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Inside the Instagram algorithm for 2023: How it works and where to shift your strategy

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Inside the Instagram algorithm for 2023: How it works and where to shift your strategy

Usually, algorithms determine who sees the content that you publish and who doesn’t, right from social media to SEO. While these algorithms change, marketing tactics and strategies may become redundant and obsolete more frequently. That is precisely why your marketing strategy on Instagram needs constant evolution with the changes in the Instagram algorithm.

Remember that just posting regularly with the right hashtags might not be enough for your content to always reach your targeted audience. What you must do is think about how to work with the new Instagram algorithm updates to redefine your Instagram marketing tactics.

What the new Instagram algorithm does is decide the order of the posts that users spot when they are scrolling through their feed. According to the particular signals it receives, the best posts are prioritised according to their relevance to be pushed towards the top. This will make them the most visible posts, making the other content pushed further down, away from visibility.

Keeping in mind that the new algorithm might change, these three factors can influence your Instagram strategy:

  • Relationship with the user: If a particular user has interacted a lot more on your Instagram content before, he or she will see your future content before others. Hence, this makes a continuous, repeat engagement on your posts a must to cultivate a loyal audience.
  • Interest generated by the user: This depends on the interest displayed by the user on your posts and content. The users who watch similar posts and content on Instagram are more prone to see your posts.
  • Relevance of the post: Every post on Instagram is given a relevancy score by the Instagram algorithm. This depends on whose posts are shown in the feed.

Other than these three, there are other factors that you should keep in mind.

  • If users follow many accounts, you face increased competition to reach the top spot in their feed.
  • Suppose users either don’t spend much time on Instagram, the chances of having your content viewed are lessened unless you are slotted at the top.
  • Business accounts on Instagram have an advantage for organic reach in comparison to personal accounts.

Instagram algorithm for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories that show up first in feeds are taken from the accounts the users engage with the most. Comments, likes, and DMs all count for your eventual place and position in a user’s feed. Location is also an important factor and that’s why the use of location hashtags in Stories is becoming dominant.

Instagram algorithm for Instagram Reels and IGTV

For video content like Reels and IGTV, the algorithm working is similar to the Instagram feed. Your content is displayed to users that engage the most with your account.

How to work with the Instagram algorithm - Vital tips

1. Focus on relationships

Most people tend to focus on reach only which is a huge mistake. While reach is important on Instagram, focussing on relationships is equally important. Audience loyalty and engagement rate are key to earn the top spot or one of the top spots in audience feeds. Posting user-generated content on Stories is a way to drive engagement. This is basically the content about your brand that your followers have posted on Instagram. This also inspires more UGC to drive engagement further.

2. Share Reels

Instagram Reels are short, entertaining videos your business can post on Instagram. You can grow your following on Instagram by creating 15-second video clips that are creative and funny enough to entertain your audience. Remember that Reels is a new Instagram feature and the Instagram algorithm majorly shares content from its newer features.

3. IGTV content

IGTV refers to videos of a lengthier format and these also drive engagement.

4. Timing of posts

Post when followers are most active on Instagram. Take the help of the Instagram Analytics report, available to all Instagram Business profiles. Study data diligently to discover when your followers can be found the most on the platform.

5. Respond to comments

Make hay while the sun shines! Respond to comments while they are still fresh instead of a delayed response. This not only increases comment count but also encourages other followers to comment. This guarantees engagement to be built up now and for the future as well.

6. Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags can increase your reach by making your account discoverable in relevant searches. Use hashtags that are brand and target audience pertinent like community hashtags for example.

7. Repost old content

You might have some fantastic old content that’s done well for you in the past. Repost these to Instagram Stories as your new followers might not have seen the content. Old wine in a new bottle is a great strategy!

8. Pay for ads and influencers

To get the desired organic reach that you need, pay for Instagram ads and the right influencers.

In a world that is constantly evolving, Instagram algorithm changes are inevitable. But as a marketer, if you can adapt to these changes, no one can stop you from reaching your intended audience. Just like the animals in a jungle adapt constantly to the numerous changes around them as only the toughest will survive, you have to do the same in the virtual jungle of social media. Work with the new Instagram algorithm rather than against it!

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