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Bizarre Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

. 7 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Bizarre Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Imagine that you’re going to interview with your dream company, and instead of asking you about your strengths and weaknesses, your interviewer asks you what your favourite animal is. Or what kind of superhero you would be. Sounds weird, right? 

Run-of-the-mill questions such as ‘Why should we hire you?’ and ‘Tell me something about yourself’ are important to know. But some interviewers can throw you off with seemingly unrelated questions. They might seem completely bizarre, but there’s a reason behind them. In this article, we’ll delve into such questions, and how you can answer them to bag that job!где взять микрозаймы на карту онлайн

Bizarre and Wacky Interview Questions – Why Do Recruiters Ask Them? 

Though unique, these interview questions are meant to confuse the candidate so that the interviewer can see how good they are at thinking on their feet.

Beyond all the preparation, some interviewers want a glimpse into your personality without the help of your documents.

So, you might be asked something completely unrelated, but the reason behind it is valid! 

There are two things your interviewer wants to know about you through these quirky questions:

  1. Your leadership and problem-solving skills
  2. Your personality, and whether it fits the company’s culture 

These questions are all related to the workplace in some way or another; how you answer them reflects what skills and thought processes you will bring into the company upon being hired. 

Interviewers also expect a certain level of alertness and curiosity from you when you answer these questions.

Are you the kind of person who would simply answer what you’ve been asked, or do you have the courage to counter-question to give a more precise answer? 

How To Answer Bizarre Interview Questions

“If you saw someone steal Rs. 10, would you report it?”

How would you go about answering a question like this? The trick is simple – think about why they are asking you this. 

A question based on ethics is often asked to understand what you are like when you’re stuck in a dilemma.

The key is to think about the larger picture and see what’s at stake, as that is what you would do with any work-related dilemma.

Thus, your answer can go like this: “I think it depends on the situation. If I see a colleague or a cleaning lady walking up to another colleague’s desk and steal those 10 Rupees, I would notify the colleague. If I see either of them picking it up from the ground, I would let it be.”

It’s important to remember that these questions don’t have a 100% right or wrong answer.

They are only there to give the interviewer a glimpse into your behaviour in different situations. 

Let’s take an example that is more personality-oriented.

“What was the last gift you bought someone?”

A question like this is pretty straightforward – it will show the interviewer how you think about your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to go into the details of what gift you bought and why you thought it was a good idea. 

Personality-related questions assess if you’re a team player, if you’re polite and kind to the people around you, or if you’re thoughtful and think outside the box.

These factors are important in companies today, as they show one’s willingness to care about a larger cause and not just about getting paid.

Now that we’ve broken down a couple of examples of bizarre questions, Below is a list of questions you can expect, with tips on how you can answer them!

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Questions To Test Your Leadership And Problem-Solving Skills

These questions test your ability to perform in the company and take charge independently. 

1. Room, desk, car – which would you clean first?

This is to know about your organisation skills and what you would prioritise first, in the case of a messy work situation.

Interviewers expect you to say that you would clean your room first – if your headspace is messy, it can easily reflect on your work.

2. How would you cure world hunger?

Answer with the knowledge you have.

Key: It’s a people’s problem, so they’d expect a people-oriented approach.

3. If you were alone on a remote island, which 3 things would you have with you and why?

The interviewer wants to know whether you’re capable of choosing the right thing when you’re in trouble.

Would you choose something that entertains you, or something that helps you survive?

4. Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

You don’t have to be aware of the history of evolution to answer this one.

Hunters are active on their feet; gatherers remember, store, and care for the produce. Depending on your job role, you can answer this question.

5. If you were a superhero, which superpower would you have?

This question is about assertiveness.

Here, you should mention a superpower that you can directly connect with the job role you are applying for. 

6. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

You can use your instincts here and think about an animal you actually like. Just make sure that your reasoning isn’t “this animal is cute”, but more along the lines of how the animal helps maintain the ecosystem, or how the animal’s attributes are something that you resonate with.  

7. How would your best friend describe you?

Here, you can use action words that can translate to your work ethic.

Confident, empathetic, funny, outgoing – all of these qualities are valid answers!

Questions To Test Your Personality 

These questions indicate how good a fit you are to join the company and adhere to its values.

1. Does life fascinate you?

This can be slightly existential, but that’s the point – the interviewer wants to understand your curiosity and enthusiasm, as you will bring it into your job as well.

An acceptable answer is usually yes; make sure to supplement it with authentic reasons why.

2. If you were a Google Tool, which one would you be?

This one is especially relevant if your work involves using Google tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, or even Hangouts.

Just make sure you have a basic idea of each of the programs and what they’re for.

Any answer to that should tie to your work personality.

3. Just entertain me for 5 minutes; I won’t talk.

This is where you speak to them casually about your life.

A good way to go about this question is to give an opinion about the latest movie/TV show you watched. Another option is to mention an interesting travel experience. You may even speak about your hobbies.

Make sure you don’t sound pessimistic, but pragmatic and thoughtful.

4. Tell me 5 accounts you follow on Instagram.

This question is very relevant for people working in media/entertainment!

Here, you can pick and choose your answers – try naming one personality from different genres such as news, pop culture, publications, celebrities, and social causes. You want to seem worldly.

5. What fictional character do you identify with and why?

This question can indicate how deeply you think about the kind of content you consume on a general level.

Here, you can name a strong character from either books or films, and make sure that their (positive) personality traits align with your soft skills. 

Some tips to remember when answering questions:

  • Take a moment to think about the question. Do not get nervous; these questions are made for you to think! Tell the interviewer that you need a minute to answer. 
  • Ask them counter-questions. If your recruiter asks you “What would you do if you saw someone steal Rs. 10?”, you can counter the question with: “That depends. Is the thief a colleague, or a cleaning lady? A person’s social situation largely determines their behaviour, so I will be able to answer this question once I get some clarity on that.”
  • Be confident. You don’t want to give them all the answers they want to hear – they want to see your personality. A bit of a slip-up isn’t a bad thing!

These were some curious, bizarre, and quirky interview questions that are worth prepping for. Have you ever been asked a similar question? Do let us know in the comments!

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