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5 jobs you can go for after attending Content Fastrack 2.0

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
5 jobs you can go for after attending Content Fastrack 2.0

Ever wondered how content writers write so much versatile content? How do they build their repertoire of skills that allows them to consistently churn out good content?

If you have had these questions, then you are not alone. Writing requires a rich skill set, especially when it comes to pursuing it professionally.

But who says, that skill set is hard to acquire? A passion for learning is all you need to grow your skills and evolve into the fantastic writer you always were.

This passion to learn and grow as a writer is what has made us develop Content Fastrack 2.0. You don’t ever have to wonder how content writers do it because soon you will have the skills to pursue any writing profession you’d like.

This online content writing course will help you learn the following skills and speed up the process of your growth as a writer-

  • The basics of writing killer content
  • Writing strong and impactful copies
  • How to build a foolproof portfolio
  • Some solid SEO strategies to learn how to intersect your writing with SEO because content and SEO always go hand in hand

While these skills are your ticket inside the content world, it must be challenging to figure out how to navigate this world and what all it holds for you.

Since the content industry is always growing and evolving, there are always going to be multiple opportunities for you with this skill set.

Explore Kool Kanya’s Powerpass to expand your skill set. Powerpass helps you learn Learn practical skills from industry leaders through live learning programs and increases your pool of opportunities.

Some jobs that you can go for after Content Fastrack 2.0 are mentioned below:

  1. Content writer

The first and foremost job that this course enables you to be eligible for is being a content writer. A content writer, as the name suggests, writes content for different things, from brands to products. They need to have a wide range of skills to be able to adapt and write an article about anything and everything. Content Fastrack 2.0 gives you a leg up in this job by facilitating an expansion in your skill set and enabling you to become a versatile content writer. You can either become a full-time content writer by working with companies and organisations or take up content writing as a freelancer i.e. working on multiple writing projects and not necessarily being tied to one organisation. Simply decide what floats your boat, and you're set.

2. Copywriter

Do you think writing short-form content is more your thing? Well, don’t worry, with these skills, writing killer and impactful copies is something you can easily master. A copywriter writes short-form content or copies for social media, push notifications, websites, and so on. If you think that this is more your cup of tea than content writing, then we have got you covered. With the skills from Content Fastrack 2.0, writing strong copies is something you can do with ease.

3. SEO content writer

Search engine optimisation or SEO is used to increase the visibility and traffic to the website in order to achieve a higher rating on search engines and attract more readers. As mentioned before, content and SEO go hand in hand. For this, it is of grave importance for your content writing to be grammatically correct and informational enough to attract the target audience. By leveraging smart SEO strategies with good content, attracting the right kind of audience becomes a game of numbers and SEO is what gives you those numbers. Content Fastrack 2.0 enables you for a role like this at any company by providing you with the skill set to play a solid SEO game and pair it with smart written content and there you have the skills to make SEO-rich content, no matter where you go and what you choose to do.

4. Content editor and proof reader

Being in the content sphere doesn’t necessarily always have to involve creating content. If you are someone who has a firm grasp of the English language and knows how to write and structure content well but isn’t keen on writing content, then this is a perfect position for you. Content Fastrack 2.0 provides you with the skills of being a writer which automatically enables you to be a good content editor and proofreader. This is a very important job in the content industry as many companies, especially publishing houses seek the help of editors and proofreaders to make the content more palatable. So, if writing is not what you see yourself doing but still see words as your weapon, this is it for you.

5. Content strategist

With fluent content writing skills, strategising comes naturally. When you know the kind of content that needs to be written and how it has to be written, you can plan out a strategy and also execute it fluently. Most of the jobs mentioned above roll into one and make a content strategist. So, if you think that your expertise in this field is one of a kind and you can do everything from planning, writing, and editing to creating content and being a leader is what pumps you up and charges you, then this is the job for you.

Content Fastrack 2.0 gives you the opportunity to expand your skill set, improve your job prospects, get paid to write articles, and develop your personal brand. With this online content writing course, the sky is your limit, and landing your dream job is just a step away.