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How To Build Your Personal Brand On Instagram With Karishma Govil

. 8 min read . Written by Prerna Prakash
How To Build Your Personal Brand On Instagram With Karishma Govil

Want to use Instagram to make your personal brand famous? Trying to learn all about the tips and tricks that can make you Insta-famous, but coming up short? We are here to help you learn how to promote yourself organically and brilliantly! 

Instagram is an amazingly versatile platform that offers a lot to its users. You can go to Instagram to learn about things, look at brands and products, read fun things, and consume entertainment. However, the reverse also holds true! You can use Instagram to promote yourself and your personal brand as well! 

Learning about social media is usually mostly about keeping up with trends, staying positive, and trying to think out of the box! As is true with any kind of social media, Instagram has many tips, tricks, hacks, and smart practices that might help you make your personal brand popular on Instagram.

If you are looking to make your presence known on the platform and create an awareness around yourselves, your brands, and your content, here are some things you need to keep in mind! 

1. Choose Instagram As Your Platform For Its Dynamic Nature

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The question one might ask themselves is why try to build a personal brand on Instagram, given how crowded the platform is and how hard it is to stand out.

Karishma Govil aka The Soul Kari is a motivational comedy content creator and Head of MissMalini Trending. According to her, “Instagram, as a platform, is extremely dynamic.” 

While it is crowded, there are ways one can stand out. ‘Being crowded’ is a good thing. It only means that there are a lot more people you can attract to your page and product! 

Currently, our online world is a lot more active than offline, and thus, there are so many opportunities to create an image and brand for yourself to establish for your audience. 

Anyone and everyone who has quick content to share, can and should use Instagram to build their personal brand. 

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2. Build A Brand In 2021 focused on these 3 things

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There are many things one should keep in mind when trying to build one’s brand on Instagram in 2021. Here are the top 3 pointers you should keep in mind:

  1. Authenticity: It’s really important to be yourself on Instagram. If you don’t, your audience will soon catch on and unfollow you immediately.
  1. Consistency: It’s extremely important to be consistent on a platform like Instagram. If you’re not, people will move on from your profile as they’re not getting anything regularly from you. If you’re regular, your audience will stay hooked on your work.
  1. Think Outside The Box: What makes you different from other people in your category of content? Make sure your content is unique, so your audience will have to come to you for that specific type of content. Give things your own twist! 

There are also mistakes that people make when trying to create a presence for themselves on a platform like Instagram: 

  1. Misleading People: While trying to hook your audience, you may use words and phrases to get them to your page. However, if you don’t give them what you promised, they will leave your page. Avoid clickbait.
  1. Copying Someone Else: Copying only gets you so far. Don’t do something because you saw someone else doing it. You won’t do justice to the content, and it is considered unacceptable in the world of content creation!
  1. Spamming: While staying consistent is key, spamming is just not right! If you over-post or spam your audience, they will get fed up and leave your page. It’s all about toe-ing the fine line!

3. There is No Formula For Getting Popular On Instagram 

There is no set formula to becoming popular. You cannot give yourself hard deadlines, as content and social media is extremely volatile and subjective. 

Karishma Govil says that, “I, for one, took years to get to where I am. Sometimes, it happens overnight and sometimes it takes years.”

The most important thing is to never lose hope and keep working towards your goals. It’s always good to self-promote, as well! 

There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion. However, it is better to have more of a ‘give and take’ relationship with your viewers as opposed to just taking advantage. Try to give something in return as a favour for self-promoting. 

4. Monetise Your Instagram Presence By Focusing on Engagement

If you are wondering when you start cashing in the big bucks with your Instagram brand, you need to remember that social media is not quite as clean-cut as that! Monetising your social media presence completely depends on your content. 

“If you have lesser followers but great engagement, you will monetise sooner than someone who has more followers but no / less engagement,” says Karishma Govil.

One of the things you have to keep in mind is that you must never buy followers! You might have heard of people who spend money to become famous on Instagram, and increase their followers and build brand awareness by spending money.

“Instagram does not allow you to use money to buy followers, and will stop your page immediately!” 

Not only is it illegal, but buying your followers is also extremely unprofessional and unfair. Work hard and invest in a decent phone to take pictures and videos of your work. You can promote your good posts to increase visibility, however!

5. Work With Images And Personify Posts

Instagram is an incredibly visual platform, which means that you should ideally learn to think and ideate visually. However, being visual does not only mean putting up pictures. It can also mean using text, colours, design, and different kinds of images. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Instagram always likes to be personified. This means pictures of people and human moments as opposed to landscapes or text.  

However, never back down from trying things just because it might not ‘fit’ the accepted rules. The type of posts you put up are completely dependent on your content. 

If your content is writing-oriented, it’s best to go with then text options, as opposed to images and visual media. Good examples of these kinds of text-based Instagram posting are Akshar Pathak or Terribly Tiny Tales.

If there is a way to incorporate fun colours or visuals to depict the text, always go for that option. 

Remember to make sure that your text and visual are not clashing though! The tools you use should always support your content, never go against it. Focus on the quality and production of content as opposed to the templates and designs. Let your content speak for itself.

Try using all the different features on Instagram, especially if you want to land up on the ‘explore’ page. Some of the options you need to try out are stories, posts, IGTV, live, and reels. Optimise these features to the fullest every week, but remember not to spam! 

6. Learn About Hashtags For Visibility

a social media profile with speech bubbles signifying hashtags, likes, messages, emojis

Whenever we talk about social media, one of the components that we always touch upon are hashtags. So, it is time we ask ourselves, how important are hashtags when trying to increase visibility on Instagram

Hashtags are super important for visibility. 

Don’t use more than five to seven hashtags in one post, otherwise, it looks untidy and cluttered. If you are wondering whether you should fill every single one of the captions of your posts with hashtags, remember that using the right hashtags is more important than just using them. 

For example, if you’re posting pictures of a smokey-eye makeup look, use generic hashtags like #makeup but also use specific hashtags like #smokyeyes #makeuptutorial and #easymakeup

According to the soul kari, The one question you need to be asking yourself is “what are the keywords Needed to find my post?”

Think of hashtags as search keywords. The more specific the hashtags, the more likely it is that your post will top the search results. 

7. Use Websites, Tools, And Apps For Social Media Management 

@gigglingmonkey on instagram

If you are still in the dark about how to use hashtags, you can always search for some brilliant apps and tools to help you with social media management. Social media can take a lot of time to perfect, and some apps can help you shave down the time you spend online, as well as increases the quality of your final products! 

Making your personal brand more accessible, however, is not always dependent on apps and tools. What matters is the content that you are putting out! 

There are apps that can help you get creative with your templates, like Canva.

There are also some tools like AutoHash, Snapseed, Boomerang from Instagram, Life Lapse, Repost for Instagram, Hootsuite, and Later that will not only help you make your content more fun and engaging, but also prepare for managing and scheduling your posts! Remember to have fun and experiment! 

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8. Take Your Instagram Presence Offline 

If you are creating your Instagram brand to become popular, or to make your cause better known, going offline is a great way to solidify your support. 

When your personal brand gets visible on the platform, there are some great ways to translate that off-screen and into your real life.

You can invest in meet-and-greets, think about hosting webinars, and choose your moments to plan meetings and gatherings with your fans, followers, and friends. Be sure to take safety measures, however! 

At the end of the day, building your Instagram presence is all about telling the world who you are. 

According to Karishma Govil, “Your personal brand can leave a lasting image about you to your audience for a far better recall.”

Being your authentic self, sharing everything you can, and always working towards becoming better: these are the three things that will help you create, build, and immortalise your brand on Instagram

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