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Is reading your thing? Here are 5 jobs for women who love to read

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Is reading your thing? Here are 5 jobs for women who love to read

Thanks to the invent of technology, the charm of reading is getting lost on this generation. We’re moving away from reading 7 chapters in one night to scrolling through 7-second reels for 7 hours. But if you’re someone who loves to read, you’re no alien to getting lost in a book and being transported to an alternate universe.

Whether you’re a fan of bookmarking that secondhand book you bought at the flea market, or a tech nerd who flips through digital pages, you know there is nothing you would rather do than relax with your favourite read. But who has the time to read? Who’ll do our jobs if we get stuck reading all the time? Everyone knows weekends aren’t just enough for this hobby.

Since we understand that passion builds the best careers, we found you kanyas 5 exciting careers that let you cherish your love for reading.

5 potential careers to pursue if you love reading

1. Instagram book critic

Instagram has given rise to a multitude of exciting careers. You can be a blogger, an influencer, a writer, a content creator, or run a small business. If you’re into reading and have a way with words, you have what it takes to become an Instagram book critic. All you need to do is be a little social media savvy and curate content according to present trends. You can come up with a format for critiquing or reviewing books and form a style that is unique to your page.

Where to start

From Reels to carousels, to creating Guides for certain genres, you can experiment a lot on Instagram. Since the career does not require a degree but takes some time in getting monetised, you can pick it as a side hustle and then switch to it full time.

2. Translator

Fluent in more than one language? Translation could be your thing. A lot of classics are being translated to reach a wider audience in the country. When a translated version of a book or research paper is published, the edition becomes known with the name of the translator. If you want to pursue this career, you can start working at a publishing house and work your way up, much like in editing.

Where to start

For people looking to become book translators, having a degree in Linguistics, Literature, or a foreign language can help. Many universities also provide certificate and diploma courses in translation.

3. Editor

If you can keep your nose burried in a book from dusk to dawn, this is the job for you. As an editor, your entire role is to edit stuff written by others. You can work as a magazine editor, editor at a newspaper, at an agency that produces a lot of content (marketing and digital advertising), or publishing. As an editor you’re not only responsible for helping others ideate and conceptualise stuff, but you also proofread everything to ensure there are no grammatical or syntactical errors in what is being published.

Where to start

If you want to become an editor in India, you can start as an intern in a writing field or at a publishing house. If you have a degree in Literature or Publishing, it becomes easier to climb the ladder.

4. Copywriter/ Content writer

Whether you’re good at writing short copy for social media and advertising, or writing well-researched blogs and articles is your thing, writing is the career for you. To be a good writer, you must also be a reader– the more you read, the better you write. As a content writer you’re responsible for ideating and producing long-form content for websites, news pieces, research papers,etc with thorough SEO understanding. As a copywriter, your role includes writing shorter, snappy copy that is eye-catching and quick.

Where to start

Becoming a writer does not require a specific degree. It’s one of those careers where you become better with experience. Having an Arts degree or a Literature major is a good way to start.

5. Teacher/ Professor

If you’re a Bibliophile, you’ve told yourself at some point, “I wish I never stop reading.” Your wish can become true if you become a teacher or professor. It’s simple– just pick a field of your choice, and pursue that subject in your graduation and masters (if applicable). If you like the idea of being surrounded by kids and teenagers, and don’t mind making rigorous lesson plans and planning activities, becoming a teacher might be the route for you. But if you want to deep-dive into reading, away from all the kids, you can have the perfect life as a college professor.

Where to start

Looking to become a teacher? You have to graduate in that specific subject and follow it up with a bachelor's in Education. If you want to teach at a primary level, you can also go for a diploma in Elementary Education. Whether you’re a graduate or postgraduate in your subject, you can become a TGT or PGT teacher.

If you’re looking to become a professor instead, you have to get at least a postgraduate degree in the concerned subject. You can start your doctorate while teaching, or complete your PhD before you start your career.

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