A-Z guide on creating a video marketing strategy

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
A-Z guide on creating a video marketing strategy

Struggling to find your content in Google’s top ten searches? Maybe all you need is good video marketing for your business. With trends changing every few years, it is difficult to be the first one to hop on to every new consumption trend, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. With a little research and planning, you can be the first one to get your audience’s attention and win the content game.

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Getting back to video marketing strategies, let's understand everything that one needs to do while planning its basics.


  • Know what you want
  • Know your audience well
  • Keep all requirements ready
  • Analyse and see what works best

Here is how you can create your own video marketing strategy

1. Know what you want

The key to mastering any form of content marketing is to understand whether your content aligns with your brand's goal. The rules remain the same for video marketing. Know whether your brand is aiming for brand awareness or brand recall. You could also want to hire new people, get your customers to make a decision or want your brand name to be at the top of your consumer's mind. Accordingly, create a video marketing strategy with the number of videos, the title of your campaign and all details that you want to cover under it.

A lot of brands also put out surveys before creating a campaign to assist them in their research. This could help you create a better video marketing strategy for your audience. Remember, your idea should also be communicated well to your audience. Keep things as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and don't forget to sprinkle it with a dash of creativity.

2. Know your audience

This is the most important aspect of video marketing. Without an audience you're grasping at straws and reaching no one. If your videos are for teenagers, include themes and ideas that are closer to their interests. If you're targeting working men, use subjects that they're watching out for. You could also target a group of different types of people like families or couples. Either way, know who you're reaching out to. Your video and brand goals should match your target audience's personality.

If you're trying to educate your audience, use more animation since people tend to understand concepts better through animation. This also works well for children and teenagers. If your videos also manage to sell a lifestyle along with your product, then congratulations! You've unlocked a marketing achievement.

3. Keep all requirements ready

This is the execution stage of your marketing strategy. All your thoughts and research will go to waste without this stage. Understand the content of your video, the softwares you will need, the people required to shoot, direct, write and edit it. Decide who you want to feature in your video and why. Make sure you know how you want to edit your video online. People resonate with your brand more if they see actual people over just your product. Use tips like these to your rescue and start with your production.

Another important aspect of this stage is setting a budget and adhering to it. Make sure that you don't spend more than what you've allocated for your project.

4. Analyse and see what works best

If your project was a success, you know what your audience loves best and can make more of it. If not, you will have to study the trends that concern your target audience. View and study your growth metrics. If your goal was to get your audience to buy your product, see whether your viewership translated into sales. If your aim was for people to recall your brand, conduct studies to understand whether that happened.

If you spent more than your budget permitted, see where you went overboard and cut costs accordingly. Speak to various experts in your field to further understand how you could have bettered your video marketing campaign. Once you understand the type of videos that your audience loves, you can easily take over the content space.

With videos today, you can go beyond branding and actually create change about matters that matter to your brand. People may forget what you wrote, but if your video is memorable, it will be etched in their minds for a longer time. For all those struggling to pick your pen and start with that brilliant script idea in your mind, you can learn how to become an exceptional writer and weave stories, after getting yourself a PowerPass. Get ready to run the world and build a career you love!

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