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5 unconventional careers in fashion that you never knew about

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
5 unconventional careers in fashion that you never knew about

Are you still reeling from the jaw dropping season 2 of Emily in Paris? Well so are we, and it's got us thinking of the glamorous and show stopping fashion that the beloved show has given us. Right from workplace fashion to the day to day outfits dorned by the characters to all of the regalia seen on the ramp, fashion plays such a creative role in the content that we consume. Needless to say fashion careers require quite a bit of tenacity and hardwork, not to mention some influence. But what if you are looking for fashion jobs that are a tad unconventional even for this industry? Well, here’s our list of a few unconventional careers that you can opt for, if being a fashion designer is not for you.

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  1. Fashion blogging

The fashion industry is always evolving, what is in vogue today may not be tomorrow. A career as a fashion blogger is very similar to fashion journalism, except as a blogger, you are paid to include content from your collaborations. Lots of youngsters flock to the internet for fashion advice, and a career in fashion blogging is all the rage now. Fashion blogging will also give you a platform to express yourself and expand your audience.

If you have an eye for fashion and enjoy decoding all of the outfits at the Met Gala, a career in fashion blogging is just right for you. A penchant for writing will help you review the latest trends in fashion and increase your website traffic with the right content. You can also opt to write digitally for fashion and lifestyle magazines. So, channel your inner Miranda Priestly and get to work. Our article on how to become a fashion writer, can help you get started.

2. Public relations

One of the highly requested profiles among fashion careers is that of a Public relations (PR) manager. Given the internet and how fast rumours can circulate today, communication strategies are deployed to manage corporate communications, stakeholder relations, risk communication, and corporate social responsibility. PR managers are in charge of increasing brand awareness and generating shifts in brand perception. The PR manager will identify communication opportunities and schedule them. They also create press material, including press releases, lookbooks, campaign photos, and videos.

Did you catch Kusha Kapila’s role in the most recently released season 2 of Masaba Masaba? Kusha plays the designer's PR strategist, Nicole, and is responsible for all of her public engagement. From getting her a slot as a reality show judge to calling the press for Masaba’s 10 year party, Nicole had her hands full throughout. PR is a dynamic, multitasking job, not only must you possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, but a detail-oriented attitude to strengthen brand interactions.

3. Fashion marketing

Each fashion house and brand requires marketing, which is where you come in. Fashion marketing jobs combine the brand's identity, strategy, and brand communication to promote clothing, predict customer behaviour, and analyse current trends. Yes, it appears to be an extremely difficult job, but this makes it all the more desirable to many fashion grads. And the most important aspect is identifying the target market so you can advertise to specifically reach out to them.

As a fashion marketer you would help bring the buyers to the brand, and create loyal customers in the process. Evaluating sales strategies, pricing, designing campaigns, budget allocation, and communication are a few skills you would need to bring to the table. There are a few diverse options within fashion marketing jobs as well, such as market researcher, sales manager, branding consultant, and promotions manager. If you are starting your career after a sizable break, take a look at this article.

4. Fashion set design

If you've always been attracted by the glitz and glam of fashion week, becoming a set designer will bring you even closer to the ramp. As a set designer in the fashion industry, you are responsible for creating an environment that is beautiful and immersive. Sets are used for a variety of photoshoots and ramp walks to subtly convey and complement the designer’s collection.

It is a highly creative job, and the set designer is responsible not only for creating the mood and ambiance for the photoshoot, but also for making it functional according to the designer's requirements. You can work for fashion houses, fashion photographers and even advertising agencies. A great way to make a segue into this career is starting out with an internship. You would have an opportunity to work with industry equipment and design software, while learning from industry professionals and developing valuable connections.

5. Fashion merchandising

Last but not the least, and relatively the most unheard of, are fashion merchandising jobs. Also known as fashion buying - you read it correctly. Fashion merchandising jobs require you to buy outfits for clients keeping in mind their choice, style etc. This position would need you to conduct extensive research, identify trends before they become a trend, and shop for fabrics, styles, and accessories that would appeal to clients. This position necessitates extensive understanding of the industry and trends, as well as an eye for detail, and solid business and financial skills. Pursuing a course in fashion or interior design will provide you with a much-needed headway into any of these unconventional careers. Are you a student in college and looking to take your style game to the next level? Our course, College fashion; looks that help you stand out, is waiting for you. It covers how to make the most of your existing wardrobe and dress for your body type. So #RaiseYourPower and slay in style.