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Koffee with Karan: Karan Johar is back as the nosey relative we can’t help but love

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Koffee with Karan: Karan Johar is back as the nosey relative we can’t help but love

Koffee with Karan is back with season 7, and we’re all hearts for it. The show is returning after three long years and is making an exclusive appearance on Disney+Hotstar, an OTT platform – which means the show is juicier, hotter, and spicier than ever.

The first episode featured ‘sakhis’ Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, tugging at our heartstrings with their enchanting camaraderie, while KJo tickled our funny bone with his tongue-in-cheek humour.

But Karan Johar was more than just a host – he was almost like the doting, gossipy relative we’ve all met at least once in our lives. He poked the guests around, got excited about news he didn’t know, and laughed heartily as my Punjabi neighbour does.

Here are 10 ways KJo is the doting, intrusive aunt we all dread but love

1. He’s on a quest to make this world a little less boring.

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

The episode begins with him saying that the world is obsessed with airport looks, catfights, and love lives of movie stars. He knows the job is made for him, and he, for it. And we know he means it!

2. Privacy,  what?

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

KJo does not understand the concept of privacy. In a world that is run by Instagram, stars’ privacy makes zero sense to the host. He says “I don’t understand their need for it, but I respect it.”

Well, respecting it is still a bright start!

3. He’s all about the rumours

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

When the hottest rumour in town was that he will get married couples to the show, he didn’t shy away from acknowledging it. He wanted them too, but they never relented. Sigh!

Not to miss that every time a couple gets married, there is always a group of bubbly aunties who want to know what the nayi dulhan is upto.

4. He loves playing matchmaker

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

Seema aunty, who? KJo is the godfather/matchmaker we all need. And he will tell that story a hundred times. He recalls to Alia that everyone thought that Ranbir and she will be a couple, and he even remarked the same to her mother-in-law.

Those are some serious matchmaking skills; does he have a superpower or what?

5. He cries at the cutest things

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

When talking about Alia’s wedding, he gets super excited and blushes at the memory of crying during the festivities. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

We can imagine him smiling through his sobs.

6. He mingles with everyone, and then relays their gossip to others.

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

Talking of Bhatt Sahab, he says the former made a funny remark about bridesmaids. He doesn’t stop there – he goes ahead to do a light-hearted imitation of the same, all the while being in splits about the funny story he was narrating.

7. Asks kids to perform anytime, anywhere

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

When Alia mentions Ranveer is a prolific mimic, Karan instantly asks him to “Whip it out” for everyone to see.

8. He keeps asking questions! So many questions!

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

When Alia and Ranveer are joking around about an email ID, KJo can hardly contain his excitement. The man almost jumps out of his seat on the 6th “What is it?”

He wants to be included, and how.

9. The digging never stops

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

If there’s a whiff of gossip in the air, leave it to Karan to make it the talk of the town. From Alia’s wedding to Ranveer’s sex playlists, Karan has a hundred questions about everything.

10. He looks for glasses with the glasses!

Image credits: Disney+Hotstar

Even on the set, Karan had to switch between his glasses to read better. This reminds us of every time our mothers went around looking for their specs to scroll through ‘Good Morning’ posts on WhatsApp.

While Karan Johar has been under fire for his wildly popular enterprise of a show, we love his little antics. The light latke-jhatke, the hearty laugh, and the exuberant expressions — Karan Johar is the talk of the town again. Thanks to Koffee With Karan, the buzz is here to stay.

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