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Here's a career mantra for you, based on your Zodiac sign

. 5 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Here's a career mantra for you, based on your Zodiac sign

I’m not going to lie; I’m a little obsessed with zodiac signs. If the universe is indicating a meet-cute with a cute boy ﹘ who could be the love of my life ﹘ at my favourite work cafe, far be it from me not to believe it!

Accuracy or legitimacy notwithstanding, I find joy in reading horoscopes and personality profiles ﹘ whether it’s the good qualities I possess or what my lucky stone is. It’s never not fun reading about what makes you unique. 

If you’re a believer (or just curious, like me), it feels good to know that the universe somehow has your back; that the hardships you might be facing right now are just a stepping stone to something wonderful.

Are you dealing with a nagging boss or a difficult coworker? Are you feeling directionless in your job or just looking for a sign that will push you towards your dream career? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s presenting some wonderful career mantras for you to hold on to ﹘ according to your zodiac sign!

Here’s A Career Mantra For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries ﹘ “I will recognise my unique potential and live up to it.”

Whether it’s collaborating successfully with your coworkers or starting your own business, remember that you have the power to achieve what you desire!

You have incredible leadership qualities and self-confidence; manifest it to live up to the goals you set for yourself.

You’ve got this, Aries!

Taurus ﹘ “I will think like a leader and take charge of my problems.”

Taurus, you are trustworthy, self-reliant, and persistent. There’s nothing you can’t do! Don’t fall back into old patterns and laze around; it’s your time to take the lead and figure out the answers to questions that are gnawing at you.

Whatever the problem, take the lead. You will find your way!

Gemini ﹘ “I am enough, and I will demand more for myself.”

You’re not one to feel under-confident, Gemini, so don’t go down that rabbit hole! You have worked hard to get where you are and you deserve praise for it.

No matter what the issue, remember that you are not asking for ‘too much’ ﹘ you’re only asking for what you’re worth.

Let your courage and idealism guide you!

Cancer ﹘ “I will maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

Your work and your passion projects will give you immense satisfaction and joy, but don’t forget to take some time out to pamper yourself! For every accomplishment at work, treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

Don’t forget to keep your heart content while you work towards your bank balance, Cancer!

Leo ﹘ “I will work towards what will make me happy in the long run.”

You are fearless and optimistic, Leo! Don’t let instant gratification and short-term happiness dictate your self-worth. Work towards things you know will be good for you in the long-term.

Try not to focus on your anxiety; instead, focus on the causes of the anxiety and eliminate them. You’ve got this!

Virgo ﹘ “I will enjoy all the success my work and personal life have brought me.”

Draw inspiration from your surroundings, Virgo! Don’t let your fears and doubts get in the way of you feeling happy and accomplished.

You deserve all the happiness that is in your life at the moment; enjoy it, guilt-free!

Libra ﹘ “I will hone my skills and share my knowledge with those who need it.”

You’re a wise one, Libra. You are graceful and persuasive, which would make you a wonderful teacher or mentor. Share your knowledge with those who need it, and take a deep dive into the subjects that make you curious.

It’s a good time to learn and disseminate knowledge.

Scorpio ﹘ “I am strong enough to handle any challenge that comes my way.”

If you’re stuck in a situation that makes you question your abilities, know that you’re more than capable of handling it, Scorpio!

You are fearless, ambitious, and determined; just clear your mind and heart before you embark on a new project or adventure.

You’ve got what it takes to come out successful!

Sagittarius ﹘ “I will be optimistic and let my inner voice guide me.”

You are generous and jovial, Sagittarius; you have a good head on your shoulders. No matter the situation you’re in, go with your gut feeling and tune out the rest.

Ask yourself if what you want aligns with your true self; if it will make you happy.

Be honest and optimistic and believe that it’s all for the better!

Capricorn ﹘ “I will not waste my time doing something that does not serve me.”

You are wise, practical, and incredibly ambitious ﹘ don’t waste your time in a job (or in a relationship) that doesn’t make you happy.

You will find your way out; you will find what makes you happy if you have a solid plan at your disposal.

Thinking about taking that risk and starting your own business? Go for it! Believe in yourself ﹘ that’s all you need.

Aquarius ﹘ “I will consider my experiences a glass half full.”

Though you might feel that things aren’t going your way, look at the situation as a learning experience.

Your earnestness and intuitive nature will get you through the hiccups and will prepare you for the wonderful opportunities ahead. Don’t let go of the sources of your strength (family or loved ones), for they are your guiding light. You’ve got this, Aquarius!

Pisces ﹘ “I will embrace change fearlessly.”

You’ve had a hard time, and you’ve seen your fair deal of loss ﹘ now is your chance to revel in change! You are compassionate and sensitive, Pisces, and you will now also be fearless in dealing with whatever comes your way.

Remember to leave familiar grounds with confidence and curiosity. The world is your oyster!

With these affirmations, you’re all set to live the rest of 2021 as your most empowered self. I hope that reading this will give you a little bit of joy and confidence, even if you don’t consider yourself a believer! Good luck!

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