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Kool Kanya Community Members Share Their Work-From-Home Illustrations

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Kool Kanya Community Members Share Their Work-From-Home Illustrations

The Kool Kanya community recently hosted a contest for graphic designers. Community members were asked share their illustrations on the topic ‘Working From Home’. The illustrations we received in response were incredible, and reflected undeniably impressive talent within our community. Here are the top 3 work from home illustrations that brightened our day, and are sure to brighten yours as well!

Shreya Tembe

Shreya Tembe is a full time UI/UX designer and an illustrator by night. She loves illustrating about the simple things in life during her free time, and sharing them with people through her Instagram page thedoodlingengineer. When she isn’t designing or illustrating, you can find her binging on anime and sipping coffee!

work from home illustrations

Talking about this art-work, Shreya says, “Most of us cannot get in gear unless we start the day with our favourite drink – whether it is tea, coffee or milk! Don’t we all enjoy spending a few moments in the mornings with ourselves? I have seen people brew their coffee in such diverse ways. Some of us prefer milk coffee, while some of us flee at the thought of coffee with milk! Hence, I decided to illustrate my perfect cup of coffee with hopes to find out if others enjoy it the same way. Open question to everyone reading this – spill the beans! How do you brew your perfect drink, that helps you start your work day with energy?”

Akanksha Saxena

Akanksha Saxena is a professional fashion designer and illustrator. She considers her self to be a blend of creativity, energy and passion, with a hint of dedication and hard work. For her, art is limitless. She’s been fond of fashion since she was a you girl. While fashion illustration is now her forte, she is constantly explorinh unique and novel ways of designing everytime she designs.

work from home illustrations

Akanksha’s art, and the cute dog in it, are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Those with pets at home will relate to the challenges of trying to work from home with your pet constantly distracting you with their antics (and general adorableness). We love the colours and the sense of contented serenity Akanksha’s illustration reflects.

Shalini Kaushal

Shalini believes that the things you surround yourself with create a vibe that influences your work and how you feel. The space you spend most of your day in should then be a space you enjoy spending time in. Shalini has created a workspace for herself at home that she is happy to spend her days and nights in, and wanted her artwork to reflect that.

work from home illustrations

Her work from home illustration is as visually stunning as it is aspirational for us all! The plate of healthy snacks, the mug with her favourite drink, the cute desk-plant, and the perfect work-from-home outfit – we love every beautiful detail, and hope to incorporate them in our own work from home set-ups!

Special Mention

A special mention to the phenomenal artwork sent in by Jhanvi and Jayita as well!



work from home illustrations

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