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10 strategies to drive traffic and sales from Instagram

. 5 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
10 strategies to drive traffic and sales from Instagram

5 DID YOU KNOW facts about Instagram

  • Instagram is the 5th most visited site worldwide
  • Instagram is 5th in terms of global ranking for monthly traffic with 6.6 billion visits. Only Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have more monthly visitors.
  • India has the most Instagram users in the world. Out of roughly 1.4 billion Indians (the population of India), 180 million Indians use Instagram. The U.S.A is a close second with 170 million users.
  • In 2019, influencer marketing on Instagram witnessed a mind-blowing growth of almost 50%.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow a business. Maximum users follow at least one brand. 81% use Instagram to research new products and services.
  • Christiano Ronaldo was the most followed celeb on Instagram in 2021.

Instagram is not just a fun place to be but also a great platform for marketers. With the launch of Instagram Business Accounts in 2016, businesses and followers have been able to connect and interact in a much better way.

Today, driving traffic from Instagram has become the norm for any brand or business to boost sales. All one has to do is to use Instagram’s tools and features smartly to get organic traffic, clicks and sales. Here are 10 smart strategies to drive traffic and sales from Instagram:

Video is still the most powerful influencer that makes people buy products. Adding clickable links to your IGTV Video descriptions is sure to increase both traffic and sales. So, get your video strategy in place and also add a call-to-action to your video title, like ‘Click on the Blue Bell for more details’.  

Simply by adding a link to your bio, you can drive more traffic to your platform. Thanks to this feature your entire Instagram feed gets converted into a clickable landing page. And the best part is that this option comes completely for free! We knew you’d like that!

With the Link in Bio feature you can:

  • Share multiple posts daily.
  • Direct your followers to your latest stories, blogs, or articles.
  • Add a call-to-action to each post.
  • Enable your audience to find what they want.

3. Create actionable and insightful Instagram Stories

Your Instagram stories should raise brand awareness, build trust and lead to a rise in engagement. Keep in mind that the number of followers you have is not a big deal when you are trying to drive traffic from Instagram. Through your Instagram Story, your brand can connect with your followers in an informal way to increase brand loyalty.

4. Get creative with Instagram Stories

You can use your Instagram Stories for a product or blog post-launch. Write about 'What’s coming next' and share the link on Instagram for the best results. You can also have a video inside the post. Create a story that’s engaging for your audience by adding mini blog posts or tutorial links.

Tell your audience to message you directly by addressing their questions. This will help better connect and you will be able to direct them to your posts.

5. Create Instagram Stories Highlights

Apart from creating Instagram posts, highlight the posts in the form of stories too. Add blog posts links to your Instagram account and display them. To enable traffic on highlights, you need to do the following:

  • Make your first story highlight a direct call-to-action to make your followers click on the link in your profile.
  • Create informative stories about your products or blog posts to advertise them.
  • Add the new story link to your bio after wrapping up the old one.
  • Use the highlights to club all your top-converted stories and display them in your account.

6. Instagram ads

A strong Instagram ad campaign is imperative to drive traffic to your posts. This is the only way to reach out to maximum people and maximise your business. It’s great that Instagram ads are clickable as people can be easily directed to any blog post or webpage.

7. Use the built-in shopping features

Instagram’s built-in shopping features are extremely useful to generate sales. They make it possible for your products to be tagged directly in your feed and stories.

8. Choose the right brand ambassadors

The right brand ambassadors can make a huge difference to promote your goods and services on Instagram. Choosing the right influencer for your brand among the thousands available is challenging. Instead of selecting someone with a huge following, choose someone whose followers are similar to your target group.

9. Form a UGC (user-generated content) plan

Driving traffic from Instagram becomes easier with a UGC marketing campaign. This community endorsement can really help promote your brand in an incredible way. An attributed feed post or a repost sticker on Stories, sharing user-generated content on a regular basis drives more sales by highlighting the products prominently.

10. Use Instagram’s ‘Close Friends List’

In today’s world, it’s all about creating hype, and Instagram’s close friends list does just that! Audience engagement before a brand launch or event is ensured by sharing a post to the tune of - Leave a comment to be added to our close friends list and be part of the next big thing…

This gives your launch or event that exclusive air that everyone would want to breathe. Once your exclusive club is built, there’s no looking back!

Converting your followers into loyal fans and shoppers is possible with these 10 strategies. Try them now!


1. How can Instagram help in driving sales?
Try and create a unique brand voice. This will enable your brand to connect with your followers on a more personal level. Use emojis in your captions to make it informal and share videos of people using your brand.

2. How do you increase traffic on Instagram?

  • Optimise your Instagram account.
  • Maintain a content calendar that’s consistent.
  • Schedule Instagram posts in advance.
  • Have partners and influencers post your content.
  • Steer clear of fake followers.
  • Highlight your Instagram everywhere.
  • Post desirable content.
  • Start the conversation.

3. How do you promote your brand and drive sales on Instagram?

  • Post regularly.
  • Use hashtags that are creative but pertinent.
  • Develop a niche brand voice.
  • Have a clear call to action.

4. Why is my Instagram not getting traffic?
Instagram engagement can drop for many reasons. Maybe you changed the style or quality of the content you post or maybe you need to change the same.

5. How do you track traffic on Instagram?
The best possible way is to add UTM tags. This works for Instagram as well as other sources. UTM tagging allows you to set details against a URL, which makes tracking possible.