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Here are 7 skin doctors to follow on Instagram for advice that works

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Here are 7 skin doctors to follow on Instagram for advice that works

From YouTube newbies to Instagram biggies, everyone is doling out skincare advice like pros. Some are asking you to apply lemon and toothpaste to your face (please DON’T), while others are describing a litany of chemically-loaded products that have worked for them. If you’re taking your skincare tips randomly off the internet, STOP!

Skin-related issues can stem from a variety of reasons– they can be hormonal, gastro-intestinal, stress-induced, or caused by seasonal changes. Depending on your skin type and the nature of your problem, the treatment varies too. While retinol might suit your best friend, arbutin might be a better product for you. Even two people with similar skin types can have varying skincare routines.

If you’re looking to follow a skincare influencer for your regular dose of tips and tricks, listen to the professionals. We chalked out a list of the best skincare docfluencers on Instagram, so your skin gets nothing but the best.

Our favourite skin doctor-cum-influencers on Instagram

1. Dr. Saru Singh

Did you know plant-based collagen powders are a complete waste of money? Plants don’t even make collagen. We learnt that from Dr. Saru.

Dr. Saru Singh is an aesthetic physician who specialises in skin, nails, and hair. From basic skincare mistakes you must avoid, to giving unfiltered recommendations on the best products, Dr. Saru is a real skin-saviour. With her easy-to-follow posts, she decodes how to use various ingredients to attain healthy skin. Dark thighs to dark undereyes? She has a solution for it all.

2. Dr. Afzaa Machiwala

Little did we know that dermatologists provide skincare cheat sheets for events until we saw Dr. Afzaa’s Reels. She even has hacks to make your perfumes last longer.

Does your regular dermatologist help curb shoe bites? Dr. Machiwala does. From sparse eyebrows and dark lips to hormonal acne and tanning solutions,this dermatologist touches upon an array of topics in her tell-all videos. Forget wasting your money on sugary gummy bears and bizarre fairness creams on Dr. Afzaa’s watch.

3. Dr. Vibhuti Dhaundiyal

This aesthetic physician dons many hats– she is a skin specialist, designer, and influencer. She unabashedly busts myths on DIY skincare, and doesn’t shy away from calling out useless skincare products that do you more harm than good.

Dr. Vibhuti understands the women of today– she has some easy hacks on how to apply sunscreen even on a full face of makeup. What’s best? Her videos are the right dose of funny, engaging, and entertaining.

4. Dr. Natasha

Not sure whether you need lactic acid or AHAs? Dr. Natasha to the rescue. This dermatologist simplifies the science of skincare. From chicken skin to strawberry legs, she addresses it all on her page.

Dr. Natasha unravels everything from basic skincare routines to follow everyday, to specialised ones for some poolside fun under the sun. Frizzy hair and hairfall troubling you too? Dr. Natasha might have a Reel in the bank for your woes.

5. Dr. Nidhi Singh Tandon

Wearing makeup everyday is doing your skin no harm. Not taking it off before hitting the bed is. Don’t believe us? This is what Dr. Nidhi has to say.

From combatting skincare FOMO to synthetic hyaluronic acid, this dermatologist takes a deep dive into every woman’s contemporary skincare woes. Using DIY hair mask on vacation or finally shaving your face? Head on to Dr. Tandon’s page for all the skin tips you need.

6. Dr. Saloni Vora

Are you applying your serum directly with a dropper? Dr. Saloni Vora has something to say to you about the way you apply serums, retinoids, and SPF.

Whether it’s her nighttime skincare routine, or her list of favourite niacinamides, Dr. Vora lets her followers know all her skincare secrets. Watch her make skincare fun as she decodes the needs of our favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters. Who could have thought Phoebe needed ceramides?

Hopping on a flight? Dr. Saloni won’t let you miss skincare even mid-air.

7. Dr. Sushmita Dixit

While vitamin C is one of the hottest cakes in the skincare market, it might not work for certain skintypes. Not sure why? Dr. Sushmita has the answer for you.

This young cosmetologist dabbles on topics that are generally missed out by eminent skincare specialists– skincare tips for teenagers and affordable acne treatments are some of the topics she has brushed upon. Whether you’re vary of using retinol or worrying about your acne scars, Dr. Dixit has something to say about it all.

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