How to become an influencer when you’re a textbook introvert

. 5 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
How to become an influencer when you’re a textbook introvert

What comes to mind when you think of a social media influencer? For me it’s someone dancing to trending music, documenting their travels, talking passionately about a product they are endorsing, and letting a large and unknown audience into their private lives.

All of this seems to require a certain uninhibited confidence and social energy…a certain extroversion that an introvert like me would definitely find hard to access.

So, does that mean extroversion is a pre-condition to being a social media influencer today?

Definitely not. Introverts, we’re here to tell you that you can and will be successful influencers. Read on for a guide to become an influencer when you’re a textbook introvert.

Can introverts be successful influencers?

Your Myers-Briggs results don’t dictate your ability to influence. It’s how you use your natural strengths and weaknesses that affect your ability to make a mark.

As a textbook introvert, you may be shaped by some or all of these characteristics –

  • Embrace solitude
  • Think first, act or talk later
  • Value privacy
  • Not big on engaging with people regularly
  • Listen actively
  • Observant
  • Feel stressed when the attention is one you
  • Are a calming presence for others

While some of these characteristics might make the process harder for you, some of them will only further your success as an influencer.

Your time spent observing and thinking will ensure your content is relevant and unique to you. Even though you may not want to engage regularly, the fact that you actively listen and observe when not engaging will make it all the more authentic and empathetic when you do engage with your audience. You are less likely to act impulsively – one of the biggest factors leading to the fall of influencers on social media. Creating content, engaging with others, and expressing yourself online requires energy for you, so you are more likely to give it the importance and time it requires in your routine, while also making time for a life outside of social media.

Here are some tips and strategies you can follow when building a social media presence to ensure a sustainable career as an influencer that you enjoy and are comfortable with.

Tips and strategies to employ as an introverted influencer

Choose a medium of expression you’re confident with

Is talking to the camera or taking videos of yourself not your thing? Find a medium to express and connect with your audience that works for you. Maybe you communicate better when you’re writing than when you’re talking. Maybe you prefer to post photographs with long captions or film videos where you show, don’t tell.  

During an Instagram Live with Kool Kanya, content creator and Instagram influencer, Diksha Sharma, said, “It definitely helps if you’re an extrovert to be a content creator, but is it absolutely essential? I don’t think so. As long as you have a medium of expression that you’re confident with I think you’re all good. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to be excellent at your work. You can be an artist and work in complete silos and still be loved by people.”

Figure out that medium of expression for yourself and make it the foundation of your social media plan.

Prepare and plan

Having a social media strategy and plan is all the more important when you’re an introvert. Unexpected situations and lack of preparation are likely to cause undue stress in what might already be a stressful day of content creation.

Plan your content beforehand so if unexpected requirements do arise, you have the time and energy to deal with them. It will also give you more time to come up with topical and trending content.

If you have to collaborate with other influencers or engage with your audience, preparing beforehand is key. Prepare talking points, topics you could cover, and practice beforehand to make socialising less intimidating.

Keep 10 minutes of engagement as a goal every day

10 minutes to go through your messages, comments, ask questions on your stories, and respond to what your audience is telling you should be the daily minimum.

If you have the time and desire to engage more, even better. However, don’t pressurise yourself into having to engage in a dialogue when you don’t have the energy to.

10 minutes of engagement every day is a doable and sustainable goal you should set for yourself.

Schedule time for guilt-free introversion

All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone,” said Blaise Pascal.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you relate to this quote? If it’s anywhere above a 6, this is the most important influencer strategy for you, fellow introvert.

It can be easy to get sucked into the world of social media from the moment you start your day to the minute your head hits the pillow at night. It can become an ever more all-encompassing part of your life when you work as a social media influencer.

As an introvert, however, it’s essential that you make time for yourself and your solitude without the noise of social media.

Set boundaries. Schedule fixed technology breaks for yourself through the day. It’s in these moments of quiet introversion that you will not only be able to retain a sense of self but also boost energy and creativity for your work.

Believe in yourself, keep these tips in mind, and become the inspired introvert and successful influencer we know you can be. See you on the social media scene.

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