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Break the career mould; unconventional careers for women in India

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Break the career mould; unconventional careers for women in India

The debate on which careers are ‘suitable’ for women has been a long-drawn one. People have a lot to say when a woman chooses an unconventional career, but it’s high time we stop dictating what women can and cannot do.

Most things that women do have unwritten rules and regulations attached to them, with very little freedom to choose how they want to conduct their life. As a generation that is more aware and active in taking action to improve lives, let's put an end to this debate and career anxiety, and provide women the space and freedom to choose a path that isn’t rooted in social constructs.

As women, we should start thinking more about ourselves and less about ‘what people will say ‘ if we pick a certain career, choose to restart work after a career break, or do something that’s not ‘suitable’ for us. We have reached a stage where making our own decisions and living a life not dictated by society has to be seen as a right and not a choice.

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So, here we are to help you find unconventional careers that will bring up thoughts of what people will say, but let’s leave what people will say to the people and do what’s best for us!

  1. Podcaster

We, as women, have always been asked to lower our voices, not speak out of turn, not raise our voices, not talk about controversial things, yada, yada. What better way to break out of these social norms than podcasting? Raise your voice, speak out of turn, and express your opinion on anything and everything as loud as you want. If you think that you have a voice and opinions that you want people to hear, why not make some money out of it and show them what you’ve got? So, what are you waiting for? Our podcasting course is waiting to hear your thoughts, just like the world. To learn podcasting and make your voice heard, sign up for Kool Kanya’s  Podcasting workshop right away.

2. Salesperson

We have heard the term salesman, one too many times but saleswoman is not a word we hear often. Well, not anymore. We are here to turn things around.

So, if you think that generating sales and convincing potential buyers of a product’s worth is one of your superpowers, we see a sales superstar in our midst.  We can help you increase your repertoire of skills and take your salesperson spirit and knowledge to the next level. So, to become a great saleswoman and make good use of your superpower, all you have to do is sign up for the Kool Kanya course, Become a sales superstar and turn every no into a yes.

3. Fashion Blogger

Do you find yourself critiquing celebrities’ looks on red carpets? Do your friends often turn to you for fashion advice? Are you a writer with a knack for writing about different styles and the fashion industry?  

Well, if you answered yes to these questions, then fashion blogging might just be for you. Your unique eye for fashion can help you write well about fashion, give fashion advice, analyse fashion shows, and give you the right edge to nail this job. So, what are you waiting for? If this is you, then get started immediately with Kool Kanya  article on how to become a fashion writer, and kickstart your journey to becoming an awesome fashion blogger.

4. Animator

Have you ever found yourself being drawn to those cool animations on a website, a music video, or even an Instagram post? Are you good at digital art? If yes, then, we think we have the perfect job for you.

An animator gets to create all sorts of cool animations for any platform, from Instagram to Youtube. This means that you can take your pick and go with any arena that you desire. Animators are highly in-demand in this day and age where technology is everything and our dependence on it is increasing. Whether it’s for bringing traffic to a website or getting more engagement on Instagram posts, the scope is massive. As an animator, you will get a wide range of platforms and specialisations to select from, and the chance to create some really awesome animations that can draw people in.

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With all the unconventional career options mentioned above and many more out there, put an end to career anxiety and do exactly what you want to do, because life is too short to think about what others say and give up on your dreams just because a social norm dictates you to.

It is easier said than done and in the real world, a lot of pressure may weigh down on you. But, this is your story, and it’s time to take charge. Take this as your sign to  pick an unconventional career or jump back into the industry after a career break, regardless of what people say, and follow your dreams.

#RaiseYourPower today by choosing an unconventional career option.