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Kool Kanyas of Zodiac: Our in-house illustrator decoded your Kool avatar

. 8 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Kool Kanyas of Zodiac: Our in-house illustrator decoded your Kool avatar

Kool Kanya has been advocating the cause of working women loud and clear. But as we delved deeper, we saw there was more to working women than just their careers. So, we jazzed things up a little– Kool Kanya is making women kill it at work while having a life.

Everyone loves Kool Kanya's Weekly Career Tarot. Recently, we redefined our idea of the women in the zodiac. They aren’t just working women anymore; they are dynamic, unique, and self-assertive. They have their own voice, and their own style.

Our in-house illustrator, Shivam Srivastava, took it upon himself to revisit the way we depict our kool kanyas, and came up with the Kool Kanyas of Zodiac.

Each Kanya avatar is curated carefully to depict the sound characteristics of each zodiac sign. The illustrations feature a twin approach– traditional watercolour florals of each sign are depicted in a field and digital art is used to personify the quant traits of each character.

Intricately created, each Kanya avatar boasts a unique style that is emblematic of her personality.

Don’t miss the artist’s notes about all 12 of his muses.

What is your Kool Kanya avatar?

1. Aries

If you’re an Aries, you are ambitious, bold, and honest. Your creative streak is heartwinning, and so is your sense of optimism. You’re a natural self-assertive leader. If your zodiac is so unapologetic, why would your avatar be any different?

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Here’s what our artist thinks:

“The Aries Kool Kanya stands in a field of honeysuckles, sipping away her kool coffee and looking effortless. Her fashion choices are emblematic of her bold sense of style– she won’t fret from pairing a brown coat with strappy heels.”

Since this fire-sign is all about being dynamic and headstrong, the Aries avatar dons her zodiac constellation and layers them with emeralds to make the best of her look.

2. Taurus

Earth sign Taurus is all about being intelligent, kind, and stubborn. You’re passionate about social and professional stability, and will always go the extra mile to accomplish your goals. Just a touch extravagant, you are as down to earth as could be.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Fuelled by integrity, the Taurus Kool Kanya is standing in a field of poppies, displaying her nature through her green kurta.

“Embroidered with gold foil, her ethnic kurta makes a quiet statement when paired with green emeralds. Close to nature, the Taurus woman is holding a bunch of her zodiac flowers, shying away from the camera.”

3. Gemini

Gemini, represented by twins, is one of the most inquisitive of signs. The air sign is independent, highly sociable, and keen on making friendships. If you’re a Gemini, you are quick-witted but also innocent– almost like having two personalities in one.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Gemini Kool Kanya is actually two Kanyas– one of them flaunting her constellation tattoo and golden sleeves with a modest blouse, and the other one wearing a lavender gajra, vintage pearls and European gloves.

From the artist: “Standing in a lavender field, the curious Kanyas embrace the Indian saree in two distinct styles while their contemporary streak floats atop.”

4. Cancer

If you’re a Cancerian, you have been told that you look too cold or too arrogant. But once people get to know you, they cross over the fence and jump to the other side– they see the passionate and devoted person you really are.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)
“The Cancer Kool Kanya depicts the laid back appearance of the water sign through her street style.”

The bandage top, chunky metal jewellery, and self-affirming posture all make her seem distant. But the calming white orchids that surround her actually represent what she really is– nurturing and sensitive, with just a hint of goofiness.

5. Leo

Being a Leo is all about being charismatic. If you’re a Leo, you’re vivacious and generous. Your dynamic and confident nature makes you a natural leader. Since you’re theatrical and creative, you enjoy appreciation and praise wherever they come from.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Leo Kool Kanya is definitely hard to miss. With her hair tied up, she’s looking like a dream in the red dress. She’s holding on to her camera in one hand, with a 90’s style classic phone in the other. Standing in a field of sunflowers, the fire sign is showing off her fiery self with tasteful diamond jewellery and sunglasses.

Our artist says, "She's a photographer by profession."

6. Virgo

Virgos are all about perfection. If you’re a Virgo, you want things a certain way; perfection requires perseverance, and Virgos deliver. The most reliable sign of the zodiac, you are extremely patient, logical, and kind.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Virgo Kool Kanya is displaying her modest self through her business attire. She’s pulled off a corsetted blouse that stands out in her subtle monochromatic pantsuit. The earth sign’s creative passion finds a quiet but prominent depiction in her outfit– she’s finished her look with a studded constellation brooch.

"Why the hat? If you are a Virgo you know you like to keep to yourself and don't like to express a lot"

7. Libra

Are you the glue that holds your social group together? Thank your stars for this trait. Librans are one of the most friendly and extroverted of the zodiac. As a Libra, you easily win people over and try to get them comfortable around you.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Libra Kool Kanya looks approachable and charming in her denim overalls and subtle white shirt. Comfortable in her skin, the air sign stands in a field of bluebells sipping on her matcha tea. Since this zodiac is all about balance, this Kanya accessorises with a constellation belt, some bold hoops and gold rings she probably bought from the local market.

Here's what our artist says about Libra's-

"You look at this woman and immediately feel comfortable around her, that’s what a Libra is."

8. Scorpio

“Have you found yourself acting deceptively mysterious? You are a true Scorpion”, says our artist about his Scorpion muse.

Not only are you bold and ambitious, also disciplined and intuitive. While you embrace the occasional solitude, you value honesty in your personal and professional relationships.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Scorpio Kool Kanya is fearless, bold, and secretive. The water sign stands beside the oak table and quietly sips wine as a veil covers her face. She is brave, as are her fashion choices– she’s wearing a black slip dress with silver bangles that highlight her constellation. Amidst the field of red geraniums, she lets her self-reliance speak for herself.

9. Sagittarius

One of the most optimistic and lovable of the zodiac, you can be easily spotted in a room if you’re a Sagittarius. Known for being sympathetic, trust-worthy, and compassionate, the fire sign has an inescapable dynamic charm.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Sagittarius Kool Kanya is intelligent, independent, and fun– and she does not fail to look the part. While some people might be wary of pairing a purple blazer with a white satin dress, she does so effortlessly and kicks it up a notch with her orange sunglasses.

“Standing in the field of carnations, she is all business but also a little bling; the constellation on her lapel is testimony to that.”

10. Capricorn

You know work comes first if you’re a Capricorn. The earth sign is all about being driven, disciplined, and ambitious. You’re rooted in reality about your goals and ambitions, but will fall short of nothing in trying to achieve them once decided.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Capricorn Kool Kanya is sophisticated and confident. She knows she can jump every hurdle with coffee in one hand and perseverance in the other.

“She keeps to herself while looking like a million bucks in her organza saree and matching jewellery. True to herself, she’s wearing her constellation as she poses amidst the pansies”, says our artist about his own zodiac.

11. Aquarius

Are you all about making the world a better place? You might be an Aquarian. The air sign is characteristic of being optimistic, assertive, and exceptionally sensitive. You are eccentric and funny, and your friendly self thrives in bigger social groups.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Aquarius Kool Kanya is innovative and exceptional– she dresses impeccably, thanks to her unique fashion sensibilities.

“Styled to slay”, she carries an oversized leather bag with her shirt dress as she poses in an orchid field. The extravagant earrings are the perfect addition to her low bun, and the constellation belt has an audience of its own.

12. Pisces

Do you believe you are more emotionally and spiritually aware than those around you? That’s a Pisces trait. As a Pisces, you are intuitive, trusting, and generous. The water sign is dreamy, imaginative, and very considerate of those around you.

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

The Pisces Kool Kanya is wearing a cute dress with a puffed blouse. The creativity of this sign is displayed in the Kanya’s attire– she has colourblocked her blue outfit with an orange hair band and matching tote bag is adorned with her constellation. She looks effortless and easygoing as she stands in a field of divine water lilies.

"The watercolour approach in the water lilies brings out the soft gentle nature that is commonly seen in Pisces women"

Thanks to our enthusiastic team at Kool Kanya and our gifted artist who nurtured this dreamchild of a project with the utmost care, our weekly tarot is about to get a lot more exciting. There will be nuance, humour, wit, and everything you want your weekly forecast to be.

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