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How Kool Kanya Founder Vanshika Goenka Made It To LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2020

. 5 min read . Written by Priyanka Sutaria
How Kool Kanya Founder Vanshika Goenka Made It To LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2020

Vanshika Goenka has been selected as one of India’s Top Voices of 2020 on LinkedIn by the professional networking platform. Read about her journey from hesitant poster to confident influencer!

Anyone who works at Kool Kanya can tell you this — Vanshika is not the sort of CEO to volunteer to be on camera. But she’s also not the sort to back out of a challenge.

And community-building is definitely a challenge that she has accepted, accomplished and found success in!

Whether it’s the 100,000+ women who make up Kool Kanya’s ever-growing platform across social networks (including our very own Community), or her insightful, tuned-in audience on LinkedIn, Vanshika has definitely found a myriad of ways to inspire and engage.

But for someone who has to take several deep breaths before facing a camera, it’s probably not easy making and posting videos of herself speaking to thousands of people online.

“I consider myself an introvert, and it took a lot out of me to put myself out there and share my thoughts with the world,” she shares. “I was out of my comfort zone in the videos I [made] and felt vulnerable too.” 

But vulnerability is always a capability at Kool Kanya, which is why hesitation or no hesitation, Vanshika has continued to share her views, ideas and experiences on LinkedIn. For this reason, she is one of India’s Top Voices of 2020 on the platform.

So here is a sample of the secret sauce she uses to keep her online presence fresh.

Vanshika’s Crash Course On Making It on LinkedIn

Personalise Your Profile

Your profile should be a welcome introduction to your professional life, as well as your personality. 

A great way to get this across is to have a bio that sums up what you do, and adding something personal about your interests outside of your career.

Vanshika Goenka Made It To LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2020
Vanshika Goenka’s LinkedIn bio and profile picture

Vanshika, having spent over a year delving into audiences and learning their motivations, says, “People want to know more about you apart from what you’ve accomplished or achieved.”

And you can see this translated right from her profile picture (it’s not your run-of-the-mill “professional” sort of picture!), or even from her posts which talk about spirituality, genuine challenges she has faced, and the struggles she experiences in her professional life.

Authenticity Is Key

First and foremost, make sure everything you share resonates with you. When you share your words and image, they should not feel detached from who you are and how you see the world.

When Vanshika started writing on LinkedIn, she was really nervous. She would look up what other people were writing and talking about. But it always felt like it was either too technical, too self-promotional, or didn’t resonate at all. 

“It was then that I decided whatever I write I want to make sure it feels true to me, my journey and path,” Vanshika reveals. 

Don’t Be Preachy

LinkedIn (and every social network, for that matter) has a dime-a-dozen self-proclaimed gurus, all of whom churn out gyaan with little or no substance to an impressionable audience.

Vanshika makes it a point to steer clear of that. Instead, she focuses on facts, current affairs, personal anecdotes, and providing insight into her professional journey.

She says, “I like to talk about my experiences, and share my opinions, and how they have shaped me, because it’s what I know most intimately.”

So don’t be holier-than-thou, or act preachy. Focus on being real, approachable and confident without being arrogant or pretentious. linkedIn is primarily about growing your network, not your follower count!

Don’t Judge Yourself

“This is something I struggle with a lot,” Vanshika admits. “Before posting every video or written post, I read it, re-read it, criticise it, and then force myself to post it.” 

But over time, she’s learned not to judge what she’s writing. Some people will criticise it, others won’t like it; but what’s important is that you’re being honest. To yourself, and to those who read it.

Self-criticism can be a difficult thing to overcome. It’s obviously no small task to quiet the nagging voice in your head. But when one wishes to create an online presence, one has to learn how to look at oneself critically but constructively, rather than negatively.

Make A LinkedIn Calendar

Vanshika’s trick for keeping your LinkedIn content fresh is one that every creator ought to pick up! Basically, always keep an eye out for things you notice or have learned, and make sure to add it to a designated LinkedIn calendar. 

Since she aims to post two times a week, she ensures that she has a repository of ideas to dip into and explore. A calendar helps her keep track of the ideas and posts she makes.

Explore Different Mediums

Never stick to one single format. You can post short essays, bullet point lists, simple graphics, and even videos. However, videos have definitely worked very well for Vanshika, because they allow others to feel a personal connection with her. 

Each format has its own impact, and can offer your audience a variety of ways to engage with you. It also generates a variety of interest, and can help you gain a better response from a large pool of different viewers.

Vanshika has had an exciting and fruitful year on LinkedIn, and seeing herself on the list of LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2020 is just the cherry on top.

“This journey has taught me the power of sharing, and the power of moving out of our comfort zones in order to create something new. I hope to continue to use this voice, my voice, to the best of my ability,” she concludes.

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Vanshika Goenka Made It To LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2020

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