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How to Hire a Freelance Logo Designer to Create a Logo Design

. 8 min read . Written by Shayri Bhattacharya
How to Hire a Freelance Logo Designer to Create a Logo Design

Your logo is often the first point of contact between your brand and potential customers. If you’ve been wondering how to create a logo design, hire and brief a logo designer or want to know more about logo design prices in India, we’re here to help! 

Irrespective of whether you’re embarking on a new journey to turn your million dollar idea into a profitable business or trying to reinvent your brand, a logo will be the stepping stone for the process.

Given this, it becomes essential to make a logo for your business that clearly communicates the brand’s vision, and USP, all while standing out from the crowd. This guide will take you through everything you need to know in order to hire the right person for the job and get the job done well!

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Why Should You Hire a Freelance Logo Designer?

How to Hire a Logo Designer?

Logo Designing Price in India

What to Look For When Hring a Logo Designer?

How to Brief Your Logo Designer?

What to Expect?

Why Should You Hire A Freelance Logo Designer? 

If you want to create a logo design for your brand all by yourself and believe that you’ve armed yourself with multiple “how to make logo design” searches on Google, then STOP. (Unless of course, you’re somewhat of a graphic designer yourself, in that case, by all means, go ahead!)

Rethink your goals and ambition for your brand. Revisit the seriousness of your endeavour and then decide if the idea of designing a logo for your brand all by yourself instead of hiring a logo designer who’s an expert in their field, is a good idea. Taking an expert’s help is never a bad idea.

One might think that getting a logo designed is an expensive process, and while that may be true if you go about hiring an agency, a freelance logo designer can do the same work for you at a much lesser cost, and with personalised attention. 

Freelance logo designers work individually but they possess as much of the training, creativity, and experience as the bigger agencies. The process is interactive in nature where you can have one on one conversations with your designer. You can convey your vision for your brand and your requirements for a logo. Freelancers also provide 2 to 3 revisions on the product until the client is satisfied.

The best part? You get all these services at prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It is a good idea to hire freelancers from a good platform because they are:

  • Affordable
  • Experienced 
  • Interactive – offering 1:1 communication 
  • Offer revisions 
  • Have a hands-on approach 
  • Deadline driven 

How to Hire a Logo Designer?

Hire freelance logo designer

Now that you’ve made the decision to hire a freelance logo designer to create a logo, it’s time to go online and find the perfect someone. 

Wondering where to find a logo designer that coincides with your brand’s identity and guidelines? There are several marketplaces that you’d stumble upon on googling ‘best sites to hire logo designers’ but making the right choice of platform can be tricky. 

It’s always best to go for a platform that has verified freelancers on board and also provide personalised services beyond the glitz. This is what will get you your money’s worth. 

Choose the correct website

Often some of the renowned platforms don’t provide you with a portfolio or samples of past work of the freelancers. The profiles are often non verified with no information on the freelancers’ degrees/certifications available.

Take a close look at various platforms – the well-known ones and also the lesser-known ones. Judge these platforms on the merit of quality and deliverables and not just popularity. 

Make sure the platform you’re hiring from provides you with

  • Verified profiles of freelancers
  • Educational details of the freelancers
  • Past work experience
  • A seamless method of communication
  • Previous work samples or portfolio

The Kool Kanya Marketplace is one such platform where only verified freelancers are featured. Complete transparency is maintained between the platform and the employer with respect to the freelancer and her work and expertise.  Remember, any freelance work is nurtured on the foundation of trust and it’s important that the platform where you find a designer to create the logo design, embodies that trust in their services and information provision. 

Browse through the freelancers available

When you’ve found a reliable marketplace browse through the list of logo designers. Go through their interests, certifications, and past work, not just the price range and rating. Make a mental note of the kind of person you wish to work with. Match that with the profiles available on the site. 

Choose one who fits the bill in your price range, but also has a portfolio that matches the work you want to get done.

Start a Conversation and Make the order

Convey your requirements clearly, along with expected timelines. The more clear you are in your communication, the less likely you are to waste your time going back and forth.

Logo Designing Price in India

How much does a logo design cost in India? The charges for logo design generally hover around the range of ₹1000-₹5000. This can go up to ₹10,000 to ₹12,000 depending on the level of experience.

A table describing logo design price in India. beginner level charge between Rupees 500-2K Junior Level charge between Rupees 2k-15K Mid-Level charge between Rupees 10k-50k Expert Level charge between Rupees 50K-100K

Years of Experience 

Logo Design Price

 Beginner level (<1 year)₹500 — ₹2000 Approx. 6 drafts
Junior level (1-2 years)₹2000 — ₹15,000 card + 4 drafts
 Mid-Level (2-5 years)₹10000 — ₹50,000 card + 2 draft
 Expert (>5 years)₹50000 — ₹100,000+ 1 draft only
Logo Design Price Based on Years of Experience

Most freelancing websites allow you to browse through freelancers on the basis of a price range before you hire one. 

What to Look For When Hiring a Logo Designer? 

How to choose the right logo designer for your business? Well, that’s one tricky question to answer but fret not, we’ll break it down for you! A designer might be great at their work but you need to be sure that their artistic skills are in line with your brand guidelines.

Here are some useful tips for hiring a freelancer and getting a logo designed:

  • Be sure of what your brand represents so you can provide a succinct and detailed brief to your logo designer.
  • Have faith in your designer and their interpretation of, vision and experience while being clear about your goals
  • Do not get early feedback from too many people (who are not the stakeholders) about their opinions on the various drafts and presentations provided by your logo designer, as too many ideas might not lead to a good product at hand.
  • Do engage with the stakeholders of the company regarding their ideas and suggestions on the drafts and also while preparing feedback. 

Here are some common mistakes you MUST avoid when hiring a freelancer to create a logo design.

  • Hiring On Factors Other Than Merit: Hire a designer only if you find them to be a suitable fit for your job and not because they are a known person or belong to your social and professional circle.
  • Inadequate Research : Make sure you hire from a marketplace that provides you with the portfolio of the designer which you can look at before placing your bets on a verified designer.
  • Not Paying Attention to the Portfolio: When you see something that you don’t understand or don’t like much in a designer’s otherwise good portfolio, make sure you take that into account before making a decision.

How To Brief Your Logo Designer?

Brief your logo designer
You can provide a brief to your logo designer in the form of a presentation or verbally, depending on the method of the designer and the pace of the project.

Share a well planned brief with your logo designer with detailed information about:

  • The brand or campaign
  • Idea behind its name and slogan (if any),
  • The journey, objectives, and the values it pledges to stand by
  • Necessary videos, documents, articles that might help them understand your product better

These can go a long way in bringing clarity to the brand identity. Also mention other requirements from the logo including color, design and other brand guidelines.

You can provide a brief to your logo designer in the form of a presentation or verbally. This depends on the method of the designer and the pace of the project. In either case, the content of the brief and its purpose remain the same. 

Here are a few things to remember when preparing a brief for your designer. 

  • Know Your Target Consumers: Designers know how to create a logo distinctively for two products that cater to two different kinds of audience groups based on region, age, etc by using different fonts, colors, and patterns. It also helps them understand the product better .
  • Share Inspirations: Is there a logo you’ve seen before for a product of a different kind and liked? Share that with your designer as these things help them understand your vision clearly. 
  • Don’t Go Overboard: Remember, a design is about creating a strong brand identity, one that consumers can easily and immediately identify your brand with.
  • Discuss Deadlines: Discuss the amount of time the designer would need to present with the drafts and convey your time requirements clearly. 

What to Expect?

Once you’re done with the hiring and briefing process, you can expect:

  • A Concept Sketch : After the briefing you can expect the designer to revert to you with a presentation. In this, they elaborate their understanding of your product and how they have chosen to move forward with it. 
  • Revisions : After the designer’s pitch, you can make your suggestions for its improvement. They can then revert to you with a revised logo. The number of revisions provided usually varies from designer to designer but 2 to 3 revisions is the usual number. 
  • Final Product in Multiple Formats and Sizes. : You should get your final logo in various formats along with the source image. The logo should be available in various sizes to suit different purposes. 

 Apart from these go into the process with an open mind and do your research well. Look up the best sites to hire a freelancer from and find a logo designer who fits your price requirements. Above all, go in with a concerted spirit to get the best out of the process.

We wish you a happy collaboration!