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Interview Dress Code Guide : Dress To Impress

. 6 min read . Written by Shayri Bhattacharya
Interview Dress Code Guide : Dress To Impress

So you’ve finally landed that coveted job interview. You’re more excited as the days draw closer, but a frightening thought comes to your mind. What formal clothes should I wear to an interview? Well, fret not, because we are here to assuage all your fears. In this article, we talk about how to pick the best interview dress for women, interview hair and footwear, the best colour to wear to an interview, and also what NOT to wear in an interview. So, keep reading! 

Best Color To Wear To An Interview – Female

One thing to remember while prepping for your interview is that you want to be remembered for your skills, capabilities, experiences, ambitions, and performance. Your dressing style – no matter how savvy – is not more important than your work! So, focus on this aspect before choosing a formal dress before an interview. 

That said, knowing your colours before learning how to dress for an interview is important. Your chosen colour should preferably be a neutral colour. 

Black, brown, and navy blue are some of the most common neutral colours preferred for interviews. White is also a choice many people make. 

You can definitely amp up your look by adding a dash of a brighter colour here and there in your outfit, but make sure to not go overboard. 

Here’s what some of the colours stand for: 

colour to wear to an interview; meaning of colours

Formal Dress For Women For Interview 

Usually, interviews are a formal affair, but some companies prefer a more casual set-up. Given this tricky situation, picking your formal clothes for an interview can be confusing. Here’s how to go about it. 

Indian Formal Wear For Interview

If you’re planning on wearing a sari, got for it. But, make sure you follow some simple guidelines. 

  • Choose a simple sari, preferably in pastel colours and with fewer prints on it. Avoid those beautiful zari and heavily embroidered sarees you’ve stocked up on! 
  • Pleat the ends of your sari when you wear it. You might like keeping the ends unpleated and pinned on the side, but when going for an interview, it’s best to keep it pleated. It will give you a cleaner look.
  • Wear an appropriate blouse that goes well with the sari, and try to steer from flashy designs or prints. 

In case you’re planning to wear a salwar suit to your interview, remember to check for the following: 

  • Wear muted and pastel shades and smaller prints. You may or may not choose to carry a dupatta, but if you do, ensure it’s not one of those really colourful bandhni dupattas that remind you of Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. (Yes, we know, we like that dupatta too!)
  • Wear an appropriate, preferably neutral coloured kurta

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Western Formal Wear For Interview 

woman wearing best interview clothes to wear ; contrast between shirt and blazer and ironed clothes

If you’re wearing western formal clothes to your interview, your choice is usually between wearing a suit, a skirt with a blouse, or a formal dress. 

If you plan to wear a suit to your interview:

  • Iron your clothes: Your suit needs to be crinkle-free. 
  • The Shirt Rule: Choose a light coloured shirt – a light blue or lemon. In case you plan on wearing a white suit, choose a dark coloured shirt with it. Basically, maintain the contrast between your shirt and blazer (Let’s call this the shirt rule).
  • Explore Options: You can explore different kinds of fits for a pant – cigarette pants, culottes, pegged pants, or tapered pants. Choose the one you feel most comfortable in and pick a blazer in the same colour. 
  • Accessorise: You might try to accessorise the look with a pretty scarf around your neck, or a tie or a bow. But remember the thumb rule: Do not go overboard! 

If you plan to wear a skirt to your interview: 

  • The Shirt Rule: Pick a shirt of a contrasting colour from your skirt. Remember the shirt rule explained above. 
  • Explore Options: Explore your options for a skirt – A-line, pencil, or long A-lined. 
  • Choosing A Blazer: You can pick a suitable blazer to go along with a short length skirt. If you’re wearing a full length skirt, it is best to not put on a blazer. 

If you’re going for a dress, go for a formal-sleeved, pastel-coloured A-line dress. You cannot go wrong with this combination! 

The Perfect Interview Hair Style

Keep your hair neat and clipped. Make sure it doesn’t fall on your face even if you keep it open. You can try a simple ponytail or a clean hair bun. Refrain from letting your hair locks or fringes take centre stage when going for an interview. 

If you have very long hair, you can also choose to make a plait. In either case, the idea is to look polished and smart. 

Choosing Interview Shoes 

If you’re wearing western formals, you should ideally wear formal footwear that covers your toes. Some organisations have big reservations about open-toed shoes with formals. It is not necessary that you have to wear heels, but if you are wearing them, wear heels that are up to 3 inches tall and not more. Do not go for those sky-high stilettos! 

Wearing flats with both Indian and western formals is also fine. In addition, you can wear open toed sandals with Indian formals. 

What Not To Wear In An Interview

Avoid these things when getting ready for an interview: 

  • Flashy clothes with nets, zari, heavy embroidery, and large prints. 
  • Flashy jewellery, irrespective of whether you choose Indian or western formals. Wearing small studs for your ears is fine. 
  • Drop that backpack! Carry a channel file for your certificates and a roomy side-bag for other things. 
  • Do not go overboard with makeup. While it is important to prepare your face, don’t try out those innovative ideas you see on YouTube influencers. Some kajal and a moisturised face work just fine for an interview!
  • Avoid wearing perfume with a strong smell. 
  • One thing that people overlook is basic hygiene. Ensure your finger and toenails are clean and nicely clipped. They do not need to be painted, but should be clean to ensure you don’t come across as a lazy person.

With these things in mind, go ahead and conquer the world with your creativity, capability, and confidence. We know, you definitely can! 

We wish you a successful interview experience! 

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