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How to make your regular outfits work as office wear

. 4 min read . Written by Nagma Hasan
How to make your regular outfits work as office wear

Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes. Dressing up for work does not always need to be as mundane and patterned as your everyday work.

Many studies have suggested that clothes can affect one’s mental and physical performance, and if these studies are anything to go by then you have every reason to swank up your wardrobe, beat the conventional path and emanate a sense of confidence like no other.

Building a functional work wardrobe which is both stylish and does not take away the seriousness from your work can be challenging, for better focus, we have curated an ensemble of must-haves that would help you spiff up your business style a few notches higher.

Pleated skirt

A mid-length or long knife-pleated skirt is a great investment to add some fun to your workwear outfit. Patterned or solid-hued, this versatile piece of clothing can easily be transformed from a dressy garment to chic office wear.

  • If you opt for a solid coloured skirt, then pair it with a formal shirt or a blouse.
  • If you are feeling a bit experimental with a printed one, then team it up with a simple one toned separate.
  • Throw in a pair of comfortable kitten heels and before you know you are turning heads with your classy style.

Blazer dress

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An upgrade of the quintessential formal blazer, a blazer dress fulfils the formal look with an air of power. Mid-length or just above the knee would be office appropriate.

  • Keep it simple with a neutral palette.
  • If you like stripes or plaids, choose minimalistic details and pair it up with ballet flats for comfort or pumps.

Ruffle dress

Chances are that a ruffle dress can easily be passed as flouncy, romantic and girly. However, with a bit of careful consideration, this trendy style can be transformed into chic formal wear.

  • As a rule of thumb, stick to minimal prints or better still in monochrome hues.
  • Play the lengths in midi or just-above-the-knee for a sophisticated look.
  • Spare too many details on it, although a tie-waist can enhance the formal look.

Colour play

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Says who that bright colours are for weekends? Fruity colours and professional tailoring aren’t really meant to be clubbed together, but here we are telling you that they can make for very smart and unique workwear. It may sound like a dicey affair but it’s fairly possible.

  • Rule one would be to choose variations of the same colour or colour wheel. If you pick an orange top then teem it up with a pair of brown trousers or if you pick a yellow skirt then opt for a colour that is close to it on the colour wheel.
  • Rule two, play bright colours with neutrals, a red dress with a black blazer or an all-black pantsuit with a bright red pair of heels, or even a red skirt teamed with a black blouse and black pair of heels.


This futuristic-looking piece of clothing may seem like a far cry for office wear but fashionistas think otherwise. A well-tailored jumpsuit can be every bit a form of power dressing.

  • When investing in a jumpsuit, be mindful of the structure and keep it simple in neutrals. Colour block or head-to-toe hue jumpsuit lends a seriousness to this playful silhouette.
  • You can work around with accessories like a belt, a statement neckpiece or a formal blazer or cardi.
  • They don’t need much coordination, so when you are running late to work just throw in your one-piece wonder and you are good to go.

Drama sleeves

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Drama sleeves don’t always have to look like you are out to perform at a theatre. Statement sleeves are a great way to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe.

  • To keep your outfit professional work it around your wardrobe staples, like a well-tailored pair of trousers or an A-line skirt.

Statement accessories

Have you been keeping that beautiful embroidered bag, or embellished belt or stone encrusted shoes stacked in your wardrobe for a weekend? Here is the good news! You can incorporate these into your professional wardrobe with a bit of a hack.

  • Choose muted tones and silhouettes the day you want your statement accessory to stand out as the hero.
  • Underplay the bling and sparkle by working around a neutral shade of clothes and manage to look both stylish and put together for work.

Why make the office a dull affair when there is scope for so much fun?! Start with your wardrobe and you will see how it can boost your confidence and help you beat Monday blues even.