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Sounds exciting, right? Kool Kanya's PowerPass programme brings this to life! PowerPass is a live learning platform for women where they can study content and digital marketing while participating in live sessions with business professionals. PowerPass provides 10x more value with over 75 expert-led courses, a LinkedIn & CV review, networking opportunities and so much more. This isn't even the best part yet, as all of this comes to you for less money per year than your monthly Netflix membership. With PowerPass, you can learn the skills you need to #Raiseyourpower and launch your dream career.

And how can we discuss a dream career without mentioning social media? There is no doubt that video marketing has become more and more popular and available to brands over the past few years. YouTube is a great place to be if you want to benefit from the rise in video popularity. One of the most distinguishing features of growing on YouTube is the platform's ability to cultivate loyal and dedicated audiences that grow to the point of becoming communities. Growing on YouTube can be the greatest way to market your business, given that a billion hours are spent watching videos on this site every day.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites for live streaming, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when on-site activities had to be postponed. YouTube continues to dominate all other video-sharing websites. If you want to take advantage of this platform's capabilities, you must first learn how to market your YouTube channel.

So read on as we show you how you can grow your YouTube channel and get more people to discover your channel. Each of these suggestions is both simple to implement and highly effective. Starting your YouTube community might seem tricky to begin with and, while there is no foolproof plan for community building, there are some strategic steps you can take to get started in the right direction.

  1. What your audience wants > What you want

You should make sure that whatever type of content you create is in line with what your audience desires. Begin by learning about your audience and the types of content they want to see from you. If you're just getting started with your YouTube channel, you should do your research and understand what works best for your niche, as this will give you a better idea of the subjects and types of videos your audience is interested in. On the YouTube platform itself you can find detailed information and statistics that can help you plan better. Our blog - 10 ways to make Youtube's algorithm work for you in 2022 will give you all the insights you need to master the art of growing your YouTube channel, especially in 2022.

2. The secret is in engaging with your audience

Real involvement goes beyond the development of content. The fastest growing YouTube channels stay in touch and engage with their audience continuously. It's critical to remember that YouTube is a social media platform and necessitates social interaction. You're missing the trick if all you do is post videos without promoting discussions and comments. Moreover, YouTube rewards channels that receive high interaction levels, including comments, overall time spent on channel, watch time, likes, and dislikes.

In order to encourage users to interact with audio/visual prompts, attempt to reply to every comment you receive. Likewise, don't always wait for the audience to initiate conversation. Asking questions about the content or even just requesting feedback on what kind of content people like to see on your channel or would like to see more of can help you with growing your channel as well as increasing your engagement. LIVE events, Q&As, and webinars are all effective ways of growing your channel.

3. Title is your first and last impression

Presentation is everything in a YouTube channel’s growth. When it comes to the success of your video, your title is everything. The key to writing amazing titles is to pique your reader's curiosity without resorting to clickbait headlines. People want interesting content and they want to know what your video is about by just reading the title. Our blog on 7 ways to get FREE YouTube subscribers has some interesting facts that can help you with your channel’s growth.

4. Nothing beats value adding content

Although it may seem obvious, it is nevertheless important to mention. The greatest method to keep your viewers interested is with great content. That's because YouTube prioritises the viewer’s experience in its ranking system. Ask yourself a few questions while you ideate for your content:

What problem does this video tackle before you publish it?

Is it enjoyable? Will it in any way add value to my YouTube community?

5. Brand up to stand out

Personalising your channel by taking part in videos can be quite helpful if you're running. YouTube by yourself or as a small group. It may sound obvious, but branding your channel properly is one of the most important steps you need to take to grow your YouTube channel. If someone visits your channel it should be immediately obvious that it’s yours. Your YouTube community will be able to relate to you as a person more readily if you put a face to a brand. This is crucial for solopreneurs, fitness, life and business coaches, as well as vloggers. Your face doesn't have to be in every video you make, but you should appear frequently enough to draw in viewers. You can also check out our blog which will show you some essential tips to grow your YouTube channel - Want to grow your YouTube channel? Don’t let these 6 myths stop you.

6. Time matters most

When it comes to YouTube growth, it all boils down to viewers actually watching the videos in the first place. A recent study discovered that video engagement is good for up to 2 minutes. As a result, a 90-second video will engage the viewer just as much as a 30-second video. This is something to keep in mind when making your videos in the first place. Yes, you have a lot to say and your product has a million features, but break it up into bite-sized chunks.

And with so many advantages, it appears that there is no doubt that YouTube is a must-have platform for any video content producer. We offer the ideal guide for you to learn more about this platform and boost your subscribers. Grow Your YouTube Subscribers is a course made just for you by Kool Kanya, which provides you with exclusive tips and tricks for boosting your YouTube following and receiving the traction you've worked so hard for.

What are you waiting for? It's time for you to enter the YouTube community, and we'll be here to cheer, comment, like, and subscribe to your channel.