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Got your Christmas shopping list ready? Here are 8 Instagram businesses

. 3 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Got your Christmas shopping list ready? Here are 8 Instagram businesses

If you’ve received a ‘Secret Santa’ mail from your HR already, you know it’s impossible to evade the jolly season. Christmas is just around the corner, and that means only two things– good food and amazing gifts. While it’s great to be receiving brightly wrapped gifts with extravagant ribbons flying in the air, adulting means having to give gifts to others too.

All set and cozy in your favourite jammies but your snug blanket won’t let you out to shop? We got you covered. We found you the best Christmas gifts that you can order from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the era of Instagram businesses, you got everyone from your boring colleague to your nosey sibling, covered.

8 Instagram businesses for last-minute Christmas shopping

1. This Is Kinda Lit

If you’re looking for something precious and intimate for your special ones, nothing speaks love like jewellery. This Is Kinda Lit by Divija Bhasin has the cutest jewellery, all in 92.5 sterling silver. From floral hoops to zircon pendants, each one of their pieces is better than the other. If you’re looking to gift something special to your partner or BFF, ask them about their Abigail chain perfect for twinning.

2. Odd Giraffe @odd.giraffe

Stationery lovers, assemble! If you love hoarding stationery, you’ll love Odd Giraffe for their aesthetic collection. From personalised journals and notebooks to planners that will keep you organised through the year, the brand has it all. Whether it’s your friends you’re planning to buy for, or just giving yourself a little gift this holiday season, their Gratitude Journal is a real treat to the eyes.

3. Rad Living @radliving_

Scented candles are all the rage these days. If you’re looking to jump in on the trend, don’t just go for some ordinary scented candles. Get your hands on the raddest of the lot with Rad Living’s candles. Their soy candles scented with Candy, Mahogany Shea, and Cinnamon Roll, among others are hand poured in India. From Sugar Momma to Pahado Wali Chai, the brand’s @dollysingh X @radliving_ fragrances are as sassy as they sound.

4. Artist Shivam Srivastava @_sri.vas.tva_

Personalised gifts are the new fad now. But aren’t we all bored of picture collages and names on mugs? Get something a little more personal this season from Shivam Srivastava. This artist hand paints beautiful watercolour paintings, perfect for gifting. From mesmerising botanicals and animated avatars to polaroid sketches, he does them all. If you’re lucky, he’ll document the entire process and post a Reel of your special order too.

5. The Plated Project @theplatedproject

We know we’ve officially adulted when plates and cups please us more than other gifts. If you’re looking to gift a useful yet beautiful gift this holiday season, The Plated Project has something for you. Their idea is to create art-infused functional objects like hand-painted plates, cups, and candles. While it’s so hard to look against these gorgeous plates, the impact they’re creating is laudable– for every product sold, they donate ten meals to people in need.

6. Thela Gaadi @thelagaadi

Remember how we used to frown when someone gifted us socks on Christmas? Who could have thought they’d become one of those things we’d most look forward to as adults. If boring socks are not your thing, Thela Gaadi has the funkiest socks you’ll find. From matching Tom n Jerry pairs to nerdy techy socks, they have it all. If you’re looking for a cozy Christmas pick, the TG Originals Christmas gift box is something to look forward to.


If you haven’t heard of PHOOL’s initiative of turning waste flowers into handmade incense, you’re probably living under a rock. The brand also curates exciting gift boxes for the holiday season. Whether it’s a soothing scented candle, or some fuzzy socks, or an entire box of holiday goodies you’re looking for, they have something for all your needs. Each gift box comes with yummy food packets to keep your winter blues away. What more do we need?

8. Country Bean @countrybeancoffee

For a caffeine-addled generation that can’t run without this fuel, coffee is one of the best gifts. From Strawberry Cheesecake Latte to Irish Whisky Hot Chocolate, Country Bean has a splendid range of products. The brand has launched limited edition gift boxes specially for the holiday season. If you’re thinking of buying one (or one too many) don’t forget to pick one with their classic cookies and milk frother (for Christmasy vibes).