new normal looks like, getting these chairs home will only do you good. Ergonomic chairs correct your posture and reduce hip pressure along with back and neck pain by providing a head and backrest. A good ergonomic chair is adjustable and has long-term use.

With no clarity on when we will go back to work, getting this essential item home is the need of the hour to get through long working hours. 

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2. Buy A Desk On Wheels

If you’re like me, you can get easily bored of working in the same room. I constantly need a change in view. So a portable desk helps me move around the house, depending on which corner stokes my productivity on a particular day. 

Portable desks are light on the pocket and can be DIY-ed for use. If you have a window that gives you a gorgeous sunset view, just park your desk there and work away!

3. Lay A Comfortable Runner 

I have been fascinated by runner rugs for quite some time now. These rugs are longer than they are wide, and their narrow and rectangular appearance is a perfect fit for bedrooms with narrow spaces. Runner rugs instantly uplift the personality of a space by lending it a hint of luxury and plenty of warmth. 

I recently bought a SPACES Allure Multipurpose Runner that provides more than just an aesthetic element in my room. Sometimes, ideas come to me when I’m lying on my stomach, dangling my feet in the air. And there’s no better way to do that than to spread myself evenly on this lovely geometric rug.

workfrom home

I’ve placed it between my bed and the window sill in my room, and it has helped me take a break from work and indulge in some midweek art therapy. 

4. Create A  DIY Wall

Imagine looking up and seeing a plain wall with nothing on it. Boring, right? If your work desk is stuck to a wall, make sure it has something you can look up at. Spruce the wall up with some motivational DIY frames, or get yourself a pretty dreamcatcher. 

work from home

One of my walls has frames that read basic quotes like, ‘You Can Do It’ and ‘This Too Shall Pass, and every time I feel dull, I look at it and try to get back into the groove. It really does help! 

5. Shift To Your Bed

Truman Capote was a ‘horizontal author’ and couldn’t think unless he was laying down. Frida Kahlo was known to paint her best masterpieces from her canopy bed, and even writers like Edith Wharton and William Wordsworth enjoyed drafting prose in their beds. 

Working from the bed might not be as bad as you think. In fact, if done correctly, it boosts your creative juices and helps you get over a mind block.  It also helps reduce work-induced anxiety. You’re in a relaxed space, with the ability to comfortably lie down and type away on the keyboard. 

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I recently bought a refreshing, eco-friendly floral quilt from SPACES that helped me feel calmer when I used it. I follow a three-hour bed rule, taking breaks in between to stretch, move, and break the pattern. You can also invest in the right kind of pillows, and even a laptop tray for the bed to avoid bad posture and slouching. 

6. Add A Green Corner

Researchers from the University of Cardiff’s School of Psychology have revealed that plants can boost workplace productivity by as much as 15%. We often have zero control over the number of hours we spend in front of a screen, but we can take charge of what we place in our surroundings to reduce sensory overload!

A planter with a pop of green on your work desk can boost your mood, productivity, and creativity. 

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Take a break from the toxicity of your laptop screen and soothe your eyes with the greens in front of you. You can either bring house plants or succulents to your desk or park yourself near your balcony or window sill. 

7. Get A Desk Organizer

No one likes a cluttered workspace when they’re struggling to meet deadlines, as it can add to one’s frustration. An organizer helps you declutter your desk with all your essentials in place. You can arrange all your paraphernalia in one place for quick and easy access while working. 

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Considering how disorganized I can be, an organizer helped me stay on top of my game when we shifted our work base home last year. It might also be a great practice to keep a small garbage bin beside your workstation so that you can eliminate excess junk while working, and keep your desk clean. 

Working from home can be highly distracting, but when you create an oasis of calm for yourself, you might be in a better place.

Do up your home office as per your personality; ring in elements that make you feel creative and productive. And watch yourself perform efficiently! 

We hope these recommendations helped you get clarity on where to begin. If you have more useful hacks that have worked for you, don’t forget to comment below and share them with us! 

In today’s times, our home is our workspace as well as our haven. So, create your own safe space in this new ‘normal’ with SPACES! Head to the SPACES website to create a beautiful space that’s safe, comforting, and a little more ‘you’!

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