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‘Gupta And Daughters’: Unique Business Name Praised For Gender Equality #KoolKanyaNews

. 3 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
‘Gupta And Daughters’: Unique Business Name Praised For Gender Equality #KoolKanyaNews

We’ve all come across the “Father and Sons” boards that have dominated signboards across industries for decades in India. Almost every Indian last name has had an “and Sons” added to it on a store’s signboard, in some corner of the nation. It is heart-warming then, to come across a business with the name “Gupta and Daughter” proudly displayed on its signboard.

Manoj Kumar Gupta of Ludhiana, Punjab, decided to break away from the history of male-monopolised business names, and christen his medical store after his daughter, Akansha.  

The proprietorship of the store lies with his daughter, both in spirit and name.

Gupta And Daughters Go Viral

Gupta’s uniquely named store went viral after a twitter user, Dr Aman Kashyap, posted a picture of it. “Unlike all the shops opened in the name of sons, a medicine shop in association with “Gupta & Daughters” spotted in Ludhiana. Be the change you want to see in this world,” Kashyap wrote.

The tweet quickly went viral, with several people moved, and applauding it as a much needed shifting away from a sexist trend.

People have responded with other rare, but evidently gradually rising, business names they’ve spotted that tribute daughters.

From ‘Talwar and Daughters Tours and Travels” to “Goyal and Daughters Traders”, people are realising that sons are not the only ones capable of running a business.  

Gupta Is Setting An Example For Gender Equality

For Gupta, naming his shop after his daughter is a “symbol of gender equality”.

“When I told my family about it, they were all happy despite some initial reservations about a different-sounding name. But I had made up my mind,” he says.

His daughter, Akansha, is a law student, and as proud of her father’s initiative, as she is to be a partner in his business. Her brother Roshan asserts that he has been raised to view his sister as his equal.

Both children are aware that their father’s initiative, no matter how small, is rare in India, and therefore path-breaking.

Gupta, himself, is grateful to his parents for raising him with progressive values. “I am thankful to God and my parents for giving me these values, including respect for women. I am also thankful to my wife Rama, who is the boss at home,” he says.

His medical store also supplies free medicine to poor patients who cannot afford them.

The Far-Reaching Ripple Effect Of Raising Aware And Empowered Children

Gupta’s parents instilled values of equality and generosity in Gupta, who grew up to be a man who provides free medicine to the needy and strongly believes in gender equality.

Gupta, in turn, started a family with a wife who is his equal, a daughter who is educated and empowered, and a son who supports and uplifts his sister.

His actions have not only set an example for his children, but have touched the hearts of many in the nation.

It is bound to inspire others to not refrain from acknowledging their daughters, and treating them on par with their sons.

No action is too small in the fight for equality. Kudos to this progressive man and his daughter!

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