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Dress to impress: 7 must-haves to enhance your wardrobe

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Dress to impress: 7 must-haves to enhance your wardrobe

Fashion is an essential element that represents who you are.

It gives you a chance to explain the kind of person you are without using any words. Being mindful of your wardrobe and outfit choices can give you more room to experiment with different aesthetics and eventually find a style that lets you express yourself the best.

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In India, the importance of fashion is seen through different styles like western, ethnic, indo-western, and cultural, too. If you’re looking to experiment with your style and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help you out.

Here are 7 items that you can add to your wardrobe to start the journey of enhancing your style!

1. Bold coloured denims

The days of the standard blue and black bottoms are gone. Adding a pop of colour to your outfit is the new norm!

You can enhance a classic western look with some bright colours and unconventional combinations. Women have begun experimenting with bold-coloured bottoms as they find them more comfortable and liberating since they deviate from the regular.

You can go for bright magenta, delightful yellow, mint green, or even a lovely lavender while picking your pair of coloured jeans. Pair them with some equally colourful tops to truly make a statement. Some brilliant combinations are blue and yellow, beige and green, and pink and white.

2. Cargo pants

The recent interest in Y2K fashion has successfully brought back cargo pants. From celebrities and models to influencers on Instagram, everyone is seen wearing the new and modified version of cargo pants, which makes them a must-have for your wardrobe.

Pair your cargo pants with a chic and body-fitting crop top, an oversized t-shirt, or a casual bralette, and get ready to make heads turn!

3. Corsets

Having a 500-year fashion legacy, corsets are one of the most iconic and historical fashion garments created. Be it strapless, tank sleeves, myriad, or even ethnic, corsets are available in several different versions and you can style them diversely.

Wear it over a dress, with a lehenga, over an oversized shirt, or wear it stand-alone, you can pull off just about any look while wearing a corset!

4. Beaded jewellery

These accessories are the perfect way to add a funky and bright vibe to your outfit.

Lately, the demand for handmade and customised jewellery has increased substantially. As a result, the jaunty beaded jewellery has become a recent summer style trend.

If you’re planning a summer getaway or vacationing at the beach, make sure to add some plastic rings and beaded jewellery to your shopping list!

5. Tote bags

Cloth totes are just the accessory you need to enhance your college fashion. Not only do they look minimalist and chic, but they’re also available in a variety of cute prints! You can also get a plain tote bag and DIY it to add your little personal touch.

Cloth tote bags have recently gained popularity due to their environmental appeal. Carry a tote bag to college to let its simple design add to your aesthetic effortlessly.

6. Clear heels

Every fashion enthusiast needs a pair of clear heels to round off their shoe collection. It’s the ideal way to add a confident and bold vibe to your everyday style. Transparent heels look chic and minimalistic and can give you a sophisticated look with little effort.

With a pair of clear heels, you can transform even a plain and simple outfit into something classy and fashionable!

They’re available in several different patterns. So whether you’re a block heels or a stilettos person, you can rock a pair of transparent heels. Just make sure they’re comfortable on your feet, and you’re all set!

7. Crochet tops

If you’re trying to go for the effortless cool girl aesthetic, crochet tops are a must-have item for you.

The patterns of crochet tops are unconventional but still breezy and summery. The best part? They’re affordable and available in all styles!

From crop tops and bralettes to sweaters and shrugs, crocheting makes all of it possible.

We hope the above points gave you a jumpstart in enhancing your wardrobe and upping your style game.

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