Watch out for the exclusive Kool Kanya Network going Live on 16.12.19

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Watch out for the exclusive Kool Kanya Network going Live on 16.12.19

The past couple of months in the office have been crazy buzzing for us. And no it was not the Diwali Festive spirit or the fact that we hit 13k followers on Instagram (okay maybe a part of it was). But the reason for this hustle is that we’re bringing something very exciting for you.

Kool Kanya has undergone a makeover! We’ve metamorphosed into a butterfly!

A butterfly who has just broken out of her cocoon and is ready to take the flight of her life with the power of her wings. They say that change is the only constant. This quote holds an immense degree of profound truth for a woman’s life – the numerous roles she undertakes through it, the different paths she traverses and the many destinations that await her.

And what better way to signify this metamorphosis than a strong vibrant butterfly.

When the wings of the butterfly overlap they form an image of overlapping hearts. These hearts are metonymic of the coming together of women. Each with her own unique journey, each with her own unique story to share. This coming together of women from different walks of life makes way for them to find similar parallels and similar challenges in each others’ stories. In sharing their stories women help other women to break out of the cocoons that restrict them from transforming into the butterfly they are.

The hearts at the heart of the logo stand for what the Kool Kanya Network Community is all about –empathy, trust and transparency. A safe haven for women to give advice and seek guidance from those who have walked in their shoes before.

We welcome you into this kaleidoscope of butterflies and empower the one fluttering and waiting to be discovered inside you as we eagerly wait for you to be a part of this exclusive community of the first 1000 sign-ups.

The hearts at the heart of the logo stand for what the Kool Kanya Network Community is all about –empathy, trust and transparency.

We believe in connecting women

The importance of relationships in life is not lost on any woman. While most women internalise this importance in their personal lives, this significance somehow gets lost along the way when it comes to their professional lives.

Many women have difficulty tapping into their network of informal relationships and using it as a leverage to get ahead in their careers. We’re here to help every woman emphasise the importance of their careers.

Amongst day jobs, home, children, and routine activities, women find it challenging to step out of their homes, especially for networking.

The Kool Kanya Network Community that helps women cultivate the careers they love is a network that you can tap into by:

  • Putting yourself out there. By showcasing your strengths and abilities, you can tell others how you can be mutually helpful to each other.
  • Knowing which relationships matter. On this community, you can reach out to people who you think are important for you and build relationships.
  • Starting meaningful conversations. It takes two minutes to genuinely help another woman in the community or for you to seek help from your peers who have walked in your shoes before.

We believe in helping women evolve

Evolution is a continuous process that requires constant growth. But growth cannot take place in isolation. Finding a safe space with empathy and a conducive environment is essential to growth.

The Kool Kanya Network Community that helps women cultivate the careers they desire is one such community where you can grow by:

  • Sharing roadblocks on your career path and seeking help from women who have walked on that path before
  • Discovering your own cheering squad and encouraging other women to navigate their professional and personal lives.
  • Creating a supportive sisterhood of women who build each other

We believe in inspiring women

In being inspired and looking up to someone we deem aspirational, we forget that we can reach that destination too. To reach the point where we, in turn, can help inspire others.

The Kool Kanya Network Community helps create this chain of inspiration by bringing women from different walks of life together on the same platform so they can share their individual stories, their challenges, and their journeys.

At the online Kool Kanya community that helps women cultivate the careers they love, you will find many such women who inspire each other by:

  • Being a sounding board for other women. Sometimes it’s enough to have someone who can listen to you.
  • Being a Role Model for others. An award that you won at work or the ‘Best Mom’ title you won at home are both exemplary for women who want to follow in your shoes.
  • Making a difference. A small offer of help, support or even advice goes a long way in building a robust community of supportive women.

A peer-to-peer platform: What is a gamechanger?

The Kool Kanya community is the ultimate ambition destination for women. A community that helps women cultivate the careers they love understands that women need mentors in their fields to make real, the careers they deserve.

Whether it’s about expanding your business or scaling up your freelance content writing career or even understanding the balancing act between motherhood and work, the Gamechangers on the Kool Kanya platform is those who have already walked the path and are now making it easier for the next woman who follows.

When one woman shares her story behind the challenges she has had to face in her career, she helps clear the way for a whole new generation of women. Listen to their stories, seek guidance from their lessons, let go of your inhibitions and greet our Gamechangers on the Kool Kanya Network Platform.

Be a part of this cheering squad of women. Once the community goes live on 16th December, 2019, you can seek career guidance from peers, advice from mentors and reach out for networking. You can also offer help to women in need of guidance. Let’s lift each other up. Let’s Raise Our Power together.