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Editing a video on InShot? These 5 features will change your life

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Editing a video on InShot? These 5 features will change your life

With pictures becoming very 2015, our eyes automatically land on videos. Thanks to mediums like TikTok and now Reels, we’ve now entered the world of bite-sized content.

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Circling back to video editing, InShot - an editing application available on Android and iOS has made editing images and especially videos super easy. We’ve searched the length and breadth of this application to bring to you 5 unique features that will help you up your marketing game. Here we go!

  1. Picture in picture

This feature is going to give you an insight into how to use InShot to create some great content. The PIP in InShot lets you overlay a video with another video or picture. Recollect seeing those videos/pictures where something low-key is always moving in the background automatically increasing its aesthetic level by 10x.

InShot also lets you trim and cut videos to make sure one is not longer or shorter than the other and flows seamlessly.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Click on the PIP tool to import another video into Inshot

Step 2: Edit the new video by hitting the edit icon on the top right corner. The application also lets you add a border to the second video and then crop the extra frame.

Step 3: Save changes and marvel at your video editing skills.

2. Go green, add a screen

A green screen, to put it simply lets you replace the background of a video with a digital or virtual background. Seen those news videos where there’s a plain image or a different video playing when a news reporter is talking? Yes, that’s the magic of a green screen, and InShot lets you add one.

It’s a part of the previously mentioned PIP feature with a touch of the Chroma feature which lets you adjust the strength of your green screen! If you haven’t tried experimenting with it yet, today is the day!

3. Zoom in on videos

Ever wondered if you’d want a zoomed-in version of your video so it focuses on the subject and cancels out anything that’s unimportant?

InShot’s Canvas feature that houses the zoom-in tool allows you to do just that! Once you import a video (we’re sure you’ve surpassed the Inshot for beginners level, so we’ll skip explaining this step in detail), select the canvas option.

A message saying “pinch to zoom in” will appear on the screen and, voila, you’re good to go!

4. Add some beats or a voice over

Like any great video editing application, InShot gives you the whole package. Not only does it give you an array of pre-downloaded music to choose from, but it also lets you upload your own music

So record a video, add in some music or add your own voice over, and you now have everything you need to kickstart a marketing campaign to promote your own brand.

5. The EyeDropper feature

With every new update, InShot adds a bunch of features that make video editing look like a piece of cake. Following Imovie’s footsteps, they’ve made their user interface very friendly. You can understand the application in and out by spending merely 3-4 days together on it.

The ‘background’ tool on the application, lets you use the Eyedropper feature that picks in the tones from the video itself to give it a great border effect. Additionally, it has preset gradients and solid backgrounds to choose from as well.

Keeping up with the changing algorithms will help you stay ahead of the game and churn out content that helps you engage with your customer base.

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