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Kerala Woman Completes 350 Courses In 3 Months, Sets World Record

. 3 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
Kerala Woman Completes 350 Courses In 3 Months, Sets World Record

We all set goals for ourselves to learn new skills and be productive with all the free time the lockdown gave us, and most of us also watched our determination crumble away just a few weeks in. A woman in Kerala, however, has gone above and beyond in being productive and accomplishing her goals during the lockdown. Setting a world record at the Universal Record Forum, Arathi Reghunath, a MSc Biochemistry student at MES College, completed 350 online courses in the span of the last 3 months!

She Spent Her Free Time During The Lockdown Trying To Learn New Things

The woman who lives in Elamakkara, Kochi told the New Indian Express, “It was my faculty at college who introduced me into the world of online courses. There are a range of courses online. All of them vary in duration and curriculum. With the support of my college principal Ajims P Muhammed, Coursera coordinator Haneefa K G, and class tutor Neelima T K, I managed to finish the courses I signed up for within a few weeks.”

From niche online certification courses to courses from extremely prestigious universities from around the world, Arathi has spent her time learning several new skills.

She studied and successfully passed in courses from such esteemed universities as John Hawkins University, University of New York, University of Virginia, University of Colorado Boulder, Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.

Her parents say they’re extremely proud of her.  

When asked by India Ahead News how she managed her day so as to take so many classes, Arathi laughs and says, “I really don’t know how I managed. I just did these courses.”

“I had online classes for my MSC course for just 3 hours maximum. So, the rest of the day was completely free for me,” she explains.

She was determined to use that free time to engage in learning new things. Every course she undertook, she viewed as an opportunity to “learn new, good things”.  

Making Time To Upskill Is Never A Waste Of Time

The goal for Arathi was clearly never to set a world record, but to better herself and to use this time to better herself and grow. While not all of us can undertake 350 courses in 3 months, even investing in learning one new skill or course in that period is one new skill or pool of knowledge you now possess. Upskilling and investing in yourself is never a waste of time!

If Arathi’s story has inspired you to begin your upskilling journey, head on over to our ultimate guide to upskilling at home, and make an informed decision in choosing the best course for you!

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