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5 jobs you can go for after joining Kool Kanya's sales course

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
5 jobs you can go for after joining Kool Kanya's sales course

Turning a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’ is no small feat, and it is what salespeople do on a daily basis. Sales might have a reputation for being a tough industry to crack, and many people wonder if  sales is a good career. In fact, it is one with the highest pay and benefits! A career in sales is not just about selling to your customer; it’s about finding out what your customer needs and catering to this need.

Not only is sales the most profitable business, but every career requires you to have a basic understanding of sales. A career in sales involves good communication, patience, and convincing skills. You would also need to follow up with customers and maintain relationships. Kool Kanya’s course, ‘Become a sales superstar’ covers all of the key ingredients to help you head into a career in sales.

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Here are a few of the many jobs that you can go for as a newly-initiated salesperson.

1. Social media manager

If you enjoy selling in creative ways, this role is for you. Social media managers oversee marketing campaigns on social media. They create unique content for specific audiences to increase brand awareness and sales. They also have various opportunities to interact with the company’s social media followers through polls, QnA’s, and more. To learn how to use shoppable Instagram story stickers to boost sales, refer to this article.

Experience in sales can help you gauge the customers' wants and needs in order to develop content that is relatable and relevant. In fact, social media managers also analyse data to determine the effectiveness of campaigns and how they can be improved.

2. Sales representative

Negotiating prices, closing deals, creating sales reports, and providing after-sales services; there is so much more to sales than just setting targets. Apart from possessing excellent communication and customer service skills, salespeople work with customers to help them understand the benefits of a product or service.

Kool Kanya’s course will teach you how to create a strong sales pitch, build a successful relationship with your customers through empathy, and how to resolve a conflict during sales. Going above and beyond for your clients is exactly what will make you a superb salesperson.

3. Marketing specialist

Sales and marketing overlap in various ways. In small businesses, these departments have merged, creating dual-role positions within the organisation. Marketing specialists collaborate frequently with the sales team to brainstorm new advertising techniques and develop effective campaigns that will sell to the masses.

Marketing specialists also help in executing marketing projects, such as networking events, direct email campaigns, community workshops, and billboards. They help the organisation develop a strong internet presence and attraction strategies. A background in sales would help you to think like the customer and understand what would make this an enticing offer.

4. Market analyst

If you find yourself intrigued by the use of data and logic to try and understand consumer behaviour, a job as a market analyst would be just right for you. Not only would you be responsible for examining data related to marketing and sales, but also tracking your competitors very closely.

You would have a chance to work with marketing firms and businesses that employ the use of active marketing strategies, and could also use this opportunity to freelance and work with a variety of brands. Want to learn how to get freelance work in India? Here’s how to land your first client. A background in sales would help you understand and identify market trends and how consumers react to them.

5. Copywriter

Copywriters create written content that persuades consumers to take action through a Call to Action (CTA). They work for marketing or advertising agencies, or they may freelance. Most copywriters write copy for a multitude of industries,  but some specialise in certain industries such as technology, fashion, etc. To learn how to write CTAs that convert into sales, you can refer to this article.

Apart from writing content, they also conduct research through surveys to understand their target groups to increase the chances of being perceived positively. As a salesperson, you can become a more effective copywriter as you will be able to connect the benefits related to the product at a consumer level, and boost sales.

If you want to build a career in sales, or are just someone who deals with clients and customers on a daily basis, Kool Kanya’s sales course will teach you how to become a good salesperson. It covers the basics of sales, as well as the essentials, such as how to measure your success and build a sales toolkit.You’ll also learn how to pitch and close a sale, including handling objections. Don’t let this opportunity to become a super cool salesperson go to waste! Register here.

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