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Instagram Live Scheduling is here – Here's what you need to know

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Instagram Live Scheduling is here – Here's what you need to know

Instagram Live Scheduling is the new kid on the block in terms of Instagram features. Now, brands and creators have the option to schedule their Instagram Lives as early as 90 days in advance. Now, that’s what we call convenience!

Instagram has also introduced a new tool named ‘Practice Mode’. This gives you the opportunity to test your live setup before you actually go live to ensure that everything goes as smooth as clockwork.  Both the above-mentioned tools are great for brand-building as well. In this blog, let’s focus our eagle-eye on how to schedule Instagram Lives and also how the ‘Practice Mode’ can be used effectively. Read on!

How does Instagram Live Scheduling work?

Scheduling a live event is similar to reserving a date in the calendar. It’s great because your audience has a head’s up and knows what is coming and when it’s coming. It’s beneficial for you too as you can use the time to spread the word and build hype around your live event so that is even more successful. Also, the purpose of Instagram Live Scheduling is to aid the discovery and distribution of Instagram Lives.

How to schedule an Instagram Live:

  1. Go to your Instagram Stories camera and swipe over to the “Live” tab. Now select the “Schedule” option from the side panel.
  2. The next step is to enter your live information like the video title, start date and time, add any tagged products that you might have, and then select "Schedule Live Video".
  3. Then, you can tap the three dots to either choose to edit or “Share as Post”.
  4. If you choose to share a post, your audience can sign up for reminders and notifications. This way, they will receive instant alerts when you choose to go Live.
  5. If you wish to share the countdown for your Live on your Instagram story, go to your Instagram Stories Sticker tray and select "Scheduled."

The Instagram Live “Practice Mode”

The Instagram Live line-up received an added boost with the Practice Mode. It appears that this feature was what everyone was waiting for. Well, at least whoever that indulges in Instagram Lives that is. Thanks to this feature, the challenges that an Instagram Live posed earlier have been reduced considerably.  Even the biggest celebrities have had problems with Instagram Live right from the top musicians and actors. Thanks to the Practice Mode, you can now rehearse before you go Live to ensure that it is a smooth and error-free ride. Get your lighting right and check if your internet is stable and drop-free for example. No more troubleshooting or technical problems during your Instagram Live. Sounds good to be true? Well, it is!

Famous Last Words:

Instagram Live has really gone ballistic during the past few years and seems to be the new trend on social media. The fact that Instagram has made great innovations in terms of tools and features like Instagram Live Scheduling and Practice Mode to make it even more user-friendly will surely encourage more users to jump into the bandwagon. More brands and creators are certain to ride the Instagram wave if they already haven’t. The future is here, and it’s on Instagram Live!


  1. Can I schedule an Instagram live?
    Of course you can. Instagram's Live Videos can be used to enhance engagement for creators and brands. Instagram has recently introduced the ability to schedule livestreams. This is called Live Scheduling, and the amazing feature lets you schedule your stream for up to 90 days in advance and followers can set reminders to tune in to the Live.
  2. Does Instagram have a scheduler?
    Next to the Publish button, there is a drop-down arrow button. Click on it to reveal the option to schedule a post. Click the Schedule option and select the date and time you want your post to be published to Instagram. Then click Schedule to upload your content to post your content at the time that you have selected.
  3. How can I see all Instagram live?
    When someone you follow shares a live broadcast, their profile picture will appear at the top of Feed with a colourful ring around it as well as the word Live. This is your sign. Tap or click their profile picture to view their live broadcast.
  4. What is the best time for Instagram live?
    The best time to go live on Instagram is on Monday to Friday at 12 P.M. or from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. It's the perfect time to go live since people are on their lunch break and after work hours, as people generally prefer to relax and unwind by scrolling through their feed during those hours.
  5. How do you schedule Instagram without third party?
    You can schedule a post on Instagram by following these two simple steps.
    Step 1: Click “Create Post” on the top left of the screen.
    Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow next to “Publish,” located at the bottom right of the screen.
    Step 3: Choose a schedule, click “Publish,” and you're done.
  6. Can anyone watch Instagram live?
    You can watch the Instagram live broadcasts on the Instagram app or on Anyone who's viewing your live broadcast can see when you like or comment. Go to the app and tap Comment at the bottom of the screen to leave a comment, and to like the broadcast that you are watching on Instagram Live.