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10 expert tips on how to get 10K more followers on Instagram

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
10 expert tips on how to get 10K more followers on Instagram

More than half of the Instagram users (52.35%) have under a thousand followers and there is a marked divide between these regular users and the rest of the users who are the mega-influencers on Instagram. The average users use Instagram mainly for socialising and to catch up with brands and celebrities. The mega-influencers, on the other hand, are the choice of brands for influencer marketing campaigns.

Wouldn’t you love to be a mega-influencer too? We thought you would, and that’s why we bring you 10 expert tips on how to get 10K more followers on Instagram.

1. Choose the right content on Instagram

Instagram is so popular because it’s a unique concept. Hence, choose the right type of content for your Instagram needs. Your content should focus on your audience’s needs rather than being created specifically for Instagram. Create interactive content that your audience will love.

Try to find your own approach and style to stand out from others. Also, understand the content needs of your audience by interacting with them more. Remember that people love seeing other people, and Instagram is no exception. Add calls to action on your content and user-generated content to boost engagement.

2. Stay on-brand

A lot of experimentation can lead to disturbing the growth of a particular community. People do tend to go ‘off-brand’ sometimes by trying out a different style. That’s when they tend to lose followers. Maintaining consistency is the key to creating a solid brand and you must always stay on brand, by not deviating too much.

Your core followers expect something from you which they have started loving after you have carved a niche for yourself. So, while it is important to innovate in terms of content, do not deviate too much unless you have a well-thought strategy in place.

3. Treat your Instagram community like family

Treat your followers like family instead of as mere numbers. Respecting your community, listening to them, and replying to them is the only way you’ll get more followers and create something extraordinary. Speak to your community just as you would speak with your loved ones in real life. It helps to add a sense of belonging and ownership! Good communication has to be two-way.

4. Utilise your Instagram bio

Your bio is like gold on Instagram, and you can utilise this by enforcing a strong call-to-action. A short one works ideally and as you get one live link on Instagram, and it’s in your bio, you have to make the most out of it. Your bio should be forceful and captivating enough to make visitors see your content and convert them into followers in a few seconds. Also, make your bio ‘easy to search’ by using effective keywords that are appropriate to your business.

5. Get more followers by using Hashtags

How will people discover your content? What are the hashtags you should use? These are the questions you should ask before using hashtags which will eventually gain you more followers. Through hashtags, people can navigate to topics of interest easily. Attaching hashtags to your posts enable your non-followers to find you and become followers. Ensure that hashtags are relevant to your posts. Instead of just one hashtag, keep a variation of many and use them on a rotational basis for more effectiveness.

6. Networking is important

Interaction is essential to get those followers you seek on Instagram. Reach out and interact with people as networking can create magic in the world of social media. It is the key to the success of any business on Instagram too.

7. Working with influencers

This is a successful method to gain more followers. At first, create a list of ten to twenty influencers that you’d like to work with regularly. These influencers should resonate with your brand positioning and their followers should be your target group. Hence, proper research is imperative as these are the guys who will take your Instagram account to the zenith. Influencers can either share your content or shout it out.

8. Cross-promotion

Make sure that you cross-promote your Instagram on your other channels too. If you happen to have a strong group of followers on another social media platform, they should know about your Instagram account. This includes driving traffic from your website by promoting your stuff there as well. Here are a few ways to cross-promote:

  • Embed Instagram images in your newsletter.
  • Embed images in blog posts.
  • How about adding a link to Instagram on your email signature?
  • Add your Instagram handle to the bios of your other social media sites.
  • Link your Instagram to your Twitter and Facebook to post simultaneously on all three.

9. Don’t boast a lot

Talking just about your personal achievements like winning an award or why your brand is so great and other blah blah blah should be restricted to a bare minimum. While you should definitely highlight your achievements, try not to brag. People on Instagram do not want to see promotional content. Be subtle and engage with them by showing your brand’s human side as well as yours. Remember that you have to inspire them creatively and make them laugh. That’s enough to win them over.

10. Get a birds-eye view of your Instagram

Stop for a while to analyse your Instagram in its entirety. Think calmly about what could be missing. Does it appear cohesive enough? Are all the images you posted on-brand and look good enough? Do you have all your hashtags in place and on your bio as well? Are all the Instagram highlights set up? Is the link to your website or product page in place? Sometimes, quiet reflection helps to bring a method to the madness. Try it!

The above mentioned tips are instrumental for authentic Instagram growth. While the 10 expert tips on how to get 10k more followers on Instagram might not always work for you (Content is Queen after all) they will certainly help the cause and be worth the effort.