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Why Do We Think Women Talk Too Much?

. 2 min read . Written by Sakshi Batra
Why Do We Think Women Talk Too Much?

Do women talk too much? Here’s how this sexist notion works its way into our casual vocabulary.

Ever fallen prey to the age-old stereotype that you talk too much because you are a woman? Ever been at the receiving end of sexist WhatsApp forwards that joke about how men are always at the receiving end of women’s non stop chatter? 

Yes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Women’s talk threatens the status-quo of powerful establishments, including workplaces dominated by men. Women are publicly shamed and receive negative feedback for speaking up and voicing their concerns. They are dismissed for complaining or talking too much.

According to Dr. Valerie Fridland, Professor of Linguistics and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Nevada, this stereotype has been prevalent right from the ancient Greek and Romans times, right through the medieval ages in England and now applies also to the out-spoken woman on social media. Why? Because language and stereotypes are gendered and a woman’s tongue is considered negative. 

Watch this video to find out –  Do women really talk too much?

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