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Ignore the Sai Pallavi 'controversy', and watch 4 of her films instead

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Ignore the Sai Pallavi 'controversy', and watch 4 of her films instead

About a day ago, actor Sai Pallavi’s ‘controversial’ interview set the internet ablaze. In the interview – which was a part of the promotions for her recent release, Virata Parvam – the much-loved Tamil actor is seen talking about the rise of religious vigilantism in the country, referencing The Kashmir Files, another film that found itself in the midst of vehement debate.

While some people applauded Sai Pallavi’s straightforward, no-nonsense take on the subject, she was, quite naturally, trolled for her ‘controversial’ remarks on religious intolerance. So much so that an FIR has been filed against her. But for those who know who Sai Pallavi is, this interview doesn’t come as a surprise.

The multi-talented, award-winning star has been outspoken about several things ranging from her appearance and the patriarchy to the film industry she is a part of, and this reflects in the roles she chooses to play.

There’s a reason Sai Pallavi has won several accolades even before the age of 30 – including Forbes’ 30 under 30 to watch out for!

Because we love a woman who can speak her mind, here are some films by the talented actor you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Ignore Sai Pallavi’s ‘controversial’ interview, and watch these 4 films starring her instead

When we say ignore, we mean look beyond. The actor gave a sensible response to the questions posed to her, and we love that! To familiarise yourself with the actor’s work, here are 4 of her finest performances.

1. Premam

Malar Miss will remain an unforgettable character for those who were consumed by Malayalam cinema as young adults. Alphonse Puthren’s Premam, starring Nivin Pauly as George, gave us one of the best female characters there is, played masterfully by Sai Pallavi. A college professor and George’s muse, Malar gets George out of his cynical worldview and makes him find his purpose.

Malar’s character is memorable because she is an unassumingly simple character, dressed not as an extension of male fantasy, but as herself.

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

2. Paava Kadhaigal

In this Tamil-language anthology on Netflix, Sai Pallavi plays the role of Sumathi, a woman who had eloped from her village to marry a man who belonged to a lower caste. The story unfolds as she struggles to feel accepted by her family and fellow villagers, who continue to ostracise her for her bold decision to marry for love.

It is no surprise that Sai Pallavi has nailed this performance, much like in her other films.

Where to watch: Netflix

3. Fidaa

A hit Telugu-language film, Fidaa is the love story of Bhanu and Varun who fall in love with each other, but face several challenges in their relationship before the happy ending. Having received commercial success, film critics have applauded Sai Pallavi’s performance, stating that she ‘stole the show’.

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video

4. Kali

A simple story in the action-thriller genre, Kali is a story about a man’s rage and how it gets him and the love of his life into trouble. Sai Pallavi’s character, Anjali, is portrayed to be level-headed and strong. In times where Siddharth (played by Dulquer Salman) cannot control his anger, it is Anjali’s even temper and presence of mind that gets them out of trouble. The film received critical and commercial success.

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

Sai Pallavi’s acting prowess is one of the many amazing things about her. Apart from being a talented actor, she is one of the few important voices in the Indian film industry who can call a spade a spade. Happy binge-watching to you!

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