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11 creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
11 creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts

An Instagram carousel is a post that has multiple photos or videos that can be viewed by either swiping or clicking left. You can add up to 10 images or videos in a single post and share them on the feed.

What are the benefits?

Instagram carousel posts are instrumental to spike up your engagement rate, effectively increase your reach in your quest to find new audiences, and drive your product sales.

In this blog post, we shall share 11 creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts to achieve all the objectives mentioned above.

1. Promotion of a new product

2. Share a before and after reveal

3. Personalised recommendations

4. Share brand stories

5. Get into the details

6. Highlight customer reviews

7. Share your outtakes

8. Use user-generated content

9. Boost engagement with a CTA

10.  Share event recaps

11. Use creativity in feed

Promotion of a new product

Thanks to Instagram carousels, you can share many pictures, videos, and text graphics in a single post with your audience. This is a great option to introduce a new product to your followers. For example, you might be a shoe brand that wants to highlight the new range of shoes in your collection in one single post on Instagram. You can use a carousel post to achieve this by having many models wearing different shoes. Doing so highlights the complete range of the products on offer, offers an insight into looks and quality, and also shows how the products can be worn or styled. That’s great, isn’t it?

Share a before and after reveal

Instagram carousel posts deliver a good before and after post in a good way. The real-life effect of your products and services is showcased in the best way possible in a before and after reveal. This is also a great sales technique since time immemorial.  This also ignites curiosity when people are promised a reveal, thus enhancing engagement. The Instagram feed algorithm is quick to recognise this extra engagement and promotes the same to newer audiences.

Personalised recommendations

Instagram carousel posts make it simpler for you to create content for a specific audience. This boosts your reach as well as your engagement. A good idea would be to begin with your target audience. Think about how you can arrange your customers into categories, and how your products/services can be presented as solutions for each category.

Share brand stories

You can share more brand personal stories on Instagram carousel posts keeping the aesthetics of your curated feed intact. To do this, ensure that your first carousel photo is aligned with your Instagram aesthetic. Then, you can add any photo regardless of quality to your post. Your personal brand stories can be showcased on Instagram. These can include snapshots of your first day in your first office, your product launch, or even that important company conference.  This can also be used to introduce your team members or highlight some charitable company activity. These help in your brand developing a strong personal connect with your audience.

Get into the details

There is the unique opportunity that Instagram carousel posts provide in comparison to standard photo posts. You can highlight finer details and close-up shots to your followers. Both influencers and brands have made good use of this opportunity to make their followers see that all-important detail in a product that is so important to boost sales.

Highlight customer reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important as they influence the brand’s success in the market. It’s sensible to share the good customer reviews that you generate through Instagram carousel posts. This helps increase brand visibility, generates consumer interest in your products or services, and enables brand trust. All these result in increased sales which is the ultimate objective.

Share your outtakes

You can share many variations of the same shot in an Instagram carousel post. This has become a big influencer trend on Instagram. It’s great to boost engagement too. What you do is share a few extra photos alongside the all-important one. This also helps you use up the extra shots on your camera roll.

Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

Just like customer reviews, you can blindly trust UGC and share the same on your Instagram account with your carousel posts. If your UGC strategy is well planned, you can increase brand awareness, loyalty, and sales. Your consumers will have a sense of ownership if you share their content and this will build a strong community. Go for UGC!

Boost engagement with a CTA

Instagram carousel posts are high on engagement. But the graph can only get higher. Spike up the engagement further by adding a strong call to action to your Instagram carousel post captions. Keep it simple initially like asking your audience to choose their favourite photo in the line-up, like it, or comment on the same. Then, sit back and watch the engagement rate hit the roof!

Share event recaps

Highlighting photos from recent events using Instagram carousel posts is a great move for a brand. This way, it’s possible to showcase multiple photos and videos in a single post that is reflective of your brand’s energy and your event’s potential. No more spamming your audience with multiple posts! What a relief!

Use creativity on feed

Carousel posts are also a great way you can add some much needed creativity into your Instagram posts. Use the photo editing apps to transform your carousel posts into head-turning creative statements. Try apps like SwipeMix and Scrl to make lovely collages in your carousel posts. Blend the edges of your photos into one another for maximum video stimulation.

Thanks to these amazing 11 creative ways mentioned above, you can use your Instagram carousel posts to achieve all your desired objectives. You can increase your reach and discover new audiences, boost up engagement on your posts and increase the sales of your products or services.