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Kick away boring resolutions in 2023. Take these 7 awesome ones instead

. 3 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Kick away boring resolutions in 2023. Take these 7 awesome ones instead

2023 is here and we’re celebrating in full swing. While Instagram keeps reminding us— “2023 is going to be my year”, we are all set to do the ‘New year, new me’ thing for ourselves.

One of the best things about a new year is new beginnings. You get to redo everything, but better. And in that spirit, all of us are taking numerous resolutions. While most of us end up giving up our over-ambitious, impossible resolutions, they also bring a sense of dismal failure in not being able to accomplish something we set out for. Since we are all about winning, we say let’s take resolutions that actually work.

If you’re wondering what resolutions to take up this year, here are 7 awesome ones that you won’t fail at in 2023.

7 honest resolutions to take in 2023

1. I will work towards being physically fit

A lot of us when taking our resolutions put very high expectations on our body. We aim for drastic changes like reducing weight, toning the muscles, gaining mass, or even reducing ourselves to a certain size. This year, let’s just aim to work towards being a healthier and fitter version of ourselves. Let the resolution be the effort, not the result.

2. I will find and do things I love

Most of us are getting by in life without actually doing things we love. Whether it’s taking care of the little plants on your balcony, or just cooking pasta every now and then, find something for yourself that you actually love. This will help boost your happy hormones, and give you something to look forward to, each day.

3. I will not force productivity on myself

Thanks to the pace of the world, we’re obsessed with being productive every day. And most of us gauge said productivity through our work. This year, stop trying to be productive every day. Cut yourself some slack and look for balance instead of running after getting things done.

4. I will take care of my mental health

While we’ve made a case for our physical health, mental health cannot take a backseat no matter what. This year, we will prioritize our mental health. We will do things that make us healthy and happy, and step away from what messes with our mental space. Moreover, we will listen to our mind and cater to it when it needs us.

5. I will be kinder to myself

One of the most important things to do this year is to be kinder to ourselves. Thanks to the pandemic, the last few years have been really hard on us, and we surely don’t need anymore of that. Let 2023 be the year you push yourself to do better, but also a time where you allow yourself to make mistakes. It’s okay to fall, as long as you look forward to getting up again.

6. I will give time to my loved ones

While we may find time out of our busy routines to catch a bite with our friends, we sometimes forget to take time out for our family. This year, make sure you spend time with your loved ones– whether it’s an old friend from school, your pet who waits for you the entire day, your loving neighbour who drops a bowl of biryani every now and then, or your big desi family back home.

7. I will take time to unwind

Thanks to our working patterns, all of us have forgotten how to maintain an efficient work-life balance. In doing that, we sometimes work so hard that we forget to take time to unwind. This year, let’s slowly unwind every now and then. It can include meditating every morning, attending an art workshop every week, meeting up with your friends every month, or taking a vacation every three months.

This year, let’s take away from the pressure of becoming the best version of ourselves and just become a happier one. Here’s to celebrating ourselves, here’s to a new year that be ours to own.

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