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4 jobs you can go for after joining Kool Kanya’s iMovie & InShot course

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
4 jobs you can go for after joining Kool Kanya’s iMovie & InShot course

Making a small movie on your phone sounds like a cool job, right? Imagine marrying all the videos, adding effects, music and many other things to create a reel that can go viral. It definitely sounds fun, and with today’s cool apps it’s a piece of cake. But to ace the editing game and to add finesse to your skills, you might need professional guidance.

Girls, we got you! With new and improved tech, you can now learn to edit anything, anywhere right on your phone, without a subscription to any fancy apps.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in expensive applications to edit a video; you can simply do it with an app like InShot or iMovie. And what better way to learn how to use iMovie and InShot than with our course? To create trending videos #RaiseYourPower with PowerPass - an annual subscription to learn hands-on skills in the evolving fields of digital marketing, content creation, and social media.

Learn skills you never learnt in class and get job ready. Build a career you love with industry experts; and the best part? It's a women-only platform built to help all you gals out there.

If you are on your journey to create some amazing videos and are just starting out in your career, you should definitely consider speaking to a career coach. You can also sign up for Kool Kanya’s video-editing masterclass where you will learn all the basics of video-editing through InShot and iMovie for beginners.

Here are some of the jobs you can sign up for with all the know-how you’ll get from our course!

Video editor

Video editors today are considered to be the backbone of any creative process. If your video is telling a story and selling that to your audience, then you’ve made it! Video editing is a process where you stitch together different parts of the video, add effects, and make the final output look seamless and cohesive. Mastering iMovie and InShot will kickstart your creative journey. And you can easily create videos with little tips and tricks that you learn from this course to make those videos into a viral reel.

Even as a video editor, there are different fields that you can venture into, such as TV, theatre, film, marketing, event management, and so on.


Freelancing is a growing industry. There’s a lot of scope for people working in the creative fields to get to work on some amazing freelance projects. Not only are the working hours flexible, but you also get more exposure working on different kinds of designing and editing projects while also experiencing different brands at your convenience.

If you can edit longer videos on iMovie and InShot like YouTube videos, documentaries, brand films, and more, freelancing as an editor and designer would be the ideal decision for you.

Freelancing gives you the chance to explore video editing, graphic designing, and animation without committing to just one type of editing. It provides the perfect opportunity to learn and grow your skills as a holistic editor.

Graphic visualiser

Have you ever seen really cool creatives on Instagram and wonder who created them? A graphic visualiser creates them. It is considered to be one of the top careers in the country today. With every industry and every brand thriving to market their best, graphic visualisers definitely stand a chance in the job market.

The job of a graphic visualiser is to understand the concept and visualise a product in a creative way on social media so that it stands out. You also have to keep an eye on the industry trends and best practices to stay updated. If you understand social media and can be creative with your designs, all you’re gonna hear is “You’re hired!”.


If you have been fascinated with anime or any kind of animation that pops on your screen, this is your calling! Selling a story with imaginary characters in a video is one of the most creative ways to do so. Today, animators are highly valued in the creative industry. They can make some of the coolest illusion of movements, which is truly impeccable.

Animators tend to work in 2D, 3D and with the evolving technology even 4D. Of course, before you begin animating, understanding the basics of videography is a must, which is where iMovie and InShot come in.

InShot and iMovie are one of the best video editing platforms in the country. They are hassle-free and also come with a plethora of templates for your videos. Not just that, these apps also allow you to add the music of your choice, audio, and some cool effects too. If you’re intrigued by the whole process, just dive into the creative journey right now by enrolling on the PowerPass to create the career you love.

Disclaimer: You may be reading this blog after the current learning course has lapsed. Head over to our all courses page to check for the latest courses and upskill yourself!