Getting a job can be a challenging task. The corporate environment today has become incredibly competitive and cutthroat. The rise of a large number of highly-qualified individuals has only made the competition fiercer.

With new avenues relating to creativity and innovation opening up, working in those avenues has become the “next big thing”. As a result, there’s a lot of people hopping on the bandwagon.

So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

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  1. Calling all amateur designers

Do you enjoy using the Canva graphic design app? Then we have a course for you!

Kool Kanya’s Canva for beginners course shows you how to use the app as a beginner and includes several Canva tutorials as well. The Canva course also explains a few graphic design hacks and guides you through the designing process in a detailed manner.

Whether you’re a student, a budding influencer, or a professional, Kool Kanya’s Canva course will undoubtedly help you create designs that your audience will love!

Wondering how this course helps you in your professional career? Let’s take a look at the different positions and jobs you can excel at after completing our Canva course.

2. Social media manager

The best part about Canva is their extensive design library. They have dimensions and sizes set for each kind of creative. Whether you’re designing an Instagram story, a post, a Reel cover, or a highlight cover; there are sizes and Canva social media templates available for everything.

As a social media manager, knowing how designing works and how certain elements look together can make the job much more easier. Planning out social media campaigns and Instagram grids from a creative perspective becomes simpler once you understand the workings of Canva.

If in any case you have to design certain posts and stories as a social media manager, knowing how to use post sizes and Canva social media templates will be extremely helpful.

3. Marketing executive

Designing on Canva isn’t as tedious as softwares like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc. It’s pretty straightforward and takes only some dedicated time to learn how to use the app. So, if the situation calls for it, you’re prepared to utilise your Canva skills and deliver great designs.

In certain creative boutiques and agencies, Marketing Executives have to look after the creatives used in their marketing campaigns themselves. Sometimes, you have a last minute requirement and cannot communicate with a designer for the creative.

Knowing how to design creatives on Canva can save the day! The several templates and ready dimensions make designing convenient and possible, even for someone who knows nothing about it.

4. Business managers

Preparing for a pitch? Need to submit a quarterly report in half an hour? Or looking to impress a client with a carefully curated presentation? Canva can help you succeed with flying colours in any situation!

Presentations and reports always seem boring and monotonous. Canva’s ready-to-use templates as well as other free features allow you to change that narrative. The playful colour schemes, well organised layouts, and different animations lets you highlight your creativity.

Knowing how to customise Canva templates in an optimal manner gives you the chance to captivate your audience. There’s nothing more impressive than a well-designed and attractive presentation.

5. Freelance content creator

Several brands and marketing agencies don’t hire content creators on a payroll, since it is an additional expense. Instead, they choose to hire freelancers.

Since Canva is an easy-to-use and simple design tool as compared to Photoshop and other softwares, it is mainly used to design social media as well as marketing creatives. If you know how Canva works from the inside out, there’s a lot of scope as a freelance content creator for you.

Since every brand is now looking to create a social media presence, the demand for content creators is growing. The freelance industry is booming, especially in the digital zone.

You can make use of your Canva skills and grab this opportunity by reaching out to agencies and companies with a proposal to grow as a freelance content creator.

6. Work at Canva

This one’s a given, of course. Canva is a rapidly growing Australian start-up curating over 229 million designs every day. With around 85 million users at the moment, the company is constantly developing and expanding.

Knowing all the details there are to know about the app with the help of our Canva course will add more credibility to your job application at Canva. Additionally, if you know how to use the app and how to access all the features with no trouble, it aids you in understanding the company just as well.

Hence, you can suggest changes and new developments or easily curate content and suggest different strategies for the company from a clearer perspective.

Through our detailed and practical Canva tutorials, you get a deeper understanding of how you can sell your ideas more efficiently and get a chance to boost your business through designs and innovation.

The job industry continues to get more and more competitive with every passing day. Kool Kanya’s Canva graphic design course, along with a wide range of other courses, can help you get ahead of the competition. Go ahead and #RaiseYourPower.