Here’s your ideal office style, according to your Zodiac sign

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Here’s your ideal office style, according to your Zodiac sign

Whether or not you believe in Zodiac signs, it’s a given that a part of your personality will bleed into how you present yourself. While some prefer comfort over style, others prefer a more stylish dress code. And if Zodiac signs are anything to go by, you can definitely convert your personality traits into an outfit that speaks to you!

Are you a fiery Aries? Or are you a laid back, chill Taurus? How can a Libra dress for work? Here is Kool Kanya’s style guide for women’s work wear, according to your star sign.

Women’s work wear ideas – Zodiac edition

Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are bold, brash, confident, and daring – your dress code should reflect the same. The ideal office style for fire Zodiac signs is mimicking their personality: ready to take on the world.

Your confidence warrants that you own the room you walk into, which means that prints, risque cuts, and chic styles are the way to go.

Some office clothes for women belonging to fire signs are:

  • A well-fitted pair of trousers or churidars that help elongate your legs
  • A red, navy blue, or black coloured shirt or form-fitting kurtis
  • A blazer to add a sprinkle of power dressing
  • Strappy sandals with a heel (you can go as high or low as you want)
  • Minimal and elegant jewellery

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Free-spirited, witty, intelligent, and communicative, air signs are the life of the party. The ideal office style for air Zodiac signs is comfort, for their free-flowing and chaotic way of life cannot be contained in power suits. They prefer comfort over style, but have the ability to carry off just about anything.

As an extension to their dream-like personalities, air signs would look best in asymmetrical patterns and a mix of bold and pastel colours.

Here’s the perfect office dress code for women belonging to air signs:

  • A comfortable pair of sneakers or flats
  • A well-fitted round-neck tee or a loose-fitted shirt
  • A trusty pair of jeans (cut notwithstanding) or cotton trousers
  • A cotton block-print kurta or maxi dress
  • Co-ord sets that spell comfort and ease
  • A statement piece around the neck or wrists

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Grounded, humble, and always a little wary – that’s what an earth sign is all about. Office clothes for women belonging to earth signs, thus, are all about practicality.

Earth signs are able to carry off minimalist looks with ease, so keeping it simple is the best kind of dress code.

Some women’s work wear ideas for earth signs are:

  • Formal knee-length skirts or dresses in earthy tones
  • Straight-fit trousers or black denims
  • Flats and strappy sandals, or loafers and ballerinas
  • Collared kurta with culottes
  • Minimal accessories, or a statement watch

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs are known to be sensitive, sentimental, and intuitive. They tend to hold on to things, people, and memories for as long as they can, and often have their heart on their sleeve.

For Zodiac signs such as these, the dress code is simple: leave a lasting impression.

This is the easiest to pull off when it comes to a woman’s office style because of the wide variety of options to choose from.

Some women’s work wear ideas for water signs are:

  • Formal wear in darker, solid shades
  • Cream coloured cotton kurtas and sarees
  • Stylish and comfortable sneakers or kitten heels
  • Studs, slim chains, rings

And that’s it! These were some ideas for office clothes for women according to your Zodiac sign. Remember that at the end of the day, what matters most is how comfortable you are in the clothes you wear. Happy shopping to you!

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