Here are 7 companies in India that allow you to work from anywhere

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Here are 7 companies in India that allow you to work from anywhere

WFH (Work From Home) or WFA (Work From Anywhere) has become the way of life now. Now that the pandemic has bid adieu to the world, a lot of offices are opening up and calling their employees back to work. But amidst this, many companies and workers are asking– can WFH be the new norm?

The pandemic period has allowed us to reflect on how we can save energy, resources, time, and money by working in a hybrid or full-time WFH model. This allows the employees to work from the comfort of their home, without having to worry about relocating or travelling. The companies too benefit from this– they not only save money, but also get access to a much wider and diverse candidate pool for recruitment. Now WFH is the new normal for a lot of major companies, here are 9 firms in India who allow you to work from anywhere you like.

Work from anywhere with these 7 Indian companies

1. Spotify

Leading music app Spotify’s Work From Anywhere program celebrates the spirit of “one-desk-doesn’t-fit-all”. The idea is that while some people like working from office, others might find their homes more comfortable as a workspace. The freedom to choose makes people happier and more productive at what they do.

This move allows the company to be a more diverse place to work– people can work from anywhere in the same country, or even in a different country as long as they are in the same time zone.

2. Meta

Zuckerberg’s Meta is always in the news– whether it’s controversial posts or data leaks, the world knows what’s up with the social networking giant. But the company impressed many when the CEO announced that the company was going fully remote for all its employees.

While a lot of offices were opening up, Meta was one of the first firms to go in the opposite direction.

“The past few years have brought new possibilities around the ways we connect and work,” Meta spokesperson Tracy Clayton told The Wall Street Journal. “We believe that how people work is far more important than where they work from.”

3. Meesho

E-commerce company Meesho announced earlier this year that they will allow their employees to work from anywhere– they can choose to work from home, opt for the hybrid model, or just work from office. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company aims to set up remote offices across the country based on talent demand.

Under the policy the corporate, central business functions and technology teams will continue to work remotely and converge once every quarter, while employees in partner-facing roles are however required to work from the office for a few days a week from their base locations.

4. ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech, a subsidiary of ITC group, has launched a work from anywhere model called I-WFA. The firm that provides business friendly solutions and services to several companies across the globe has unraveled the policy after running seven pilot programmes through the organization.

Meant to transform industries, business models, and tiers, I-WFA is designed in such a way that it is beneficial to customers, employees, as well as stakeholders.

5. Magicpin

Magicpin announced the rolling out of their Remote-First work policy in a rather tongue-in-cheek method: “Our coffee sucks. The people at magicpin hate it so much they don’t want to come back. That’s the truth and that’s why we’ve adopted a Remote-First work policy”.

The company that aims to bridge the gap between offline local businesses and consumers across several industries including food, fashion, beauty, and pharmacy, has announced this move to cater better to their employees. Staying at home and working remotely not only allows people to save time, but also keeps them happier and more motivated, their blog stated.

6. Swiggy

Leading on-demand delivery platform Swiggy announced a permanent work-from-anywhere policy for employees working in 487 cities across the country. This move comes as an extension of the brand’s Future of Work policy that caters to the team’s several needs.

In the statement released by Swiggy, HR Head Girish Menon commented “We observed global and local talent trends while also having our ears to the ground listening to the pulse from employees, managers and leaders. This led us to introducing ‘work from anywhere' as a permanent option for employees giving them the convenience of flexible cycles of work and leisure wherever they may be.”

7. Shopify

E-commerce platform Shopify has decided to maintain complete work-from-home even after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. The website that allows people all over the world to set up online businesses has offices across the globe.

HT Tech reported that the company is set to design spaces with a “digital by default” mindset to “adjust to the new realities as quick as we can”, said Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke in an interview with Bloomberg Television.The Canadian giant aims to reduce their office capacity to 20-25% with this drastic move.

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